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  1. Hi there, I have for a very long time wondered why it is necessary to "Bounce to clips" every time you record midi on top of another midi clip, as in most other DAWs (If not all) you have the option to just merge new recording into the same clip when you record on top of it and then the notes show up on the clip, instead of having multiple takes overlapping and having to mark all the clips and run the "Bounce to clips" function to get this effect? Is there some kind of setting I am not aware of, or is this the expected way of it to be working? Thank you in advance.
  2. After taking a look, I couldn't find anything in the documentation or in the forum. Essentially, I'm wondering if it's possible to create articulations which present a gradual increase over their duration or after finding a related event. That would be interesting for implementing things like hairpin dynamics for orchestral libraries or even things like pitch bends and the like. While those could be probably done in the controller pane, there are several issues with it which make it less desirable than using the articulation maps.
  3. Trying to use Cakewalk as a virtual amp for practicing, have this audio interface with it's drivers, have ASIO4ALL, and these settings (have tried all 3 inputs within Cakewalk - none work). I don't get any action in the gain monitor from either input, but hear both in my headphones (with no effects, hearing the raw output from the mic and guitar plus pre-amp gain). Watched a ton of youtube videos and read forum posts but haven't found a solution.
  4. So I'm struggling just a little bit with mixing so I was wondering if cakewalk has any equivalent to the fruity limiter or is there any plug in that automatically limits the volume of the track
  5. Hi, I'm new to this software, I'm currently making a cover of this song https://youtu.be/o3JOeGb76ZI So, I wondered if anyone knows how to achieve the effect in the voice for the bridge (it's kinda distorted but like as in a talking-on-a-bad-phone way lol) Also, I would appreciate if anyone could tell me how to make an automation for reverb, so that, for example, echo turns up at the end of a note. And my final question: Fl studio has this feature where you can watch the notes on another track while working with Midi on a different track, does someone know if there is a equivalent to this on this software? Btw I've had some trouble with automation where changing the volumen through it will make it so that I can't change the volume from the general mixing panel, is that something that I have to work with or is there a way to solve it?
  6. I've searched the net but could not find this feature. Maybe there is one but I have no idea what it is called. So, the feature I'm looking for is to EXCLUDE a portion of the project, during play, so Cakewalk automatically jumps over a selected time. Is there such a feature? I want to be able to listen to the track with a certain selected portion excluded from the play
  7. I plugged in my keyboard into Cakewalk for the first time, however I couldn't hear any sound coming from my computer. I was able to record a little bit of me playing, but I can't hear any of it. Even now, when my keyboard has been unplugged, whenever I press play on my recording, I still can't hear any sound, even though the gain bar is saying that it is making noise. I've tried all combinations of putting my keyboard in the input and output sections, along with putting it in both input and output at the same time, and I've even tried to remove my keyboard from both input and output sections, and it still doesn't work. I want to know how I can hear my recording, and how I can hear the built-in Cakewalk electric piano sound whenever I play my keyboard plugged in. Below I have two images, each showing my recording. The first one was taken before I hit play. The second one was taken as the music was playing. As you can see, the gain bar is acting properly; only activating itself when I hit play.
  8. Jonathan Mama


    Is there a way to add a glow effect in the theme editor?
  9. Ok, so I have "Options>Select Track Envelopes with Clips" selected. So far so good. But when I select and scale a MIDI clip, all the automation remains as it was. It is not scaled with the clip. For instance, if I want to compress 2 bars (measures) worth of MIDI notes, into 1 bar (measure), the clip is successfully scaled down to 1 bar from 2, but the automation for it stays the same. So the automation for the clip will thus be wrong. How do I make the automation scale with the clip?
  10. I accidentality pressed CTRL+F on an audio clip and it made all the same audio clips in several tracks look like "maximized" and like it is clipping. I think they're playing correctly but they look horribly maximized now. CTRL+Z (undo) does NOT work. How do I revert back to how they looked originally? Also, it doesn't seem to be possible to disable CTRL+F in the keyboard shortcut customization window, it just won't unbind.
  11. So, I have a folder with several tracks and everything is set perfectly with volume, automation and everything. The tracks perfectly grouped in this folder. Though I cannot find a Freeze-button for folders. And I cannot find info on how to do this. Is there a way to freeze the entire folder as it is, so the content will be frozen into 1 audio track?
  12. can we add plugins and soundfonts into our projects? or not
  13. It's too good to be true that Cakewalk is free. The fact that Cakewalk isn't open source leads me to believe that Bandlab must be hiding something. What would be lost if it were open source? Instead of a negative, Bandlab would probably get attention and support, especially from those in the Linux community. It is also strange to note that according to their privacy policy, they "will not rent or sell your Information to Third Parties without your consent". The ability to revoke this consent is not in the settings. Instead, you have to email them.
  14. Before upgrading to 2012.12, CW would respond immediately when I made changes to midi notes during playback. Changes such as muting a clip or transposing notes. Now CW takes several seconds to respond. I do this sort of thing a lot to preview changes in real time. What changed? Is there a buffer setting that might impact this? Thanks!
  15. Álvaro Xé

