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  1. Hello. I make simple mashups of songs for local drag shows. I am working with an mp3 that I am wanting to have slide up in pitch to transition into the next song which is in a higher key. All I am trying to do is make the final few seconds of the track slide up in pitch gradually, but quickly. I was hoping there was a way to apply keyframes to a pitch shift plugin similar to how volume automation works, however I cant figure out a way to have an effect come in on one clip, only how to apply it to the entire clip. I am new to Cakewalk to be patient, and keep it simple if possible. I don't need anything fancy.
  2. Hello! It's been a very long time since I used Cakewalk, and today when I started it up, one of the VST plugins started throwing an error. No idea if it's specific to the plugin, but here are a couple screenshots: This is the first little window: When I click OK I get this: (The support link for Cakewalk is dead, btw.) There is absolutely zero provision for asking Roland about this, so I'm hoping someone knows if there's a fix or if I'm royally screwed.
  3. Hi fellow Cakewalkers! Has anyone else experienced problems with SuperPlate v5.4.1 (current version)? Occasionally, I get loud reverb tails/bursts from the plugin, when it should be silent. Yesterday it happened just as a project finished loading, which was a bit disconcerting. Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to reproduce it consistently, making it hard to both report and fix. 🤔
  4. I just installed cakewalk and I was getting this error message so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again but this issue is still persisting. I am not able to fix this problem. I tried to search it on YT as well but I didnt get any result. While the install wizard I selected the basic option as well to get it downloaded and my VST plugin folder is in the C drive as well. I am totally lost on whats happening. Any help on how I should get rid of this issue and how should I configure my OS to run it will be appreciated. Also I am running a windows 11 Home version
  5. Link to my post yesterday. The shift-key solution suggested a day ago worked pretty well, my projects opened smoothly, no pop up or lack of sound or whatever. But just now, the problem is at it again and this pop-up appears when I try to open it. And it's even worse When I press Yes to All, the program closes itself again. When I press No to All, the program opens, but all the MIDI tracks I already programmed/made don't make a sound. Note that when I add new tracks though, they still make sound. But I don't want to start from square one, and have this problem roll around again the next day. It seems like a VST/plugin problem considering the way my projects open when I choose No to All in the pop -up. But I want to know, what on earth screws up in the system when I open projects some time after working with them? I opened this project twice yesterday (1 PM, 11 PM) and there was no issue, but more than 18 hours later (right now it's 6 PM) it's stubborn again. This is so frustrating. I don't want to do this every time I want to work on my projects.
  6. New plugin free of Aurora DSP A pedal that could be interesting Made for chugging, the Unified Preamplifier will make your amp scream. Based on the original unit, used by 8 string pioneers. It's perfect for boosting medium gain amplifiers or unleashing hell in your high gain setup. Whether you use this pedal as a clean booster, or tone warmer, it'll always remain transparent to your tone. Clean boost with EQ Well-known sound and tone AU, AAX and VST recreation of the classic pedal More details https://auroradsp.com/preamplifier Download page https://auroradsp.com/download-files
  7. HoRNet gives us a new plugin completely free Molla, a reverb for this holidays! https://www.hornetplugins.com/plugins/hornet-molla/ And if you put this free plugin into your cart and add other more, you can use the code 10ALLMOLLA for a 10% off
  8. Hi all, The OPT plugin format for MIDI device editors is old and probably forgotten by most. While very handy as a Recall tool, it never quite became the industry standard Yamaha was aiming for. It was integrated by Cakewalk into Sonar 2, and was still in place with my old Sonar 8 installation, although by then renamed OMPS for some reason. I skipped the X1-X3 versions, and eventually got Platinum, but I think the OPT/OMPS menu option was gone at that point. It certainly seems to be missing in Cakewalk by BandLab, so I'm wondering: Could anybody shed some light on when (and possibly why) OPT/OMPS plugin support was removed from the codebase? Did the technology become proprietary at some point (Steinberg Studio Connections), or simply impossible to maintain from a technical point of view? Best regards, - G -
  9. Hello everybody, it may be possible to have the old Sonar plug-ins inside CbB? the TransientShaper64 works fine, why not? ... It will be in the next upgrade ? Thanks Bakers EB
  10. ~Beast-Series 2nd VST Plugin is here~ We introduce you The Beast-Dlay (VST3/AU) The game-changer delay VST plugin with unprecedented processing power. Click the link below and learn more! https://beastsamples.com/beast-dlay/ Beast-Dlay's journey starts with an Early Bird Offer valid for the first 500 licences Develop your own unique sound. Explore Beast-Dlay's High-End Audio & High-Precision Interface Get total control over your sound, boost your creativity & Join the new Era! Turn on your Beast-Mode & break the limits.
