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Found 10 results

  1. A rapper named Cole the VII shared his acapella track called "Back in Time" for others to use to do what they liked with. I put his track into my DAW with a click track and started improvising with it. Twenty-four tracks later, this is the result. I think it turned out pretty well. So Cole did the acapella rap and I composed and played all of the music you hear, live (well, one track at a time). I'd love to get thoughts on the track, where you think my improvised parts work and where you think they don't and your advice on how to make a better mix. I have this track on private, so I'm not sharing this beyond with Cole and some musician friends. I did have a blast making it, but as I wrote, it's improvised and in a day or so, I may want to tweak some of the parts and it'd be valuable to hear from folks what parts they like and what they don't like. My timing isn't perfect. This isn't a heavily quantized song, in fact, a lot of my tracks feature no quantization, so some of the timing isn't perfect. If you find any of the timing is so off it bothers you, please share it and I'll redo that part. I basically kept things as they were because I had a vibe going and I thought quantizing things would destroy the feel. Thanks, Peter
  2. From a mix, arrangement or really anything perspective. Very mild explicit language warning (Rap lyrics over guitar, bass, drums, synth)
  3. Greetings whoever may see this , I'm new to this app and also the recording process as I've just started this year. I just have a slight issue , i use a Scarlett focusrite interface a laptop and an Aston microphone my setup is great but I cant seem to get my vocals right they only come out of one ear even after the recording and export process is finished..... any advice?
  4. I would like to start a thread where people in this community can share there Hip Hop, Trap, Lofi, or Experimental music that they create on Cakewalk. Post Your work in the comments!!!
  5. m21

    my beats

    Tell me what do You think about that. I would really appreciate any feedback on this beat or any other that You can also listen on my YT channel or SoundCloud account. https://youtu.be/d9UqfFriRag https://soundcloud.com/user-359767509-962687047/sapg-minor-126bpm?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
  6. even if you might understand nothing - cuz of the german language, SRY https://www.bandlab.com/spockzmulder/avrg-joel-sonne-37dae6a6?revId=ed175fa4-1026-ec11-981f-a04a5e798978
  7. Hi and hello, I am a bloody noob in Cakewalk and I need some help from someone who is either into hip hop or he or she knows how to get things done :D. Lets take a track like "They want efx" by "Das Efx". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PU22-fsGA0&ab_channel=UPROXXVideo If you keep listening you will recognize the bass "guitar" in the background at the very beginning of the track. Whenever I try to edit my bass guitar it sounds to guitarish. It reminds too much of a bass guitar in one of Korn's tracks. I tried everything like google, youtube and things but there is now tutorial like "how to make hip hop bass" only how to make a beat but all of them dont use this kind of bass. I tried it by myself but I failed so I hope I can get some musical therapy up in here :) I hope you can help me out! Thanks in advance. One love alex
  8. hey guys I produced this beat a long time ago (maybe 2 years) you can check here: you can also listen and buy this beat here: Hip-Hop Country I would be happy if you listen and comment
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