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Found 34 results

  1. Piano Roll - Auto Focus & Auto Lock = Link this options. Hey, guys. πŸ™‚ It will be convenient when editing multiple tracks. Then the instrument (track) can be selected through the selection of notes and at the same time other notes (instruments) will be automatically "locked" (it will be impossible to edit them).
  2. Currently, note helper text looks so bad that it's hard to discern what it says due to its colors, which blend in with white backgrounds and black lines.
  3. Hello! I have one small problem with piano roll. I missclicked once while using it (I just accidentally pushed some keys on my keyboard) and keys on notes pane became so huge. How to make them normal again? I had checked documentation but didn't find anything about this function in cakewalk. Maybe it's stupid question but I really need to solve itπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ Image is below (it's image hosting) https://ibb.co/c681pzg I am really appreciative to our helpful community. Thanks for your answer and good luckπŸ‘Œ
  4. I have a project where the percussion track has a display problem in the Piano Roll View. I can see all the notes clearly at first but as I scroll through the timeline they become progressively dim and eventually fade into blackness. The notes, however, are still there (thankfully) and can be heard at normal volume. In order to edit these notes, if I need to, I have to hunt for them by mousing over the grid where I expect them to be and when the pointer turns into the selection tool I know I have found a faded note. I can then double-click and edit the note. So I have a work-around but it does add frustration factor and time. Have you experienced this? Is there a known fix? Thanks much for your response.
  5. DenyT

    New Prod! #1

    that's how I felt yesterday! This is the first time I try this style so I wait for your reactions Nice feeling
  6. I was wanting to create a new piano track in a song project I was making, but couldn't find the piano roll tool. You know, the tool that enables you to draw piano notes and rearrange them. I opened up the multidock, but there were no lower tabs besides the console. Do I have to enable something in the settings in order for the piano roll tab to display in the multidock? Apologies if this is already a frequently asked question, I just couldn't find anything that helped me with this mystery as of yet.
  7. In prv and the controller window there can sometimes be more controllers than just velocity. I've seen it when using my waves tune to get midinotes from an audiofile and importing a midifile from the web. Waves tune produced a wheel controller which i wasn't interested in. I used the erase tool to remove all events in the controller. It seems that's the only way to get rid of the controller and not just hiding it. Maybe there's a workaround for this too which i don't know of? How about a rightclick option to delete the controller or its events?
  8. Repeating a question I first asked on Facebook: Is there any way to get the piano roll view to highlight a 6|6 16th note subdivision under 6/8 time instead of highlighting 4|4|4? I haven't been able to find this in the help file anywhere. I started my song by loading my standard template, which is set to 4/4 time, then immediately changed the time signature to 6/8. That gave me something that looked like 3/4 time, and I haven't been able to make it really look like 6/8 since. Is there a solution?
  9. I think the current PRV virtual keyboard we have in CbB needs some additional features: 1. Animation to show the PRV virtual keyboard playing when we input notes (midi/mouse) and when the track is playing. Most other DAWs have this feature, and I think it is useful as well. 2. The PRV virtual keyboard should change velocity according to the position of mouse clicks, instead of just sticking to the velocity value we drew the last time. Thank you!
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