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  1. I have a need to have two CbB projects open at the same time so I can copy/paste between them. There is an option in Preferences/File/Advanced called "Allow Only One Open Project at a Time". My option is NOT checked. Why can't I open more than one project with CbB? Is it now broken? Is there another way? I'm using version 2023.09. My test method is: CbB is initially not running. Open project A by double clicking on A.cwp from Windows File Explorer. Open project B by double clicking on B.cwp from Windows File Explorer. At this point, I expect to have two CbB instances running simultaneously. Instead, what happens is project A is unloaded as soon project B is loaded, all happening from the CbB instance that was created when step 2 completed.
  2. Hi, what is the best way to delete a Cakewalk project? I've seen it suggested to simply remove the files and folders affiliated with the name of the project. This doesn't seem quite right to me. Seems like it might screw with the (Windows) registry, and that it might leave remnants to possibly foul things up. Any suggestions, any thoughts? Thank you.
  3. I've been trying to download my mixdown for ages now on Bandlab and nothing seems to be working. File > Download > Mixdown As and it annoyingly, tauntingly stays stuck at 98%. I'm not sure how long I have to wait for it to finally process and finish downloading, but I've waited an hour and it still won't budge. I've refreshed the page like a million times, and deleted some of the tracks incase size was an issue. It seemed like it, since my project was very large, but I made a new one and input some random keys, and it still wouldn't even download (No error message or anything). Please help!
  4. Template updated to include the Piano Steinway Model D. BBCSO Discover 1.7.0 - Cakewalk Project Template.zip
  5. Anyone else experience unusually long load times to load a project since the last couple of updates? Even to simply open an empty project is taking 5+ minutes. I know something's gotta be wrong with that.
  6. Hi, I've been writing a piece involving the matrix view and nothing else. After finally cutting up my samples and loading them into the matrix view, I saved and exited Cakewalk. Upon opening the project it crashed. After finding several threads about, this I read that the problem might be a plugin, and that I can track down which one by using safe mode. After opening the project in safe mode, there was only one plugin to disable called GroovePlayer. Now I didn't open any plugins at all, so I figured it must be something related to the matrix view. Anywho, I clicked no to disable GroovePlayer, the only plugin in the project, and it still crashed. So I decided that maybe something's up with the project. When I created a new project imported a clip, saved, closed Cakewalk, and reopened it, the project didn't crash. So I redid all of the work in a new project, saved, exited, reopened, and lo and behold, it crashed. The only thing used was the matrix. No plugins whatsoever. I need help asap this is for a project due tomorrow (technically today). Thank you in advance. I'm using an acer swift 3 with windows 11
  7. If you've ever thought, "How do I create my own template?" or "What are templates good for?" Here is a more in depth look at exactly how to set up a project template for yourself! Once you've got a grasp on what works for you, it can literally save you hours!
  8. This question is a bit technical . . . The question comes up occasionally, "I started my project without a proper name, but now I have one, how do I change this in the project folder . . . . The answer I have seen is: Do a "SaveAs" with the "save audio with project" box checked off . . . But I noticed something. Say I start a project as "Project 1" and now I want to Change it to "Prairie dogs on the Wing". I do a "SaveAs" and now the folder and the cakewalk file are renamed. As look into the files under the new folder, I notice that the WAV files, in the audio folder, are named with "Project 1". Example shown below: Project 1, Track 4, Rec (29).wav Do these files have to remain the same name as when they were originally created? Can they be renamed? My first thought is, "How does The DAW know what audio files to use?" If I change them, does the DAW not know what tracks they belong to? Normally I would not care as long as the file still functions (as a newly rename project). But what if you needed to identify them such as in "cleaning up audio". Would they still be associated with "changed name" It has got me curious . . . Is there an answer? Please let me know Thanks, Syphus
  9. Hi there, I'm trying to learn the new Cakewalk. I am using version 2021.12 Build 102, 64-bit on Windows 10 (winver reporting version 21H2 OS build 19044.1466) I have previous experience with a version from 1993, but the UI has changed too much. When I open an existing MIDI file, I can play it just fine, but I'm having trouble with getting audio when composing something new. I'm not sure if I'm using all the correct terminology, but here are steps I am doing: * Launch Cakewalk by Bandlab (Cakewalk Start Screen appears)' * Select New Project, Empty Project.cwt ("Project Successfully Opened" and "Keep up the momentum" appears in blue box) * Insert->MIDI Track (Track 1 appears) * Double click the Track 1 row below the timeline (piano roll view appears with "Double-click or drag to add articulation") * Audition the piano roll (I'm expecting audio here but hear nothing) * Draw notes on the piano roll timeline (blue rectangles appear) * Play Track 1 (bar graph VU meter lights up with green about 80% high when the timeline cursor passes each note, but still no audio)
  10. With projects getting larger and seemingly taking longer to load I would like to suggest being able to abort mid-loading for those times we have to sit there for a minute or two knowing we've already clicked the wrong project.
