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  1. Hello group. I'm having issues running CWBBL with my Waves Soundgrid Studio. I recently did updates (softwares, device's firmwares) in order to do some cleanup and use mainly Waves V13 . But now, CWBBL (and my other DAWs) are not detecting the SoundGrid ASIO DRIVER. It is not showing up in the available audio devices' list in Preferences. Beforehand I could see both ASIO DRIVERS from Waves Soundgrid (and my Tascam us2020 that is integrated with my Soundgrid system). Not the case anymore as you can see below: When selecting the Tascam's audio interface it is not working. (Playback starts but no sound can be heard, no VU meters are active and I cannot stop the playback... I have to kill CWBBL via Windows' Task Manager). This behavior was always the case on my system, But I just thought that since Waves SG ASIO driver disappeared I should just switch to the Tascam's asio driver. Did not work, as I said. Fun fact: when searching in Waves Manual for something I might have overlooked, I came on a section that was saying that in order to properly use STUDIO RACK for low latency monitoring when recording with a DAW, the DAW should use the audio interface's driver... Now I am floored as I think it never really worked like that over here... I think! Lol. So, How are you guys configured regarding your selected ASIO DRIVERS in CWBBL when used within a Soundgrid system? My Soundgrid setup seems to detect all my components correctly, but somehow the Soundgrid ASIO driver that, I think, used to be available to the Daws is just not there anymore... Posting some other captures... for context... not sure if really relevant though... Lol. Posting this I guess because I'm wondering if my setup / patch is somehow generating a clock-related issue that could make the SG asio driver "disappear" ... but I think it is very unlikely... I'm monitoring thru the US-2020 computer out 1-2 (connected to my speakers).
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