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Found 6 results

  1. ... but a great update. https://forums.presonus.com/viewtopic.php?t=52441
  2. EDIT: Please see last post for latest updates. Tons of improvements and fixes. Version 6.2 Release Notes (July 18, 2023): New features and improvements: ● “PreSonus Sphere” renamed to “Studio One+” ● Arrangement and Editing o Auto Zoom in Arrangement and Editors o Independent editing of Takes on Layers o Additional tools on Layers (Eraser, Paint, Mute, and Bend Tool) o Move and copy ranges between Layers o Consolidated Takes and Layers menu o “No overlap” option applied to Events on Layers o Option to display Layer name for Tracks and Channels o Improved naming and numbering of Takes on Layers o Event FX context menu for Audio Events o Crossfades for selected ranges o Improved “Tape” time-stretch editing o Song End marker with Stop function o Scale Highlighting in Note Editor o Color Note Events by Scale o Distribute Lyrics to Notes in Score View o Stretch Part Automation when resizing Notes o Arrow Tool options for Note Editing o Modifier for temporary Split Tool o New “Event Editors” folder in Browser for ARA-enabled plug-ins ● Mixing o Copy FX plug-ins including automation o Linked Polarity buttons on stereo Channels o Disabling Folder Track disables linked Bus o Mute/Solo link between Folder Tracks and linked Busses o Search bar in "Add Insert" dialogs ● Macro Toolbar and Organizer o Link to assign keyboard shortcuts from Macro Organizer o Multiple sort options for Macro lists o Text search for filtering Macros by name o Consolidated Macro Toolbar settings menu ● General o [Studio One+] Extended live notifications for Community messages o Customization preset selector for additional smart templates o Edit channel assignment for multiple selected tracks simultaneously o Delete command with no event or range selected now deletes selected track(s) o Event badge on Folder Events is now shown when folder is collapsed o New option to disable Dropout Protection completely - not recommended for regular use o “Send MIDI Clock” option for hardware controllers o Added Sensel Morph and Expressive E Osmose devices o Additional presets for Ampire and Pedalboard The following issues have been fixed: ● [macOS] Random crash when trying to open the panner pop-up from context menu ● [Track Presets] Some Pitchlist presets are not restored properly ● [Windows] SoundCloud client freezes when uploading from the Project Page ● “Add Tracks” dialog audio output list order changes when the master and listen bus positions are reversed ● Applying crossfades for short ranges is not accurate ● Audio not playing back when switching time stretching mode in certain situations ● Can’t create custom folder in Browser under "Track Presets" ● Deleted Volume and Pan automation of a bus folder return after reopening song ● Drag and drop stomp effects from Ampire to Pedalboard does not transfer parameters ● Event playback drops out after transforming to rendered audio in certain situations ● Focus issue with certain user macros created in Studio One 5.x ● Inspector panel size is not remembered correctly ● Japanese translation errors ● Lyrics not syncing correctly with 2nd and 3rd notes in 1/8 Note Triplets ● Note event editing via numeric input not working below bar 1 ● Metronome routed to Main Out no longer enabled on Listen Bus by default ● Mono button on Main Out doesn't work when Listen Bus is active ● Plus symbol is shown when removing effect via drag&drop ● Ripple Edit on video track causes overlaps instead of swapped events ● Scripting error in Tascam Model 12 device ● Track/Channels are not muted when muting folder or bus ● User interface becomes unresponsive when FX Chain loads too long ● X-Trem presets can set Pan mode on mono track New commands: ● Edit - Toggle Note Audition ● Track - Layers follow Events ● Track - Unpack Last Take to Layer ● Track - Add Bus for Folder Track ● Track - Add VCA for Folder Track ● Track - Layer follows Events ● Zoom - Toggle Auto Zoom ● Zoom - Toggle Auto Zoom Full ● Zoom - Toggle Auto Zoom Horizontally ● Zoom - Toggle Auto Zoom Vertically ● Zoom - Zoom Full Vertically
  3. https://www.presonus.com/products/Studio-One/new-in-studio-one-6
  4. Maybe new hardware, but my guess would be Studio One 5. Guess we'll find out 7-7.
  5. Well, the road can throw you some curves and I am navigating through one at the moment. These unplanned adventures can go in so many ways so I am hoping this one results in a good outcome. I normally travel with my PreSonus Studio 6|8 which is a built like a tank interface. On a recent trip, however, it looks as if the Main Output control was bent somehow during handling. There have been some unusual audio problems I am not absolutely sure to trace back to the Studio 6|8 but could not take any chances so I had to find some type of backup plan. I had been very interested in the new 3rd Gen Scarlett series from Focusrite and the Guitar Center closest to where I am staying had them in stock. I needed at least 2 additional audio inputs and MIDI support and the 4i4 seemed to be right for the job. I have not had a chance to go to the venue to troubleshoot the Presonus but I can tell you already that I am VERY impressed with the 4i4! It is BUS Powered using a USB C connector to standard USB 2.0/3 adapter and has MIDI In and Out on the rear panel which is great. The form factor is a little over 1/3 the size of the Studio 6|8 which is great to pack it into my carry on and not worry about things getting mishandled. My road computer is a mid-2013 MacBook Pro (sorry 🙈)I mainly use it to run HALionSonic 3, Omnisphere and Kontakt 6. I can't wait to see how it works not only on the MacBook but also when I have it working with my Windows setup at home. I will definitely follow up with more of my experiences. Please let me know if any of you have worked with the Scarlett 3rd Gens as well; I would love to hear your feedback.
  6. Studio One - Version 4.5.1 Release Notes (May 29, 2019) The following issues have been fixed: ● Faulty assignment of ATOM pads ● Plug-in Scan freezes when Windows is offline ● Volume automation is laggy ● Crash on undoing instantiation of instruments ● Audio events disappear on bounce when writing tempo information option is disabled ● Crash on hitting Alt+Arrow up/down in empty song ● Limiter metering mode switch is broken ● Pop-up menu for "Add Insert" command has wrong properties
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