    Amigos de Cakewalk

    Buenas tardes Solo para hacer una pregunta fíjese que formatee mi PC instale cakewalk pero me dio un error de incio, vi que era asi el problema luego de haber visto el mismo reinstale Windows de ahí me volvió a dar el error instale los Visual anteriores ya actuales nunca pude resolver el problema hasta ahora que estoy buscando ayuda adjunto captura de pantalla del mismo gracias por su fina atención
  16. I've looked at other posts and tried to fix it, but it's still not working. here's a video of whats happening https://imgur.com/a/HfK81SQ
  17. Hey all, so I am coming back from Studio One and FL Studio to my FAVORITE program for making music 😊 question for you all: I remember a few years ago it was advised to first install Sonar Platinum (last installer published) and then to install CbB on top of it (or along side of it). Is this still the case? I am starting fresh on a new PC build and rather not clutter it up with stuff I don't really need. If I am just installing CbB, what would I be missing out on? Thank You, ADUS
  18. I know there's a Waveform Preview while recording audio, but is there a way to view the waveform of the output of a bus or channel (after eq, compression, insert effects)? Real time I'd like to do a before/after comparison of the effects of compression.
  19. Hello! I am beginner in making music, and I think that the hardest thing in song creation process is finding good samples or VST. Recently I used bandlab's browser mix-editior, and I've seen some nice vst to use (I've already downloaded some loops from there). Is it possible to export VST's from Bandlab into the Cakewalk? I'd be glad if someone helped me.
  20. If drum replacer has an update, is it included already with the new cakewalk updates or do you have to download it separately? Thanks.
  21. Hello guys. I would like to ask if there is a way to keep the maximized EQ panel for cakewalk pinned while selecting multiple tracks? Currently when you select a different track the maximized eq panel gets closed. It would be nice to have the option to keep it open while it automatically changes the eq corresponding to the currently selected track. Thanks.
  22. TLDR: Is there a way to automatically correct pitch and timing errors in recordings using a midi or audio track? Hi there, New to the forum so please forgive me if I placed it in the wrong category. Long introduction: I used Sonar Cakewalk In the days of Windows 3.1 I had a copy and used it to write sheet music. I never used any other functionalities back then. Bought a new copy a year before it became a free product but hardly use it. Audacity gives me a quick and dirty solution. However I want to go beyond and started to use Cakewalk by Bandlab but when time is of a essence I fall back to Audacity. I'm looking for a functionality that might already be there and I don't know how to look for it or it doesn't exist at all. I conduct choirs. During Covid we are not allowed to practice. So I ask the choir members to sing and send the files to me. This works good enough for the rehearsals. However I want to make audio files that are nice to listen to and not just for rehearsals. So one of the things I would like to do is make sure everyone sings the right notes, starts and ends on the same time. This is not the easiest tasks when you are not singing together even when we use a clicktrack. The question: Is there a way to automatically correct a recording; timing and pitch using either a midi file or another correct track? I know about Melodyne. But to be honest the quality of the recordings is already good enough that it is not worth the time to correct it that way. However if there is a way to automatically correct it using another file (midi, audio or another type) it will be worth to invest that kind of time. Or should I ask: How can I easily correct multiple recordings easily; pitch and timing/duration corrections, in the least amount of time. I'm lazy you see 😀 p.s. It's mostly corrections of the timing. Something that happens automatically when you are singing together and look at the conductor 😉. Kind regards, AJvdN
  23. Hello guys. I would like to ask if is it possible to change the waveform color in to black? Curretly the only probable way could be when you change the track color itself. Is it possible to assign a color for the waveforms in the theme editor? Thanks.
  24. Hello guys. I would like to ask , where can I edit the Browser background, including the plugin area? I am not sure if this is possible but I hope this can be editable soon. Thanks.
  25. Hello guys. Does cakewalk allow users to edit the entire UI elements? I am planning to make a complete flat UI. Thanks.
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