  11. Hi I don't use Melodyne Plugin and I don't intend to use it. Cakewalk keeps asking me to Update/Download this plugin everytime I open it. It's annoying. Please give a way to cancel that or dismiss it.
  12. Hello everyone, Let us introduce you The Beastverb (VST3/AU) Our 1st plugin is here to inspire relentless productions. Click below and get your mind blown! Meet the BeastVerb This journey starts with a 7-Day Early-Bird offer for all of you who have supported us to this very day and gave us the strength and motivation to expand and develop! A new chapter for Beastsamples starts today and we invite you to come on board. From the triggering sound to your album cover and now with the perfect tools, we aim to be the team you trust when it comes to making it different! Keep creating, Beastsamples Team
  13. I have been using Amplitube 5 with Cakewalk by Bandlab for a while now with no issues. This week I got the Fender pack add on. Since then, every time I try and add the Plugin to a track in shuts down Cakewalk. No error messages, just shuts it down. I went back and tried opening previous tracks using Amplitube and it again just shuts it down with no error messages. Has anyone seen this before? Is there a solution? I have contacted IK with the issues as well, but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.
  14. Hey, I downloaded some plugins for Cakewalk but only some of them were found by it. I scaned all folders and nothing. I'm talking about plugins for example: Sitala, Samplab, Komplete Kontrol. Maybe there is other way to install them to my Cakewalk? I've searched for the solutions on YT and nothing... :( I would be very blessed for any of your help
  15. Hello, I recently installed OPUS through EW installation center and when I loaded CW, I noticed OPUS didn't come up as an option to be loaded. I also have ENGINE installed, and everything there is working fine + I installed PLAY from EW's installation center just to make sure that wasn't getting rogued as well, but that did indeed come up in CW. Uninstalled OPUS a couple of times and nothing came of it... Don't know if this helps, but I recently switched from another computer (where I never had this problem) and moved my composer cloud license through iLok to this computer. Also, OPUS actually runs perfectly as standalone. Also tried reinstalling cakewalk. If anyone has any suggestions about this, I would be very, very grateful for any help! *I tested it on Reaper (60 day trial free version) and OPUS loads there
  16. Every organ plugin I've tried leaves the last notes played still playing after stopping playing. It's obvious they do not receive that final "note off" command but there is nothing I know to do about it. There used to be a setting, as far as I can remember, the sent those events when this happens. I can also turn the notes off my doing a "sweep" up and down my keyboard controller on the specific notes that are hung. What I find strange is that it happens with all the organ plugins I've tried which means it has to be a problem with Sonar. Sonar 8.5
  17. Just to thank you by Cakewalk, which I find it wonderful and powerful; and to suggest you a feature: just mirroring the plugins folder tree structure in Plugins TAB, as in Windows Explorer. Oftenly, we want to organize our - usually many - thirdy party plugins by ourselves, and this is a very fast way to do that. I used to use that feature in my ancient Synapse Orion (below) and that make things pretty simple. Thats just a suggestion, I know how hard things could be. Thank you for this nice piece of software.
  18. Regardless of the space you’re using to mix/master your tracks in, a good reference will get you to a better end result faster! You can also learn a ton about mixing along the way! https://youtu.be/uMBkkbm7aSQ
  19. Hello guys. I would like to propose a feature that would allow users to sort plugins in the plugin browser. Category grouping is quite helpful but the sorting feature can also be a useful tool in some cases. Thanks.
  20. Hi guys, So my cakewalk crashes with the code c0000005 when I try to load a song, I opened it in safe mode and one track is corrupted, although there are several tracks of the same VST I used for that sound. If I would delete that track in safe mode, all of my fx would be gone, so how can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance! Lofi.cwp
  21. Wave in introducing the V12 plugins, Resize Your Plugins with Waves V12 See Here
  22. I installed Cakewalk just yesterday, and I came up with an issue I dont know how to solve! So opened a preset in tyrelln6 in cakewalk then set some notes for it in piano roll, but then i decided to change my preset after i changed it, I went ahead to see how that sounds but it has not updated the sound at all I am hearing previous preset only. What should I do???
  23. Hi everyone, I'm new to Cakewalk and starting my learning, have a question, i have a vst with different sounds on it, birds, rain, thunder, etc. Also has the capacity to pan the different sounds. I made a recording but in the end it only recorded one single sound, plane, no variations, no panning, no effects. Where should i go to set this so in one track, it could be possible to hear all the combinations of a single vst. The plugin i'm using is Serenity by Quiet Music Thanks
  24. Get 10% off of the Blue Cat Audio AcouFiend Feeback Simulation Plug-In at... http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/newsinfo.asp?NewsID=5161
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