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  1. Hi folks, I've just uninstalled a plugin (Torpedo Wall of Sound x64) and now get "the failure point was reported as "release" I have the option to disable the plug-in, which I have done It is still listed under vst3 and I have Excluded it - But it still gives me the error Do I need to remove it from a register somewhere?
  2. Hi, everyone! Hope all is well! My SI instruments are missing the sounds and Program Browser data. They are all like this: strings, bass and drums. How do I get them back? Here's what I've tried so far Bandlab Assistant: The Studio Instruments Suite check mark is greyed out and does not have an option to uninstall or reinstall or repair. I know the latter 2 have not been a part of CW, but just mentioning because I went to look for it. Apps and Features I attempted to use Windows 10 Apps and Features to uninstall with the plan to go back to Bandlab Assistant to re-install. However, I get the following when I try: Thanks, in advance! Kevin
  3. ..as I started Cakewalk, it had a hybrid theme, dark and light grey in a mix. I opened prefs/themes, and only tungsten and mercury were available. My Cakewalk content/themes folder is on F: (Has allways been) Strange thing is: Tungsten and mercury are not there. Just the custom ones, including the one i lost are there. There is no "Cakewalk content" folder on my C drive. So where are the available Tungsten and Mercury themes?
  4. I've looked at other posts and tried to fix it, but it's still not working. here's a video of whats happening https://imgur.com/a/HfK81SQ
  5. On 2021.09 This has worked before so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I can't spot it. I'm writing a drum part to go with reference audio track. After completing some of the MIDI I received an updated audio track with arrangement changes, etc. But: I can't seem to find a way to import it without wiping out my MIDI content. Drag/drop onto existing track, adding new track, whatever I do, my MIDI track gets blanked. At one point I had the Now Time pointing a few bars into the project, and the audio import did not blank out anything to the left of the Now Time. So I tried importing past the end of my MIDI data and moving the audio left where it belonged--but this blanked out the MIDI as well. I also had trouble duplicating the MIDI data with copy special and paste special. After completing 1 verse/chorus, I tried to copy/paste the MIDI for them later into the song (I tried on the PRV and the track view). But this affected the audio track, either by blanking out the audio, or moving the audio over a bar to the right, or moving the audio past the end of the inserted MIDI. The Arranger Track sections are getting all messed up as well, especially y the copy, even though I'm not copying anything but note evenys (I don't use automation or anything else-this is dead simple MIDI). Can anyone suggest some setting I may have missed? TIA I don't have enough hair for this 😞
  6. Over the weekend I purchased Krotos Dehumaniser Simple Monsters. There is no guidance everywhere how to set this up. I assumed from the videos a simple audio effect. I add the audio effect to the audio file and it alters it. But when I add it, I get no output of sound. The output on the plugin remains dead. I have tried this with Audition, Cubase, and the same result. I fear this is more like a Vocoder and has to be set up like one. There is no help at Krotos. Does anyway have any experience with this plugin or advice?
  7. I'm trying to assign a key to advance and back 1 video frame, it's not working: I've tried other keys, but it seems CbC is ignoring all these keys... How to advance / step back one frame?
