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Found 6 results

  1. Anyone else experience unusually long load times to load a project since the last couple of updates? Even to simply open an empty project is taking 5+ minutes. I know something's gotta be wrong with that.
  2. Hello, I ran into a kinda similar problem a few weeks ago, but the issue was resolved. You can view that forum here: I have a Line6 TonePort UX8 that I use as an audio interface and a Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD that I only use for MIDI. They are both USB ASIO interfaces and I'm using them in parallel, not connected, so they are neither synced or clocked together. In Cakewalk Preferences I have the Line6 set as the audio device and the Behringer as the MIDI device, and this works fine... However, if I try to start Cakewalk with the Behringer interface plugged in, a few seconds after the Cakewalk spalsh screen appears, the system crashes and I get the Blue Screen of Death. I can start Cakewalk with the Line6 just fine, and the most perculiar thing is: if I plug in the Behringer interface after Cakewalk has started there's no problem. I get the message box asking if I want to add the device to the session, select "yes" and it's completely fine and they both work together. I also have no problem having both interfaces active when I'm not using Cakewalk. But something is happening as Cakewalk starts that causes the system to crash, if I have my behringer interface plugged in. Possibly the drivers competing for permissions? Cakewalk getting confused about which drivers are which? Of course the easy workaround is, 'don't start Cakewalk with the Behringer interface plugged in', and that's fine - that's what I've been doing. But I was wondering if anyone knows why this might be happening? Just as a matter of interest.
  3. Hello! I am using the Japanese version. After updating to the latest version, there are projects that can be opened and projects that cannot be opened, which is a problem. Is this a bug? Or is there something wrong? I can't even see the commonality of projects that can't be opened. what should I do... ※At the moment I was able to roll back. However, I would like to leave the post because the current rollback may not be possible with the next version upgrade. ↓Movie https://youtu.be/gqtPhpwnN_Y P.S. ↓The remains of the video posted directly will not disappear... sonar_report.mp4 sonar_report.mp4
  4. Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me with this: I have cakewalk connected to an audio interface (alesis multimix), and also two synthesizers that work as an audio interface, so in practice I have 3 interfaces plus ASIO4ALL... Is there a way to start cakewalk with an audio interface/ASIO driver preselected? For example have a shortcut to start normally, and another shortcut to start with one of my synth's audio interface selected? Thanks!
  5. Sometimes I forgot to plug my external sound card when I run Cakewalk. So, Cakewalk tells me "hey, can't find the devices! You must re-configure the audio setup". It would be nice to have a button for re-scanning the devices and check if everything is as Cakewalk knows. Wha t I should do is I go to the task manager, force Cakewalk closing, plug the sound card and re-open it.
  6. I haven't found this topic or anything similar to it in any of the forums, so I'm hoping that this is the proper place to post it. What is happening is that after I boot up my Windows 10 64-bit laptop, at any time afterwards if I try to open a *.cwp file or a *.mid file, the file opens successfully in Cakewalk by Bandlab. If I then close the Cakewalk session and then attempt to launch it at any time thereafter in the same Windows session, nothing happens. There is no response. Double-clicking on any file that Cakewalk normally opens causes nothing to happen, and attempting to launch Cakewalk from the Start menu also causes nothing to happen. If I then reboot Windows and try either of these options again, Cakewalk successfully opens and loads the file if a file had been double-clicked. But then any subsequent attempt to re-open any other file associated with Cakewalk, or Cakewalk itself, again leads to no action. I've studied this thoroughly and have concluded that I can open Cakewalk by Bandlab only one time per session. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and if so, did you find a fix for it?
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