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  1. I am very new at ANY work with DAWs, even though I bought several versions of Cakewalk in the past and had high hopes of learning it back then. (I actually used Cakewalk way back in the mid 90s to record keyboard tracks, but you couldn't record guitar or vocals). I bought Sonar Power Studio 250 YEARS ago. Then I bought installation disc to Sonar 8 and updated to 8.5 in 2009. Then I downloaded an update to Sonar X1 in 2013, and bought a Gateway Desktop to put it in. I never ended up really learning how to use Sonar, and got away from it, and just worked on concerts. Back in 2014, Cakewalk had advised users to migrate any previous registrations to their new account platform that would combine the web store, the user forum, and features from cakewalk.com all within one account to log into. I didn’t see that, and never did this. And now, I cannot get a new account, as they are gone. So, the ONLY hard disc that I actually have is for the Power Studio 250. I still have Sonar X1 in my Windows 8 computer, and finally going to learn how to use a DAW, with my Zoom L-12 sound board as an interface. My question to you is… which of these ideas should I do: 1 Keep Windows 8 (which I hate), and still have Sonar X1 installed, just in case i ever learn to use it, and also install other DAWs, like Cakewalk by BandLab, (which I can't seem to download with Win 8 yet) OR 2 Install Win 10, lose Sonar X1, and download new free DAWs like Cakewalk by BandLab, Pro Tools FREE (which I apparently can download because I bought a MOX6 keyboard some years back), PreSonus Prime, etc… to see which brand works best for my needs. How does Cakewalk by BandLab compare with Sonar X1? I want to use my Zoom L-12 sound board as a 14 track interface, and record my songs into it, and have them also go into a DAW on my desktop, so I can tweek the tracks in the DAW. Will Cakewalk by BandLab work for that? Thanks so much! Stay safe!!
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