  11. OK so I finally got my new DAW setup installed. Brand new PC and brand new install of Splat (Oct 2018 Final Version) and then the latest CbB next to it (as was recommended in a previous post of mine). So before installing any 3rd party plugins I wanted to just test the basics of using CbB. Here are the steps I did and the outcome: started brand new project from blank scratch using the "--no tracks or busses-- option in the new project dialog box I then title it and save it in a per-project audio folder. So far so good. I added a new track and record some vocal takes from my mic, resulting in the audio files showing up in my project's audio folder: I then delete 1 of the 5 takes. Save the project and close CbB Open CbB backup and I notice it never deleted any of the audio files. I figured the one with the take I deleted should be gone, no? Note: when I say "take", I just mean another recording further along in the track. Only one take lane was used I do not have "versioning" turned on at all. I understand it would need to keep recordings of takes to revert back to a previous version, but I do not use that feature. Questions: why aren't the recordings being deleted? why don't the file names match the clip names given by CbB? My track view shows "Recording 1", "Recording 2", "Recording 3",..... but these file names show Rec (4), Rec (6), Rec (8), etc... I never hit the record button more than 5 times, so how can there be recordings labeled up to 12 in the Windows Explorer? Thank You!
  12. I'm still trying to track this one down, but I've been able to reproduce it twice. I'm going to start a new project and see if I can always repro it. But I wanted to bring it up. The details around this: Problem After extensive multi-track editing in Melodyne 5 Studio, during an Audible bounce of the project, it stops half-way through playback with no errors and no drop outs. It just stops playing. The bounce file is written to disk and contains audio up to the point of where Cakewalk stops (as you'd expect if Cakewalk dropped out during a bounce). Upon this point, nothing looks problematic. All tracks still have clips that show the waveforms and the clips all show melodyne is on them (RFX menu). however, The audio no longer plays on all the tracks that had melodyne running. Details Upon saving the project file, the project file size is MUCH smaller than before. IE: The project went from 9 MB with melodyne edits to now 1 MB. ^^^ These are the first time and second time reproductions of the issue. I had to re do about 4 hours of work, unfortunately. I'm fully aware of how to backup projects and as you can see, I have pretty good structure in my process. I have enabled additional auto save iterations every 15 minutes in case this happens again, but what is done is done. I'm still working to reproduce this in a new project, but I'm pretty sure I have a good idea what is happening, since I reproduced the issue in the same project. I believe that Cakewalk is doing some kind of plugin data size check and once it sees X amount of data for a plugin, it's assuming there was a problem and it's deleting all the data. This is purely a guess. But I think it's very coincidental that this point seems to be about 8 MB. How I got melodyne data so large: Melodyne studio 5 is an incredible piece of software. With the latest version, you have manual controls over de-essing, per note / syllable gain adjustments and so forth, in additional to pitch correction (so yeah, no shnarky comments about how you wouldn't need this with a good singer). In multitrack mode, you can also manually adjust stretching and timing of each word. It's a dream come true for adjusting vocals. And yes, there are things like vocal sync, but manually doing this in melodyne yields amazing results. And more importantly, this is what melo 5 studio was designed to do. So it's not like I'm demanding an odd use-case on this one. After talking to a bunch of people, they kept saying things like "you're supposed to bounce melodyne on each track or it does weird things". This is an unacceptable