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Found 54 results

  1. LUSTROUS PLATES Reverb by Liquid Sonics 7 UNIQUE PLATES AND MORE Liquid Sonics Lustrous Plates combines dynamic spectral capture with fusion synthesis to create the most stunning plate reverb plugin you’ve ever heard! It features seven unique plates and the ability to manipulate them in ways that no other reverb plugin can. Everything Bundle members will add incredible depth and space to their mixes with Lustrous Plates! Lustrous Plates Reverb
  2. our Winter Holiday Promo will be active all of December and into the first week of January... Precedence: $74.95. - Save $75 - 50% off during extra feature development, see below! Breeze 2.1: $99.95. - Save $50 - 33% off, see below! Aether: $149.95. - Save $100! - 40% off! B2: $149.95. - Save $100! - 40% off! Kaleidoscope: $149.95. - Save $100! - 40% off! The Perfect Storm 3.5: $349.95. - Save $150! 30% off the bundle, 70% off products! Everything: $449.95. - Save Big! Add Kaleidoscope to Perfect Storm for only $100 more! https://2caudio.com/promo/2018holiday/
  3. backwoods

    u-he twangstrom

    lee than 24 hours to release and end of intro offer: Hej, we think we've finished finalizing Twangström, and our plan is to officially release it tomorrow. But we'd like to be real sure, so we need your fast help here. Please grab one of these installers and put that thing through its paces: Mac: https://uhedownloads-heckmannaudiogmb.n ... 89_Mac.zip Windows: https://uhedownloads-heckmannaudiogmb.n ... 89_Win.zip Linux: https://uhedownloads-heckmannaudiogmb.n ... nux.tar.xz Changes: - 'Bright' mode for the spring tank implemented (downsamples to 22/24kHz instead of 11/12kHz thus preserving more treble) - Reduced the CPU consumption by around 40% - Finalized the additional content & updated the manual Thanks & cheers, Sascha Quick Addendum: - this is revision 8189 (if you're unsure what you got, check this number in the UI) - the beta serial does not work in this version anymore (it isn't a beta...) - some time tomorrow (around noon CET), if all goes well, the price will flip from 49€ to 69€
  4. Originally posted yesterday by Fleer on old forum http://forum.cakewalk.com/Audiority-Xenoverb-10-m3807393.aspx thought he might post it here but guess not. Audiority Xenoverb $10 https://www.pluginboutique.com/products/3780-XenoVerb More info on creator's web site: https://www.audiority.com/shop/xenoverb/
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