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Found 3 results

  1. When manually editing the CC lane I'd like to set one value at a time. I put the the smart cursor in the CC lane on a controller I want to edit. Smart tool has chosen the pencil tool. I left click. Nothing happens. If I want point to appear I have to drag a little. Depending on the quantization value I now have several points. I only wanted one. So I (with annoying precision) delete the extras till I get one (for easy adjustment). Why do I have to left-click-drag to insert CC values? Insertion of a single CC value at the point of the cursor over the CC control lane would simplify my work flow. This has always driven me crazy. I've been using Cakewalk since DOS and after it was abandoned I grudgingly bought CuBase but I still prefer Cakewalk. And it has only taken twenty years for me to make the suggestion. David Thiel
  2. Hi all! Can someone please help me reproduce this bug? I have been running into it for a long time, but just now I figured out how to reproduce it. Cakewalk version This bug is reproducible with Cakewalk 2021.12 (Build 102). (Updated Jan 9, 2022) Short version: Using the region selection with the smart tool, one cannot drag automation to the maximum if the track in question is a) below a folder track and b) that folder track is the very first track in the project. Steps to repro: Start with a blank project Insert a track folder at the top Insert an audio track below (but MIDI tracks have same bug) Enable automation for, say, volume, and make it a flat line at the bottom Using the smart tool, drag a range in the track and then position it near the top of the track Try to drag the automation range to the maximum Video demonstration In the video, I first demonstrate that dragging works OK with the track folder below. Then I place a folder track above, whereby I no longer can drag the automation to its maximum:
  3. I would like to turn off the SMART Tool cursor feature so when I first open an existing project, or create a new project, the default mouse cursor selection is the Select "I" cursor bar. Is there a way to turn-off or disable the SMART Tool cursor feature?
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