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Found 9 results

  1. Using Neutron Pro in Cakewalk, I'm sending two tracks to sidechain compress a third track - i.e. a vocal track and a guitar track are both sending to a keyboard track to compress the keys track. When adjusting the threshold in the Neutron compressor for the keys track I can't seem to distinguish which of the two sends I am affecting when changing the threshold? Is that possible to adjust each send individually or are both sends just blended when adjusting the threshold? P.S. Big love ❤️to this forum, always great answers... or more questions that make me think things through,.
  2. Hi folks! In this video we learn how to balance a bass guitar and kick drum, using sidechain compression (ducking) in Cakewalk by Bandlab! WATCH HERE:
  3. I thought I'd post this for a discussion and for easier referencing in the future. There are several ways to bounce tracks and buses (tracks are easier!) with side-chained plugins. I think this one that @Will_Kaydo told me about is the easiest (see embedded video at bottom): Bounce tracks with SC plugins using Source Category set to Buses - It requires that the track you want to bounce ("original track") is routed to an intermediary bus (say, "Synths"), before going to Master, and you select your "Synths" bus as a Source Category instead. If you would do this while the original track goes straight to Master, you will get the sidechain source audio mixed in (assuming it's an audible track). A couple of other ways I've done it in the past: 2. Bounce tracks with SC plugins using Source Category set to Tracks - This is how I've done it for years, with sidechained plugins according to the Cakewalk manual. In the Bounce to Tracks dialogue, select both the original track and the sidechain source, and set Source Category to Tracks. It works, but the downside is that you get two new tracks, which is slow and also a slight nuisance to have to delete. 3. Bounce buses with SC plugins using Source Category set to Entire mix and a silent sidechain source - Create a copy of your source (say, a kick drum track), set the Output to None (this will generate warnings at project load, though), or turn down the fader and set send level to pre-fader. Use Entire Mix as Source Category. The pros are that you can bounce it without it being audible and you can easily create pumping/ducking effects even when your kick is muted. But the downside is the increased project complexity. It was a few years since I did it this way, and nowadays plugins like the LFOtool are a way easier. Hm, did I get all things right? Please chime in if you have thoughts or improvements. Will's great video:
  4. I am new to Cakewalk by Bandlab and I am trying to sidechain my kick to my bass where when the kick hits the bass ducks. I have wtached tutorials online but when I attempt it nothing happens. Please see link. Can anyone help?
  5. Godsson51

    Side-chaining issues

    I’ve been trying to use the sidechaining with mixed results. Using Hornet plug-ins, it seems that the VST2’s work with side-chaining but not the VST3’s (and that’s with Autogain Pro, AGP Mk2, and Hornet VU meter 3). I just recently purchased izotope Neutron 3 and I’m not able to get the VST2’s or VST3’s to recognize the sidechain input even though they clearly have the function. Has anyone had success using sidechaining within the Neutron? Are there any known sidechain issue and fixes for the last version of CbB?
  6. This is a tutorial about the console view and different parts of it hope this help people get familiar with the console view in Cakewalk.
  7. Hi folks! Sidechain compression is both useful and EASY in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Just take a look at my tutorial WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/cfPSaPHP7E4
  8. Hey guys, I'm pretty stumped here. I've watched several videos on how to set up sidechain compression in cakewalk. In my mixing session, I have the sonitus compressor in the effects bin on my bass track. On my kick drum track, I have a send to the side-chain input of the sonitus compressor. When I open the compressor, there is no input showing on the meter during playback. Plugins all appear to be enabled, nothing is solo/muted. I have tried the exact setup with the pc4k in side chain mode, and downloaded MComp. Same results where the plugin appears active, but there is nothing coming through the input. What is more bizarre is that, if I open a new session with just a kick and bass track, sidechaining works and I get the bass ducking whenever the kick drum hits. Am I missing something as to why the side-chain input would be inactive in a larger session? Thanks!
  9. Hey hey ^^ Has anyone of you any experience with sonar/cakewalk and sidechaining with a multiband compressor? Here´s what I wanna do: I have a Bus called Submix which I wanna apply multiband compression on but the Compressor is controlled by the singal of a vocal track inserted via sidechaining. I already tried my luck with the Waves C6 sidechain plugin bit no matter where I put it (FX bin, ProChannel FX bin in Bus or Track), it doesn´t show up in my available "sends". I can manage to build a sidechain setup with ProChannel Compressors, like the CA 2A, but I´m not able to establish the same setup with the C6. Any ideas? Thank you! 😄
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