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Found 3 results

  1. Hi folks, A latest project, which is very big, has run into a plugin issue and hard quits when trying to open. I have tried to identify the problem with safe mode by disabling any plugins I think could be problematic, namely plugins I haven't got on other projects, or plugins I rarely use. In safe mode, the program quits at the same point every time. I have tried disabling the 5 plugins directly before the crash, yet the crash still happens. Does anyone know if a crash occurring at the same time means anything? I've never run into Cakewalk hard quitting during safe mode. The same is happening to all my backup files for this project too. i7-8700k 16GB RAM Focusrite Clarret 4PRE Cheers
  2. Hi, I've been writing a piece involving the matrix view and nothing else. After finally cutting up my samples and loading them into the matrix view, I saved and exited Cakewalk. Upon opening the project it crashed. After finding several threads about, this I read that the problem might be a plugin, and that I can track down which one by using safe mode. After opening the project in safe mode, there was only one plugin to disable called GroovePlayer. Now I didn't open any plugins at all, so I figured it must be something related to the matrix view. Anywho, I clicked no to disable GroovePlayer, the only plugin in the project, and it still crashed. So I decided that maybe something's up with the project. When I created a new project imported a clip, saved, closed Cakewalk, and reopened it, the project didn't crash. So I redid all of the work in a new project, saved, exited, reopened, and lo and behold, it crashed. The only thing used was the matrix. No plugins whatsoever. I need help asap this is for a project due tomorrow (technically today). Thank you in advance. I'm using an acer swift 3 with windows 11
  3. "Safe Mode" in Cakewalk allows you to select which plugins are loaded when you're having issues opening a project and this is great. However, I would like to offer a suggestion... Currently, you would have to go through each plugin one by one via a 'yes' or 'no' pop-up dialog... instead, what if there's a full list of the plugins used in the project so you can quickly scroll through and select specific plugins to not load?! Hope the devs sees this and considers making some improvements.
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