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Found 7 results

  1. This song is an interpretation of the whole String Theory idea, pretty much just made up from what I have read. The video is from various sources on line and the music was written, performed and produced by Steve Keith at Baselines Designs studio. Come to http://www.baselines.com to find more free music.
  2. This is the 7th song off my upcoming album, The Instrumentalist - Last Stand https://baselines.com/?p=6230
  3. This is the 4th song on my new LP, The Instrumentalist. It is called Fighting Entropy. (Link to just the audio included below the video) https://baselines.com/?p=6227
  4. This is the third song on my new compilation, The Instrumentalist. It's called Foreverland. Thanks for listening and any feedback. Video: Website Post: https://baselines.com/?p=5954
  5. Here is the second song on my upcoming album, The Instrumentalist. It's called Bounce. My feeling is that the universe will eventually stop expanding and collapse upon itself, only to bounce back again in another Big Bang. Luckily, none of us will be around to see it happen. I also think this has happened before, but who really knows for sure? It's good to be alive. http://baselines.com/?p=5949
  6. Here's a song I just recently remixed and mastered. I wrote it a while back and it will be the first song on my new album The Instrumentalist. Video here: If you don't want to watch the video, the blog post here: https://baselines.com/?p=5945
  7. Here is a video for a song of mine called Good Night, Chet. It's a quick trip through the last century, some defining moments from the 30s to the 80s. https://baselines.com/?p=5867
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