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  1. "Mind Games" (Rock) Hi, guys, It's been a while! Due to a very busy work schedule, I haven't been able to get in the studio for about three months, but this past week or so I was finally able to squeeze in about three hours over a couple nights and came up with this new song. Unfortunately, once again I seem to have lost my "studio ears", and hope you can help me out by lending me yours!😀 I just uploaded a Test Mix for a new song called "Mind Games". If you can spare a few moments to check it out, as always, any and all helpful comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, input and ideas are very welcome, and also greatly appreciated!👍😀 Big thanks in advance for any observations, suggestions, comments and ideas!😀 Bob ==================================== "Mind Games" https://soundclick.com/r/s8b98r
  2. Please give a listen to a mix I did for a client. I would like to know what you guys think! Thanks for the input! Hardy https://www.bandlab.com/nchardy1963/love-is-a-hurting-thing-f6f94454?revId=0f8e90d8-e936-ea11-a601-2818789a1e8a
  3. Get 10% off all Drums On Demand products for 2019 --- discount code: doddigi http://www.drumsondemand.com/
  4. Hi, Guys, I've been away from the forum for a few weeks because I've been totally swamped at work! I'm really looking forward to catching up with all the new posts here soon, but in the meantime, I just wanted to join in with the seasonal vibe and post my usual Halloween video. Check it out if you can spare a few minutes! Sincere thanks and Happy Halloween! Bob "The Dark"
  5. Get 25% off all Groove Monkee products - use code: dfq25 https://groovemonkee.com/
  6. Get 10% off all Drums On Demand products - use code: doddigi https://www.drumsondemand.com/
  7. My latest attempt at writing a song a few people might like...trying to interest listeners enough into responding with comments. Which is the theme of the song....trying. So, comments and critiques would be most appreciated. ****Updated - Version 2 - 11/2/19. I added mild compression to the instrument bus, as suggested by someone in the Facebook Cakewalk by Bandlab group. It's a subtle difference, but I think it makes the mix sound a little better. https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13940578
  8. Hi, guys! I just uploaded a Test Mix for a new song called "Destination Unknown". If you can spare a few minutes to check it out, as always, any and all helpful comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, input and ideas are very welcome, and also greatly appreciated!👍 Big thanks in advance for any observations, suggestions, comments and ideas!😀 Bob ==================================== NOTE: Mix #2 Finally Up! Hi, Guys, So sorry for the very late replies! The past few weeks were super crazy busy with work, some great concerts and parties, and then unfortunately, 2 deaths in the family in 13 days. Anyway, I finally got a chance to get back in the studio and work on mix #2 after all of your good input and suggestions. I just uploaded the new mix to the original link below. I did a bit of EQ tweaking on both the kick drum and bass guitar to try to get them to work together a little better and also to try to squeeze a little more definition out of the bass. I also added a touch more EQ on the keyboards for a bit more separation in the mix, and slightly adjusted the volume levels of all the instruments. I'm hoping it's somewhat of an improvement and closer to where it should be. Thanks so much to everyone who took time to listen and provide input and suggestions, I truly appreciate your comments, help and support! And, if you do get a few minutes to listen to the new mix, please let me know what you think and if I'm headed in the right direction. Thanks again, guys, greatly appreciated! Bob "Destination Unknown" https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13899168
  9. I've wrestled with mixing this for a while . . . finally found the right synth bass sound (I think) . . . but not totally confident, thinking the lead vocals might be too brash 3-5k ? Opinions most welcome. https://soundcloud.com/user-814183320/license-to-criticize
  10. FMented

    I don't know

    Hi all. I just opened bandlab app on my phone and I think it's interesting where you can collaborate with somebody to make a song. BTW I got a track, would you guys help me to make it an actual song or just leave me a feedback because I still learn how to mix. Here's my track https://www.bandlab.com/revisions/e29ff012-91b2-e911-bcd0-2818789a0161
  11. Get 25% off Groove Monkee Classic Rock MIDI Drum Loops --- discount code: dfq25 https://groovemonkee.com/products/classic-rock "hard-hitting pack was inspired by legendary bands"
  12. Get 25% off the Groove Monkee Rock MIDI Drum Pack --- discount code: dfq25 https://groovemonkee.com/products/combo-1-midi-rock-pack "Rock grooves & fills in 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 5/8, 6/8, 7/4, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8."
