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  1. Today we’re releasing free updates for all our plugins: Unisum Mastering Compressor, Kelvin Tone Shaper, Basslane Pro, and the free Basslane. The big news is that all plugins now offer native Apple Silicon support for AAX and macOS Ventura compatibility. However, you’ll also get other improvements so updating is recommended for everyone. Unisum Mastering Compressor V1.1.4 AAX Native Apple Silicon support MacOS Ventura compatibility New presets Minor fixes and improvements Kelvin Tone Shaper V1.5.1 AAX Native Apple Silicon support MacOS Ventura compatibility "Render at Pristine" option now available for VST3 in Ableton Live 11 New presets Minor fixes and improvements Basslane Pro V1.0.3 AAX Native Apple Silicon support MacOS Ventura compatibility Smoother preset switching Fix: Limiter could cause dc offset with Stereo Harmonics enabled Fix: Input/Output occasionally stopped working after loading preset Minor fixes and improvements Basslane Free V1.0.1 AAX Native Apple Silicon support MacOS Ventura compatibility Minor fixes and improvements Login to update
  2. Fircomp 2 has recently been updated to version 2.2.8 to address a bug involving the loading and saving of presets. Your unique download link from your email receipt will always give you access to the latest version. If you have lost your email receipt, please email me at fircomp at jonvaudio dot com for the latest download link. https://jonvaudio.com/fircomp2/
  3. Aritical update for anyone using Wavelab, but it also includes general fixes and improvements so updating is highly recommended for everyone. You can log in to your account and download the free update today. Changes in V1.0.2 Fix: Wavelab rendering issues when using linear phase mode. Fix: Mono Recovery Auto mode sounded different when rendered in Wavelab. Fix: Parameter entry could cause crashes in Logic on macOS Ventura. General improvements to Mono Recovery Auto mode. https://www.toneprojects.com/
  4. Apple Silicon Native Support (AU & VST3) Fixed loading issues in Ableton Live Can now hide gain changes in AUTO mode (to leave DAW history unchanged) Collective "listen before/listen to delta” - toggle all instances in project or those linked into collection Support inserting on multiple tracks at once (selecting the same mode but different groups for each) Slightly larger "Listen before" button Text hint when listening to "before" Animated icon showing measuring time Quick menu to display/hide status-bar items Slightly increased contrast in Light theme During the promo sale GainMatch is available for $9 (instead of $19) until October 9th. There is a 14 days fully functional trial. https://letimix.com/gainmatch
  5. https://www.uvi.net/ Walker 2 Footsteps Foley $129 until 5-Sep, then $199. Upgrade from v1 available Falcon - Changelog 2.5.8 ------------ - Fix crash in offline WaveEditor effects - Fix regression in AAX mono - Fix bug in IReverb related to predelay - Fix possible crash with Logic on M1
  6. August 22nd, 2022: Plugindoctor v2 has been released! Including one big new feature a lot of users have been asking for: Plugindoctor is now available as a plugin itself. This means you can load Plugindoctor as a plugin in your favourite DAW and stream your audio material through the plugin(s) that you load while at the same time giving them the thorough Plugindoctor treatment that you are used to. With v2 it is now much easier to directly hear what those changes in the curves are actually doing. Even more good news: Plugindoctor v2 is a free update for all owners of a v1 license! https://ddmf.eu/
  7. N4.5 rel A029 and N4Player rel O023 Engine update 1.4.614. Run Aquarius to update
  8. update available in Aquarius: Jet (rel. C004) Further optimization on Jet and JetMix.
  9. V2.0.1 is here, available now for download! includes 100+ custom pro presets in rock, pop, hip-hop, metal, EDM, jazz, country, bluegrass, and more PLUS improved stability/fixes on both Mac and Windows. Current V2 owners: to update simply login to your account and head to our downloads page (https://kitplugins.com/pages/downloads) to download now for free. Also still 30%OFF $69.00 https://kitplugins.com/
  10. PD: 2021/11/08: v1.6.7 added search box for plugin list MP: 2021/11/09: v3.9.81 another fix for FruityLoops double-click on stop feature https://ddmf.eu/
  11. The first big update for Kelvin Tone Shaper focuses on the most popular feature requests and adds a few extra goodies on top. It's a free update, so if you already own Kelvin you can log in to your account and download now. New in version 1.5: New Parallel and Mid/Side modes with blend control. Shaping filters can now be assigned to a single stage or mid/side channel. Two new models: "Hot Iron" transformer and "Vintage" tube preamp. More Spread options allowing finer control. Increased frequency ranges for shaping filters. Pre/Post sliders can now be linked by holding Shift. New presets. Minor fixes and improve https://www.toneprojects.com/kelvin-tone-shaper.html
  12. Updates for all Klanghelm plugins, added native Apple Silicon (M1) support Tuesday, November 8, 2021 All Klanghelm plugins are now running natively on Apple Silicon (M1). https://klanghelm.com/contents/main.html
  13. CHANGES: 1. Added macOS Silicon full compatible compilations, 2. Added plugin resizing feature (up-scaling plugin window) available by dragging corner or scrolling 100% icon, 3. Improved PresetBar behavior, 4. Disabled drag icon for Windows version of the plugin (on users' request), 5. Improved LED meters behaviour, 6. Optimised graphical engine, 7. Improved overall stability. BUG FIXES: 1. Multiple drag&drop operations might have caused crash or slow down of InfiniStrip graphic refreshment - fixed, 2. Sometimes "error loading preset" appeared in PresetBar - fixed, 3. In ProTools - sometimes plugin was loosing mouse focus, which caused knobs to be immovable - fixed, 4. Minor bug fixed. TO BE DONE: 1. Improving stability between VST3 version of the plugin and Ableton Live host application, 2. Improving loading times for AU version of the plugin in Digital Performer host application. Update is free of charge for the current PSP InfiniStrip users. https://www.pspaudioware.com/
