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Found 3 results

  1. On 2021.09 This has worked before so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I can't spot it. I'm writing a drum part to go with reference audio track. After completing some of the MIDI I received an updated audio track with arrangement changes, etc. But: I can't seem to find a way to import it without wiping out my MIDI content. Drag/drop onto existing track, adding new track, whatever I do, my MIDI track gets blanked. At one point I had the Now Time pointing a few bars into the project, and the audio import did not blank out anything to the left of the Now Time. So I tried importing past the end of my MIDI data and moving the audio left where it belonged--but this blanked out the MIDI as well. I also had trouble duplicating the MIDI data with copy special and paste special. After completing 1 verse/chorus, I tried to copy/paste the MIDI for them later into the song (I tried on the PRV and the track view). But this affected the audio track, either by blanking out the audio, or moving the audio over a bar to the right, or moving the audio past the end of the inserted MIDI. The Arranger Track sections are getting all messed up as well, especially y the copy, even though I'm not copying anything but note evenys (I don't use automation or anything else-this is dead simple MIDI). Can anyone suggest some setting I may have missed? TIA I don't have enough hair for this ūüėě
  2. Please help me, I might have overlooked a simpler option here. ūüė¨ I need the fastest and easiest way of moving an entire song section (to another place within a song). My requirements: Delete empty hole when cutting Shift stuff forwards when pasting Also getting markers Also getting bus data THE ONLY GOOD WAY? 1. Enable Ripple edit all 2. ALT + timeline drag (to select bus data - introduced in 2020.08) 3. CTRL + ALT + X and check all boxes (to get markers) 4. CTRL + V Result: Everything is moved according to requirements. But it's a lot of specific steps! Is there not a faster way?! BAD WAY #1 1. Enable Ripple edit all 2. ALT + timeline drag 3. CTRL + X 4. CTRL + V Result: No markers pasted! BAD WAY #2 1. Enable Ripple edit all 2. CTRL + A followed by timeline selection (or keyboard shortcuts for the same) 3. CTRL + X 4. CTRL + V Result: Won't get bus data! Thanks for any input!
  3. According to CbB documentation: "Caution: Ripple editing can cause unexpected results when editing multiple tracks, so use caution and check the results before you proceed with additional edits." Source: http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Arranging.22.html Recently I have used ripple editing to edit 4 track podcasts but not so much to cut sections of bigger projects. Everyting seems to work perfectly but the documentation hints of possible problems. What's your experience with ripple editing? Can you trust it without checking results and making backups every time? How does it deal with varying time signatures and tempo maps, stretched clips, audiosnap enabled tracks, frozen tracks etc.?
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