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About Me

  1. Hello , here's a new one that needs finalizing. There's a good bit of acoustic guitar mixed with my G&L and synth work. I could really use some guidance on EQ , instrument and vocal levels. So .. that's about everything. I think it's getting close but , I'm not trusting my ears right now . I'm into one of those 6 month tinnitus reoccurrences. This time I've gotten the unusual "broken speaker effect". It had me swapping out everything including my interface. Now it's subsided to just the ringing. Thank You for the listen and any comments .. mark Links now reflect remix 1 (per suggestions). Thanks mark https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14655929
  2. mark skinner

    Tom's Diner

    Hello , here is a cover of a cover. Annen Mae Kenterheit with Giant Rooks covering a song by Susanne Vega. Both German bands that I listen to quite a bit . This was done just for fun to see if I could do both lead singers and see if I can get this song out of my head ! Anything helpful with this mix that I'll never do anything with .. will be appreciated. Thank You .. mark -Link reflects Remix- https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14598490
  3. Hello , I was going to wait awhile .. but I got toasted and posted.. Here's a new one I could use your ears on . Thought I'd go back to some vocal songs while I still can . I've been goin back and forth on vocal levels and have had problems with de-essing. Any suggestions would be Great for improvements , no matter how small. Besides the electric guitar DI'd, everything else was captured with an SM57 including the vocals .. (last time for this) thus the De-ess problems. Left side - Dulcimer and Yari acoustic . Right side G&L Tele and high strung Aria acoustic. Ibanez bass and SI drums. Sends to Valhalla Space modulator on the acoustics. Thank You for the listen. This is a fictional song but it's been a close call .. - This is Mix D with vocal panning- Thanks .. mark
  4. First off I'd like to say , that the realization of this song would not have been possible without the help and collaboration of @noynekker for his lyrical and mix suggestions. He opened the door for the "entire story line" and made everything easier to bring to completion. The vocal version in my opinion has taken a drastic turn from the instrumental funk groove version of this song. We've been thru a bunch of mixes and are still open for any suggestions for improvement. Thank You for your time , and as always your inspiration. mark - REMIX - down the page . https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14560162
  5. Hello , this was a fun one for me. I got out my cello and bluegrass instruments. Whitt Townsend , a friend of mine did the upright bass and let me use his dobro to finish the song up. I really enjoyed trying to play it .. Any suggestions for improvement will be Greatly appreciated. Thanks for the listen .. mark " Mix C"
  6. Hello , here's a simple instrumental I've been working on for Way too long. Having a little Spanish feel , I named it after a long gone horse we used to own. Any help on this one will be appreciated. I've gotten a little too close to it. Thank You .. mark
  7. You may recognize parts of this track. Mixed and mastered in Cakewalk. Tomorrow Never Knows (Scott Dough x Soundtweaker Jungle Rework) by SCOTT DOUGH (WorldSound / No Dough Dub) Thanks for watching!
  8. I remixed the will smith slap in cakewalk (i was bored haha) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5uSPbOBZeg
  9. Hello , I've been in a writing lull so I thought I'd do a jazz standard I used to perform. Weapons - TTS brush kit and upright bass , SI strings , Keyzone Classic piano , G&L tremolo electric and Godin nylon guitar. Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and Any help on this one . Everything has been reworked. Special Thanks to @markno999 for additional drum work. Additional mixing and Mastering by @garybrun We Surrender .. mark https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=14389141
  10. Happy New Year ! I'm starting it out with a collaboration with @noynekker Bruce did a Great job writing and singing lyrics to the instrumental "Winding Down" that I recently posted. I also had some additional help from Gary Brun . Any comments , mix and master suggestions are welcomed. Thanks .. Us
  11. Hello , here's another new one that's turned into an instrumental. I may revisit the vocals later. SI and MT drums , my G&L electric and the first time recording a small section with a Washburn acoustic. Nits , crits , and suggestions are welcomed . Thanks for your time .. mark
  12. Hello , here's a new instrumental I'm Trying to finish up. It's kind of a funk /groove type thing , It's a little sloppy but the more I work on it the worse it gets as far as timing. Individual track volumes have been a little hard for me on this one. 5 guitars in the blender. Any suggestions would be a great help. I'm still unsure about the overall EQ , but this is the first time Ozone had basically nothing to change. "Thank You" for your time and help .. mark
  13. mark skinner