  14. 2021/10/15: v1.6.4 added check before emptying plugin list https://ddmf.eu/
  15. now includes vst3 plus other fixes Blyss 1.1.0 Clariphonic 1.3.0 https://thehouseofkush.com/
  16. Added Scalable GUI (1x, 1.5x, 2x) with HiDPI support for all platforms. Added Luke's Soundhouse 80s & Synthwave Presets bank. Preset Bar now uses bold font for better visibility. Specific fonts for each system (Helvetica Neue for macOS, Arial for Windows and DejaVu Sans for Linux). Revised all themes XML knob sizes and alignments. Updated assets with 4x bitmaps including Ilkka Rosa Dark theme. Streamlined Menu. Updated themes folder error dialog assets and window size. Added program popup menu when clicking Preset Bar name. Added Menu Help version and Open PDF manual (Windows and macOS). Miscellaneous fixes an enhancements. Download- macOS, Windows and Linux https://www.discodsp.com/obxd/
  17. ValhallaDelay updated with two new modes! We’ve recently posted the 2.1.0 update for ValhallaDelay. This update to v2.1.0 includes two cool new modes, Quartz and PhaserDDL. Here's an overview of the changes: We added PhaserDDL, bringing lush 4/6/12-stage phasers into the delay mix. This is one of my favorite algorithms ever, as it draws on a lot of influences that got me into electronic music and DSP in the first place. We also added Quartz, a new crystal clear digital delay which is great for emulating “high fidelity” digital delays, as well as stomp box flangers and crisp looping delays. We fixed an issue around project recall with VST3 in Studio One and FL Studio. In certain situations, the delay times would reset to 300 msec when opening a saved project. No longer! If you are a ValhallaDelay customer, these updates can be found in your user account. If you aren't - try the demo! https://valhalladsp.com/shop/delay/valhalladelay/
  18. NUGEN Audio has announced the availability of Stereoizer, updated to version This maintenance release includes bug fixes. - Fixed an automation issue introduced in - Fixed an issue with long preset names being clipped This is a recommended free update for all existing users. For full product details head to the Stereoizer product page: https://nugenaudio.com/stereoizer
  19. Reduced unwanted resonances, artifacts, and reflections. Run Aquarius to update
  20. new version including- FOCAL ELEAR: very balanced headphones not too different from the Clear. Compared to the Clear Pro MG the low frequencies tend to distort a bit - FOCAL SPHEAR: these are in-ear monitors and we sampled them with two different sets of foam. They sounded very good but I had a hard time getting them to adhere perfectly to the ear canal. When they adhere perfectly the low frequencies are fantastic. - SHURE SE535: These are in-ear that required a very small adjustment, but it is very difficult to make them adhere to the ear canal. For this reason, it is difficult to perceive the low frequencies in the correct way. - AUDIOTECHNICA ATH 910 PRO: they tend to be very balanced, but can be really distorted in low frequencies - SENNHEISER HD518: headphones that tend to sound extremely correct but the low frequencies tend to distort very easily compared to other headphones of the same manufacturer - AIAIAI CAPITAL: have a slightly muffled and cheap sound, but are quite balanced - AUDIOTECHNICA M20: the correction curve is very good but they have little detail - ULTRASONE PRO550: sound a bit nasal, with strange bass and slightly high-pitched. In any case, the correction improves it a lot Run Aquarius
  21. May 16th: Minor improvements updated Fircomp 2 to version 2.0.7 (16th May build). In this version: - GUI drawing has been made slightly more efficient, especially if you are using a theme with a background image. - There is now a new "Coupled peak mode" option. This is quite similar to the standard peak mode that fircomp 2 uses by default. However, the attack and release stages are now "coupled" to each other, meaning that the release time does not have the attack time added to it. This means that for non-zero attack times, the release time may feel faster. When the attack time is zero, this mode is identical to the default mode. https://jonvaudio.com/fircomp2/
  22. CHANGES: 1. NEW GRAPHICAL ENGINE: improvement overall smoothness 2. NEW GRAPHICAL ENGINE: reduced CPU drain 3. Optimised loading times of GUI (MAC & PC 4. Changed factory preset's name from "Drum Kick Bus" to "Kick Drum Bus" 5. Added new factory preset: "Andi's Init Preset", BUG FIXES: 1. Minor bugs fixed. TO BE DONE: 1. Improving stability between VST3 version of the plugin and Ableton Live host application. 2. Improving loading times for AU version of the plugin in Digital Performer host application The newest version you find at your account (My plug-ins) section https://www.pspaudioware.net/UserArea/identify
  23. Pensado to Core 17 Sienna new HD800 phones Guru/ Reference Pro Snow MB fix Run Aquarius to update
  24. April 26, 2021 Improved option `Go to 'Neutral' if no pair within 30 seconds`: now works also for 'Before' instances that don't have an 'After' pair Improved: When inserting 'After' it now outputs the difference value only after collecting enough audio (RMS time, 3 seconds by default) Improved: the difference value is now grayed out when it cannot be properly calculated (no signal, etc) Fixed "Listen before"/"Delta" crossfades issues when using large buffer size (4096) Fixed "Before" could be stuck in delay detection mode (and output silence) when duplicating the track Updated the manual (Also the sale is still going on) https://letimix.com/products/gainmatch/update/history
  25. Many updates..Core 17/ DirectX should help with the Cubase hang/ freeze problems. Run Aquarius
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