response. Again, the point of melodyne "studio" is multi-track editing in context. But I believe that maybe this is why they bounce each track. They may also be hitting this unknown limitation (assuming I'm correct about the cause. ) I'll be providing better repro steps for this. But I wanted to get this feedback started. If anyone else wants to do a repro, that'd be great too. I had about 7 tracks. On my last reproduction, I just started nudging and making random adjustments, saving and adding more until I saw the project size grow by about 8 MB. Then I did an audible bounce and hit this issue a second time. ❤️ bakers. Looking forward to resolving this. It was a rough weekend and I missed a deadline 😕 @msmcleod @Noel Borthwick
  13. ^What the title says... Seems like a pretty simple feature that got overlooked when track folders were initially implemented. Being able to place track folders inside of other track folders would help immensely with keeping projects clean.
  14. Hi there, I'm trying to upload a project from Cakewalk to an online Bandlab project. I select Project or a slection depending of my needs, then I choose the 2nd option (individual tracks). Cakewalk creates a folder in Bandlab Uploads folder, I can see the BLX file which basically a JSON file with all relevant information about project and tracks. WAV files are in Audio folder, everything looks fine, but I can't see the new project on my BandLab Projects' page. I can see some outgoing traffic to a cloudfront server, I suppose my WAV files are uploaded. If I retry the whole export process, I have a "No project changes detected" message. I've tried this for 2 projects without success. I can provide more information, screenshots, or logs (I didn't notice anything relevant in bandlab app dir) Help is welcome !
  15. Hi, I'm completely new to this community and forum, so thanks in advanced for taking the time to read this. I've hit a wall with my Cakewalk progress and I cannot seem to find a solid or straightforward answer to an issue I have, even after hours of looking. Basically, I am at a stage where I am ready to export my project as a WAV file. Within the Export Audio screen, I have set the Sample Rate at 48k, as this is what the project was set to within preferences (48k was chosen due to track eventually being used with a video). However, when it comes to choosing the Bit Depth within the Export Audio screen, I’m completely stuck. I initially thought there was only one place you set the bit depth for a project and it was within "driver settings" within preferences (much like the sampling rate I have just mentioned). However, I discovered yesterday that there are 3 different instances where bit depth can be set within a project which are as follows: Audio Driver Bit depth within driver settings (this is fixed at 24 bit for me due to the ASIO I assume) Record Bit Depth within preferences > Audio Data (this is set to 16 bit which is a shame because everything already recorded is now at 16 bit and not 24, but at least I will know for next time) Render Bit Depth within preferences > Audio Data (this is set to 32 bit). So my question is: which one of these do I go off to know if I need to apply dithering or not when exporting the track? How do I know if I am exporting the project / track at a lower bit rate to what it is set to? So should I export at 16 bit (as that’s what the tracks are recorded at)? Or should I export at 24 bit (as that is what the audio driver is set to). Or, should I export to 24 bit and apply dithering because the Render Bit depth is set at 32? Are elements of my project going to be at 32 bit due to this, meaning if I export to 24 bit without applying dithering, I could get unwanted artefacts or a bad sound? So I really don't know what to go off for this, or how to make a decision on what to do or select on the export process. I hope this all makes sense and I would be very grateful of and explanation of these different bit depths and which one I should be looking at and / or go off to resolve the problem just described. Thanks Again and Kind Regards.
