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About Me

  1. Aquarius is updated plus many plugins to Core 16, notice it says EXPERIMENTAL - BE CAREFUL so I would wait if unsure. run Aquarius
  2. N4 - framework Pink4- E A154 update Run Aquarius
  3. N4 version 2.1.009 (R024) • VST3 format is now compatible with Ableton Live 10 on Windows 10. • Improved stability with Cubase Direct Offline Processing. • Improved behaviour with Cubase mixer undo & redo on Nebula libraries for N4. • General fixes and improved stability. • Aquarius application version 2.5.020 is mandatory to install N4. N4 Player Fix: N4 Player version 2.1.009 (R024) available
  4. From what I use, there may be more... Metaplugin (v3.4.7) NYCompressor (v2.2.6) Plugindoctor (v1.4.2) MagicDeathEye (v1.1.1) https://ddmf.eu/
  5. 2020/04/09: v1.4.1 fixed possible floating point errors, faster UI loading time https://ddmf.eu/
  6. Stability updates to all plugins available now. These include notarised Catalina installers, fix a bunch of tiny problems and make life smoother. https://dmgaudio.com/download
  7. v.1.4.0 waveshaper, dynamic ramp and fundamental sweep now in stereo, proper scaling of test pulse length with sample rate, mouse cursor added to oscilloscope, fix for Hammerstein calculations with hardware, harmonic and linear y axis now keeping horizontal lines in place, changing labels accordingly, notarization and stapling for Mac Catalina https://ddmf.eu/
  8. Run RM to install both RM & profiler updates.
  9. To get PSP 2445 EMT v. 1.3.7. please: 1) Log-in to your PSP account and go to My plug-ins, 2) Download the installer appropriate for your operating system. You can overwrite the newer version over the old one so after downloading simply start the installer. 3) To run a plug-in an up to date iLok License Manager application is required. Bug Fixes: - PC: the decay time jumps from 1.7 to 2.2. (can not select the 2 second) - fixed - Minor bugs fixed Changes: - Improved version of PSP PRESET BAR - Added new PSP PRESET BAR with resizing functionality http://www.pspaudioware.com/
  10. Moved some sliders from general settings to individual tabs (linear level, harmonic level + frequency) https://ddmf.eu/
  11. Tim Petherick libraries for Acustica's Nebula 4 SURGE EQ, Xfilter,N2065,Shape modifier,complex G&E, Pulse trem, T and B DIST various updates & new versions https://www.timpetherick.co.uk/
  12. For programs: ATE GE, GM9 GE, S432 GE, SP79 GE These releases offer better audio performance, improved sound, near zero ripple (+/-0.1dB below 50Hz!), new preset and new skin. Also they are released into all sample rate: 44.1 48 88.2 96kHz comprehensive in the package at the same price. For this purpose, customers that has bought the previous expansion pack they'll receive a refund soon. Free Upgrade for previous release owners. http://www.alessandroboschi.eu/html/alexb/nebula_programs.htm
  13. OUT NOW: S4PANDORA 1.0.6 Symphobia 4: Pandora 1.0.6 offers a number of useful new features, improvements and fixes. Here are some highlights: 70+ New Snapshots New Combos Sound Design Mode for Tonal Instruments Sync to Downbeat offset in beats Adaptive Sync musical timing toggle Faster loading times and lower CPU usage Numerous behavioral improvements & fixes Please update to Symphobia 4: Pandora 1.0.6 through Native Access.
  14. Update 1.0.1 essentially fixes 3 issues: - The plugin could crash when bypassed - AudioUnit validation could fail - VST2 version didn't reload correctly the parameters values when reloading a session in some hosts Cubase, Studio One https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/lindell_80_series.html#downloads
  15. Cola Gold3 Diamond3 Diamond Lift2 Honey3 Navy2 Pink3 Purple2 Sand3 Celestial Run Aquarius
  16. DDMF updates MetaPlugin + Plugin Doctor Plugin Doctor: v1.3.2 enable all plugin buses by default (would crash some VST3 plugins before) MetaPlugin: v3.4.1 Added 6 channels in sidechain input in 5.1 mode to make surround work in LogicX https://ddmf.eu/product/
  17. Run Aquarius December 17, 2019 Core Update: Engine Update
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