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Found 7 results

  1. I wanted to test out changing the hertz for a solo black metal album I want to make, but I can't get the bass midi to change to 420 without having to screw with Melodyne and duct tape fix it to my cakewalk track. I have to go in Melodyne and individually pitch shift every single note, and that is incredibly tedious. Is there an easier way?
  2. I just had the strangest thing happen. While editing my song all of a sudden I noticed my song was playing back at a faster tempo and a higher pitch. I am not aware of making any changes like that and I wouldn't know how even if I wanted to. Even stranger, if I Export the audio, the audio file plays at the original tempo and pitch. I have no idea why my playback inside Cakewalk is doing this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  3. Perhaps something like this is there and I just haven't found it yet. Audacity has a type of track called a 'time track' and I use it occasionally. Wondering if there is something in CakeWalk like this that I haven't found yet. If not, then perhaps something that could be introduced. I know Melodyne works with pitch, and can utilize the automation lane, but this would be more for speed (which would also effect pitch).
  4. I'm really enjoying Cakewalk, just realized it was available recently. So much fun. Been using Audacity for some time now and will continue to have many uses for it. Yet there is so many more options now with Cakewalk. I play a lever harp, and do some keyboards with it. This piece is harp only and one of the first things I did with Cakewalk. I ran this one through Audacity before rendering to add a "time track" to get that detune pitch change effect throughout. I am working on a remake of this one and haven't found a suitable option to replicate that within Cakewalk. Melodyne theoretically could work with an automation lane for pitch, but haven't messed with Melodyne on the harp yet, could get really weird, but I'll try it out. I'll post the remake whenever I am done with it to compare the outcome and see how the automation lane will work. The entire B-Side in this set of recordings is in the process of being remade as an A-Side. (If wondering, no not flat, harp tuned to A=421.6 Time signature roughly, 23/4 tempo around 104.) https://adalheidisdainaaletheia.bandcamp.com/track/b-04-hph-session-02-01-2022 or https://soundcloud.com/adalheidisdainaaletheia/b-04-hph-session-02-01-2022-adalheidis-daina-aletheia
  5. Hello. I'm wondering if it is possible to configure pentagrams with microtonal tunning, or just keeping the different tunning of another tunnings like well tempered or Pythagoric scale. I have some synthetizers which allow you to do this kind of things. It sometimes help to get different colors in music, and also helps for contemporary music composition. Regards.
  6. Hello everybody! How can I strecth an audio file/track to fit my project tempo without changing the pitch? I used ctrl+shift to stretch and then bounce to clip. When the strecth it's just to adjust small bpm variations (from -5/+5 for example) I can't hear a pitch difference but if i stretch more things gets noticeable. Is there a way in cakewalk like in other DAWs to mantain the original pitch? Or are there free plugins to do that?
  7. As gain and pan envelopes, I would like to change the pitch via envelope (no changing the whole pitch for the entire clip). With this we'll be able to make "a kind" of tape stop effect (for example). I think there is no other way to do it, right?
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