  8. It has arrived, and I'm picking it up tomorrow. Which one do I choose in this setup?
  9. Hi, Everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have 2 images below: they are each showing that that my MIDI trax (and audio Metronome track) are visually aligned. However, when I play it, I do not hear beat one of first playback measure, until its on beat two. Which, of course, throws the timing off. So, when I'm listening to the metronome track in solo, for example, the STRONG beat is always falling on beat 2. If I close my eyes to record other trax, its ez enough to follow along and record: but not have the visual line up with the audial is a bit disconcerting. Anyone have a solution? This has been going on for about a week, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out what I've changed, if anything. Thanks, Kevin
  10. There's a latency happening when using the Cakewalk DAW... maybe 200 ms... Doesn't happen with the Pro Tools First DAW... Using same computer same interface... Running a MIDI keyboard into Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 into a Dell 3ghz, 8 gig ram... I think the all of the drivers are up to date... Tried messing with buffer times etc., in the preferences... I know that audio and MIDI latency are different problems... Looked through a bunch of the Forum pages and searched "MIDI latency" but came up with nothing here. If anyone has insight and solutions I will be grateful. Thanks ~Tim
  11. Hi to all, Yesterday I noticed a bug in the midi CC to/from automation envelopes conversion function that I would like to report. I tried both in the last release 2021.04 and in the latest "early" 2021.06. If the values are of pitch wheel type, there are two distinct (or maybe there's a connection between the two, I don't know...) bugs depending on whether the transformation is performed from envelope to MIDI CC or from MIDI CC to envelope. 1) Automation envelope to MIDI CC: There is probably an error with ( + / - ) in the code of the conversion function because the result is this strange curve. 2) Midi CC to envelope: The peak value never reaches the maximum (+8192) in this case but there is a strange "beveling" on the tip. With other type of midi CC's the conversion function is correct. It's the pitch wheel values that generate problems, probably for the -8192 / + 8192 range of values. I hope that this bug report can be useful in finding the error. It seems to occur only in the presence of values of type pitch wheel in this very useful conversion function that has been recently introduced. The addition of this conversion function has actually proved a lot for me. Be able to visually work with the CC values directly under the midi track (using all the shaping functions available for envelopes) while still retaining the possibility of convert them to the piano roll view. Really useful! Many thanks to all
  12. How do I get ProCh button back at top of Inspector? How it is now - no ProCh button!! How it used to be (on older CBB version) Ignore this3rd graphic because I can't get it to delete
  13. Hello, I'm having this error message every time I try to activate the Quadcurve EQ in ProChannel: This is a fresh install of the latest version. I also downloaded the 2021.4 early access version and the problem is still there. I'd appreciate some help. Thank you.
  14. Hey guys! I would realy like to use this feature: It's a easy and fast way of of creating a costum plugins browser layout. Which can also be saved and imported for future Cakewlak installs. I would like to see the changes that I make reflect in the plugins browser Any chance this works in BandLab's CakeWalk version?
  15. Note insertion option to changing behaviour when inserting note in piano roll by pressing alt and clicking mouse when mouse not released allow moving inserted note not only vertical direction but also horizontal ditrection instead of resizing it. Maybe some option in prefferences where is possible to change this default behaviour of smart tool in piano roll notes insertion when ALT pressed.
  16. I can select track and hide other tracks and see one track in full screen with SHow selected tracks but when i want back all my tracks i need to press H and unhide all of them, would be cool fast function to do that faster than going to Track manager and do it by hand. Feature is brilliant but also need unhide to this to not need to go to track manager : )
  17. Greetings all... When I set up 2 or more MIDI tracks with my hard synth (Ketron SD2) should I also create 2 audio tracks - one for each MIDI track? Or does 1 audio track used for both - or more - MIDI tracks? Much appreciated /Oscar
  18. I see that others on the forum have had problems with TTS-1, but unless I've missed it--and apologies if I have--I have not seen anything quite like what I'm experiencing, so I thought it made sense to start a new topic. I'm having the following problem with TTS-1: When I press a key on my midi keyboard, I'll get a note as usual, but when I release the key, I'll hear that note repeated at a lower volume, then the note sustains indefinitely. The midi information is recorded properly and plays back properly. It's just the actual real-time playing of the TTS-1 that is wonky. It does this with both my keyboard and CbBL's virtual keyboard. Here's the real weird part: I have a project in which TTS-1 is working normaly. When I compare all the settings in this project with one in which the TTS-1 is wonky, I find they are identical. I've painstakingly comparing everything--even parameters that should have nothing to do with midi. I've looked at the midi data in the clips, and nothing is showing up differently in one project's clips compared to the other. I've updated both CbBL and Windows 10 a few times since this started happening. I've deleted and reinstalled TTS-1. I've checked the Microsoft website and my DXi software is up to date. I've been back and forth with CbBL support and so far haven't gotten any helpful feedback. Does anybody have any idea what I'm overlooking? Thanks for any input.
