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Found 2 results

  1. Syphus

    Project "Save As" Question

    This question is a bit technical . . . The question comes up occasionally, "I started my project without a proper name, but now I have one, how do I change this in the project folder . . . . The answer I have seen is: Do a "SaveAs" with the "save audio with project" box checked off . . . But I noticed something. Say I start a project as "Project 1" and now I want to Change it to "Prairie dogs on the Wing". I do a "SaveAs" and now the folder and the cakewalk file are renamed. As look into the files under the new folder, I notice that the WAV files, in the audio folder, are named with "Project 1". Example shown below: Project 1, Track 4, Rec (29).wav Do these files have to remain the same name as when they were originally created? Can they be renamed? My first thought is, "How does The DAW know what audio files to use?" If I change them, does the DAW not know what tracks they belong to? Normally I would not care as long as the file still functions (as a newly rename project). But what if you needed to identify them such as in "cleaning up audio". Would they still be associated with "changed name" It has got me curious . . . Is there an answer? Please let me know Thanks, Syphus
  2. In finalizing a few songs before mixing, I want to assess if the song sounds better if I edit out a repeated chorus, or other "structural" edits. In the past, I've used "Save As" to create a whole new project so I didn't damage the "master" version. But I'm thinking there's a smarter way to do this. Save Copy As? That would keep it in the same project, but if I cut out large junks across 40 tracks, would that leave the audio data for the other "master" version intact? Better way that wouldn't require a major learning curve? Thanks!
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