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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all I have been using Cakewalk for a year or so now and thought I had things flowing pretty smoothly with my workflow.. I have used it to produce 2 albums in rapid succession, however I have taken a break from recording this summer and just rebooted cakewalk for the first time in a while today. I loaded up one of my tracks I was working on and for some reason the Midi keyboard tracks I have recorded are playing through the SI-Drumkit instead of back through my synth....I am very confused as when I try to redirect the output back to Midi Out or to Master there is no option to do so. Only SI drumkits 1&2.... I am very perplexed by this new Issue and would love a few words of wisdom from the people.! and yes my projects have 2 midi drumkits in them , I just dont understand why its effecting my ability to create a normal midi track.. Thanks -- R-TEN IMG_0608.HEIC
  2. Greetings All. Haven't been able to locate an answer so here we go.... i am trying to use Piano Roll to position SI Drums snare drum hits, cymbal hits, etcetera....some of it is quite easy....but, for certain timings of my songs i just can't get the Piano Roll note positioned correctly, specifically, the kick drum, no matter where i drag it to it's not in time with the music...i even tried "doing the math" by right clicking the midi kick drum note and writing down its specifics (occurrence time based on the ruler, duration, velocity, pitch, etcetera) and comparing to another section of the song where the kick drum is in time....is that basically the answer??....using the ruler's time position and entering it into the midi kick drum notes???? Changing the Piano Roll from 1/16 notes to 1/32 or 1/64, perhaps?? TIA Cheers!!!!
  3. Hi folks! I've been trying to unlock the full potential of SI Drums in Cakewalk with some tricks and hacks. See how it went! WATCH HERE:
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