  16. Cakewalk keep shutting down, everytime i open a specific project. It dosent shutdown on other projects?? Please how can i fix this. 20201215_172054.mp4
  17. How did you organize your archive? How do you store files? What hardware do you use? What software do you use? How do you catalog the files in your archive? What software do you use? I want my archive to be reliable. I want to find files in archive quickly. I want to use automated archiving and cataloging tools, schedule. I want to make few copies of archive automatically. I want to store copies of archive in different locations. I run Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
  18. Hey All I was watching a tutorial on using Melodyne on backing vocals, and saw there was a Project View in Melodyne where the person could show the melody blobs of two separate tracks in one Melodyne view in for comparison. The topic wasn't how to set that up, so I don't know how. I have Melodyne 4 editor edition, so maybe it's a different version thing, but can someone tell me how to reference more than one track at once in Melodyne? 😀
  19. I am encountering this error for the second time where Cakewalk thinks a project (that I've linked below) is way longer than it actually is. The song itself is 45 seconds long, yet Cakewalk thinks it goes on for over 2 minutes, therefore rendering over a minute of mere silence. Last time I could actually apply a fix from a previous thread about the same issue (http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3205742) where I would open the Event List view and delete all events after the end of my song, but I can't find it anymore in the places it once was. Looking at the cakewalk manual https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=4&help=EditingMIDI.45.html , the Event List view should be in one of those drop-down menus, but it isn't: So how can I get rid of the silence at the end of my tracks, or am I doomed to always select my track before rendering it? super long silence at the end.cwp super long silence at the end.mp3
  20. One of my Cakewalk projects won't load. Almost every other project I have will open though, so it seems like there is a problem within this specific project. Whenever I click to open the project, it says on the blue banner in the bottom right corner "loading (insert plugin here)" and then it just closes after loading a few plug ins. I've tried to open the project in safe mode and it only opens when I choose not to load up two synths/can't load everything. Help? Cakewalkprojectdoesntopen.mp4
  21. Graham Roberts


    Preferences/Project/ has not got surround choice
  22. I did one of these back in 2012 ans recently updated it last year. So, here is my 2.0 version.
  23. I will be making a list of plugin's incorrectly loading their preset state after the cakewalk project has loaded. I will list the instrument or special effect involved and then the proceeding plugin's incorrect state, each separately as a reply for easier notification. All community having trouble with their plugins too with the same aspect of project loading plugins in the wrong preset state are welcome, long as it is directly informative and concise(for easier administrator reporting) for the Plugin name and then the preset state or errors.
  24. Hey all. I've been dabbling with Cakewalk for the past month, enjoying it btw, but this one project, Track 2 (for reference), has been giving me constant issues. When I try to record vocals, I can only record for about 12-16 measures before the sound slows down, and the audio gets heavily distorted and almost impossible to listen to. Same exact thing happens when I listen for that length, and when I exported the file to a WAV, it distorts at a certain point (about a minute in). I've tried several things: changing the driver setup from MME to WDM, and ASIO, I've tried changing the buffer in Preferences>Audio>Driver Settings>Mixing Latency from 4 buffers in playback queue to 2 and 16 (2 made it worse, 16 was no different from 4). I've tried changing the settings on my VST instruments, switching out instruments, and that helped with a distortion problem I had alongside this, but not the whole issue itself unfortunately. I also deleted and reinstalled AUD.INI, and that did nothing either. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks in advance. -- Other (possibly important details): Computer: - OS: Windows 10 - CPU: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60 GHz - RAM: 8 GB - System Type: 64-bit OS, x64 bit Processor - Storage: 1 TB Non-Cakewalk VSTs in use: BPB Cassette Drums 808 -- drums Dexed -- synth Distorque Azurite -- vocal stereo shaper Rough Rider - VST sound effect Xsub 808 - bass sub Tracks in use on the project: 12 P.S. If there's any other helpful information y'all would need, ask and I'll give.
  25. It would be nice to have an option in either File menu or Project menu to delete a project instead of just closing it. The delete need to take away everything associated with that project, including the register keys of it in "recent file list".
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