  13. New Video - "Unchained" (Rock) Hi, Guys, Last week I finally got some time to finish up and post a new video for the song "Unchained" from my last album. A lot of you guys from the old forum probably provided helpful input on the mix of the song when I was working on it a couple years back! So, LOL, old song, new video!😀 Anyway, if you get a chance please check it out for me. Big thanks in advance, greatly appreciated!👍😀 Bob -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. The Chariot - Because I Could Not Stop For Death I forked this track Sticky Fingers from Bandlab member Humphs. I found the Poem By Emily Dickinson and sang the vocals over his track. I later addd the carriage effects and re mixed in and out the piano for dynamics. Then put a distortion filter on the guitar and piano at the end for the build. I added only vocals and remixed the tracks to make it more dynamic, all in all A fun collaboration that turned out nicely. Hope you enjoy. Full version in link above
  15. Hi. This is also a rewrite of my old tune. Please comment on the tune https://soundcloud.com/madrigal7/tessa
  16. TH3 produces some great guitar sounds. I'd like to share some tones generated using TH3 Cakewalk Version & NadIR loaded with an IR created by Ola Englund. The point here is that all the software is free! I featured the 11 amps included running through the IR. These are raw guitar tones, no EQ or compression. I may do a series featuring each amp paired with the various cabs, but for this comparison I picked the cab and then compared the 11 different amps through that cab. TH3 Cakewalk Version-Amps Comparison Links are included in the description below the video.
  17. "Die Hard" (Rock) Hi again, guys! I just uploaded a Test Mix for a new song called "Die Hard". If you can spare a few moments to check it out, as always, any and all helpful comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, input and ideas are very welcome, and also greatly appreciated!😀 Big thanks in advance for any observations, suggestions, comments and ideas!👍 Bob ==================================== EDIT: 4/2/19 Hi, Guys, I just uploaded Mix#3 with all the suggested fixes/changes, hopefully I'm getting this closer to where it should be. Sincere thanks to everybody who listened and offered input, suggestions and observations! That's what's going to make this place get back to the "Glory Days", like on the old forum!👍 Thanks again, and have a good one!😀 Bob =================================== " Die Hard" https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13848982
  18. Hi, Guys, I was a member of the old Cakewalk Forum for 11 years, and I'm thrilled to see many of the great guys from the old forum have made it over here to this fresh, exciting new place! I'm hoping that it develops into the same type of constructive, helpful community that flourished for so long on the old forum!👍 I unfortunately had to take about a year and a half of from writing, recording and mixing, and just got slowly back into things right before the old forum closed, so I'm posting an older one of my videos while I'm working on a couple new songs and videos that I'm hoping to be able to post soon. Many of the crew from the old forum will probably remember this, and probably helped me out with mix advice for it a few years back, but I figured that after commenting on a few songs here, that it was time for me to finally jump into the fray!😀 Anyway, just joining in and looking forward to posting some new test mixes for input and advice very soon! Thanks, Bob "Made Of Glass" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2I2ZGQ0xYo&list=PLf_Av5bEK4Z49soksq32cX678o5NhZyBb
  19. So I found this project laying around in one of my thumb drives, and it was a bundle so most of the stems were intact, which is great because it had enabled me to clean up the mix a bit and add some better mastering to it.
  20. [Previously posted in the Coffee House forum] I wrote this song for a friend to sing, she's got a great voice but for reasons I won't get into she is unable to work on it at this time. I wrote it with a bluesy female vocalist in mind, plus if anyone has ever heard me sing, you'll know I prefer working with vocalists. 😉 If you are (or know anyone that you can recommend) please let me know. I posted the song below. It's a rough draft, and the lyrics have been updated since I originally recorded it. (just minor changes here and there) It is a political song, so depending on your personal politics, that may be a factor for working on it. Thanks for listening. "A Man Without Love" (lyrics included on the song's info page) https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13819676
  21. I decided to take an old MIDI that I had composed years ago and had been lying around and master it with some editing and re-arrangement of the bass, acoustic guitar and percussion tracks here and there. Used SCVA, Sonitus FX, Cakewalk's Plugins and Amplitube 4.
  22. Just a quick simple question. Any metal and rock guys here to tango with? Even if you aren't into the genre feel free to comment the genres you prefer, but it would certainly be nice to meet some people in similar taste! Thanks. 😀
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