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Found 4 results

  1. Usually when I select something in the arranger area the selection gets darker/shaded and helps me see what's going to be selected. But in my latest project that "function" isn't there any more!? My eyesight isn't 100% so it's quite helpful. And the arragement doesn't slide over to the left when I reach the end of the arranger window at the right side. I included a video of how it looks when it works. How do I get it back? I've now also included the "not working" video! Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp (1).mp4 Not working.mp4
  2. It's being hard (at least with the current Cakewalk 2021.04 Early Access), to select an EXACT range of automation nodes. Using the Smart Tool is almost impossible. Using the Selection Tool, it selects the manual range and not the first and the last nodes inside the selection: You can see above that I want to copy the range starting with the first node (127) and the penultimate node (100), and paste them to bar 54:01, the first node (127) must be exactly in bar 54:01. However, when a paste this selection, Cakewalk is creating intermediate nodes. How to ONLY select the first and the last automation nodes range, despite the manual selection?
  3. Hello Bandlab-ers. If I remember correctly, i'm pretty sure there was a GO TO SELECTION END shortcut in Sonar a couple of years ago. But now, looking at the documentation or the keyboard shortcuts editor, I cannot find any reference to it yet.... So now, I am even doubting there ever was that feature... lol... Can someone help me to find it back? (Or maybe there is a newer feature / workflow enhancement that I overlooked that kind of make this "go to selection end" irrelevant currently)? Regards.
  4. HI:) Made a Video from the problem. Trying to move a special selection and it works, but only if a clip is underneath. What I did in the Video (With Controller) 1. Select Track 2. Select Clip 3. Isolate 4. Change Snap Settings (Very fast with a Rotor) 5. Zoom In 6. Select a portion of the clip (Jog) 7. Zoom Out 8. Move the selection and select some other Slice 9. Change the gain of the slice twice 10. Move on to the next slices I'm doing this moving with a assigned CAL Script by 16th Now when the clip is at the end, it isn't moving anymore with the CAL. (Doesn't work on Midi Clips) Could this be possible to move the selection further to the next clip without to have to bind the clips? Would it be possible to implement this "moving" into the SDK like "EC Clip Left/Right/Up/Down" --> EC Selection Left/Right/Up/Down by Snap settings? This "Moving Selection" is a huge time saver, you don't have to always select each portion to edit it! Here the Video: Thank you very much;) Bassman.
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