    High Strung

    Hello , here's a Very minimal project using a high strung acoustic as the Main instrument (instead of being used for reinforcement). I used TTS analog drums and deleted all my bass guitar parts except for one section. I used both of my bass guitars and every bass vsti I have , and found them All very distracting with the guitars. I used 2 capo's on the guitar putting it in a raised dadgad tuning. Any suggestions are welcomed especially on overall EQ. Thanks .. mark
  14. I'm usually a couple of songs ahead of what I post , so I thought I'd post this instrumental before finishing up the current one I'm on I was playing around with some free midi instruments and came up with this. The cool and different thing for me was how I did the tablas. Just mouse clicking in piano roll listening to the different sounds , for some reason I turned on the built in CbB arpeggiator. I found I could drag some of the drum hits out several measures and some very short hits and come up with some interesting stuff. I put in some draw bar organ sections and built the tabla track Very quickly. Easy to manipulate in PRV "until" you do a bounce to clips. Then the screen becomes a confusing mess. I think this would work better with better VSTI percussion instruments. Anyway I hope you enjoy it . All suggestions are welcomed , I think I'm going to keep it. mark Link now reflects a remix with bass improvements. Thanks for the listen and help. mark
  15. mark skinner


    Here's a new one still in the works. First experience with Addictive drums. I damaged a finger on my fretting hand so I'm leaning pretty hard on my one handed midi controller. I've done all I can do with guitars , may try a backing cello track. First time using the pc leveling amp , and I'm really liking the simplicity of it . I'm using basic included plugins, and nylon strung guitar. All crits and suggestions are welcomed. I know it's pretty basic . Thanks for the listen .. mark (The link now reflects remix #1) https://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/fairfax-198
  16. mark skinner


    Here's one I'm trying to finish up and could use some help on. First time recording with my DY-77 Yairi , first time trying to use cb-1 headphones for mixing. I keep going back and forth between phones and monitors and no longer trust my ears. It's pretty minimal , drums/bass , 3 acoustic tracks and SI elec. piano thru arp. Thanks for the listen . mark New link further down. Sorry ..
  17. mark skinner


    Here's a lost song I recently found on an old flash drive . Stereo mix so everything is baked in. I had a nice time doing it. With the exception of some TTS percussive stuff , everything came from a single pass on a Takamine acoustic into a zoom rack mount effects unit . I ended up with a corrupt patch on the unit that didn't want to decay , so I took advantage of it. It was pretty easy to get a "Blade Runner" feel with the synth sounds and overtones , all with the guitar. Any suggestions on the final mastering would be great . Thanks mark https://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/rachael
  18. I've always wanted to do this song , but could never get the drums right with the 4/4 6/4 and tempo changes. I found a drum track , took a lot of reverb out of it then started my 3hr/day for 34 days getting this done. I've heard it so many times I really think I could use some feedback on mix or master. weapons- TTS synth /Aria acoustics , GL asat electric , Ibanez bass , homemade lap steel (slide lead part) , Fender mandolin , unbranded cello. Thanx for any feedback .. mark https://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/siri
  19. mark skinner


    Here's a pretty laid back instrumental using my neglected cello , nylon guitars and backing with my homemade slide guitar. All crits and suggestions welcomed . Thanks .. mark https://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/angels
  20. mark skinner

    Platinum 72

    Here's an instrumental I finished up recently. I tagged it as ambient because of the midi backing and feel but it's mostly guitar. I welcome any crits and suggestions Thanks .. markhttps://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/platinum-72 The link is now a remix with changes made from the comments and suggestions made below. Any further suggestions are welcomed . Thanks guys .. mark
  21. Hello , just finished this collaboration with my ex bandmate Rick Kimbrough who grew up on Hickory lake in Hendersonville Tenn. All crits an suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Weapons - Godin LaPatrie,Takamine Ltd,Fender jazz(Rick) and a homemade cigar box lap steel,Fender mandolin,SI drums. Thanks ..mark https://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/old-hickory-lake
  22. mark skinner

    for "Him"

    Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash cover. I did this back in the winter for a friend who sang it for one of his own projects. I redid the vocals remixed and ran it thru Ozone. Just thought it was real relevant now.. As usual all crits welcomed and acted upon. Thanks .. mark https://soundcloud.com/user-810058643/for-him
  23. Hey guys I hope youre doing great! If you could have a listen to this Remix I made and let me know any mastering or mixing things you would do to this mix to make it better thatd be such a huge help! Id really appreciate your feedback. Let me know if I can critique your productions too! subscribe/follow me if you enjoy the track and have a great day today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCgPO6G2moE
  24. Hi Everybody, This is the second track on my new album "A Gray Colored Sky". Any comments and critiques are welcome. Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=13933793
  25. Hi Everybody, This is a song I wrote back in 2009 which I never posted, and it's off my "Wishful Thinking" album. Please let me know if you have any critiques of the mix, and thanks for listening. Here it is: https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13529046
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