  19. According to this thread in NI forums, it looks like it is finally at least planned https://www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/host-transport-control-doesnt-work-with-komplete-kontrol-mk2-due-to-ni-removing-mcu-support.329081/page-25 "Hi all, MCU Support for Komplete Kontrol S-Series MK2 and A-Series (including M32) keyboards is currently in development and is nearing completion. It will be available for beta testing on Centercode shortly, and will be available as part of the next Komplete Kontrol software release. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!"
  20. Hi folks! I'm having a problem. When I attempt to train TH3 (or TH-U, which I'm demoing to see if this problem was just a TH3 issue) to respond to MIDI buttons, all I get is an error message: "No MIDI messages have been received during learn. Check your hardware and software configuration and retry" The MIDI device in question is a nektar IMPACT LX61+. It works fine as a keyboard with various VSTs, and I can use the touchpads on it to control drums just fine with other VSTs. In fact, in the standalone version of TH-U, I can set it as my midi device with no problem and control foot switches with it. It's just inside of Cakewalk that I experience this problem. In the standalone version, there's an 'audio settings' area where I can tell it to notice my MIDI controller, but this is missing from the VST3 plugin version. Has anyone had any success getting TH3 Cakewalk Edition to work with a midi controller at all? Is there something obvious I'm missing? I am relatively new to this stuff, so any insight at all is greatly appreciated.
  21. I am not what you'd call a keyboard player - except for middle C. Therefore I use the numerical "Key" at the bottom of a MIDI strip which lets me play any other key in middle C. What I can't find is a keyboard shortcut for this box. Trying to do it with a mouse is next to impossible, or at the very least, very frustrating. I've been looking everywhere for this shortcut but can't find it. Does a keyboard shortcut even exist for this? As always, much appreciated! /Oscar
  22. Hi all... I know this post is kind of long but I figured I would give as much detail as possible in hopes that someone can get me to stop pulling my hair out. I’ve been trying everything possible to get this working but I keep hitting a wall. My gear: Roland PC-200 mk II MIDI Keyboard controller Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 Ketron SD-2 orchestral wizard Computer: Windows 10 Intel core i7 3770 CPU@3.40GHz Installed memory (RAM) 16gb System Type: 64 bit operating system, x64 – based processor Software (DAW) Used: Cakewalk by Bandlab Reaper 6 Synths: Sample Tank 4 Addictive Drums 2 What I’m trying to do is to use my Ketron in Cakewalk What’s happening is that I don’t get any output sounds. The way I have it hooked up: Keyboard “out” to Scarlett “in” Scarlett “out” to Ketron “in” (This, and “Thru”) are the only 5 pin MIDI connections on the Ketron.) In Cakewalk Preferences “input and output” device, Focusrite is selected. In fact, for output it’s the only choice I can make. On a new track I set the input to “Focusrite USB Omni” Output “Focusrite USB MIDI” I select the Ketron, a bank and a patch. Everything works; The blue light on the Ketron blinks when I press a key on the controller. The VU meters for the track are moving when I press a key on the controller. I can record midi on the track. The only thing is, there is no sound. Even though Cakewalk sees the MIDI signal and can even record the signal, there is no output sound. I’m getting similar results in Reaper. SampleTank 4 and Addictive Drums 2 are working fine. Is there some system setting outside of Cakewalk that has to be changed? I’ve checked to see if the Focusrite is being used as the default in and out in Windows setup. It is. I’ve made sure the volume is up in my headphones. I’ve tried to see if the sound comes out of my monitor speakers. It doesn’t. I’m at a total loss as what to do next. Any suggestions would be so much appreciated. /Bobby
  23. Today, I get Update message on BandLab Assistant. So I did update and got "Update Failed" and "Please Download and then Install BandLab Assistant manually." I downloaded "bandlab-assistant-windows-latest" and then installed it. But BandLab Assistant is saying "A new version of BandLab Assistant is available for update" again, again, again... Seems downloaded bandlab-assistant-windows-latest.exe is ver 5.0.4. I had ver 5.0.4 for a long time. Why do I get update message on BA? I tried on my another PC and getting same results...
  24. Gentlemen. I "pasted special", a lot of bars, and deleted a ton of redundant bars. Still, the project does not stop. I can not find the clip causing this by scrolling to the right. Is there a way to find the (to me invisable) thing after project endpoint?
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