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Found 2 results

  1. Purple2 suite includes of: -Purple2 P1 (Vintage tube-based, passive program Equalizer) -Purple2 PAA (Tube-based passive program Equalizer reissue) -Purple2 M5 (Classic mid range tube EQ) -Purple2 M5V (Vintage classic mid-range tube EQ) -Purple2 H2 (Vintage single channel tube EQ) You may be wondering why we are introducing another M5 into the Purple2 suite? This is a legitimate question, but very easy to answer: we challenge anyone to find two equal sounding units of this kind. The case of our M5 and M5V is a clear demonstration that two faithfully sampled versions of two different models can have differences in terms of sound. For this reason, when we had the original unit in our hands (from which we derived our M-5V), we were really pleasantly surprised and decided to offer you a new "vintage" plugin, very colorful, given its tube nature, and immediate operation. Plus, you get Purple2 H2, which is a passive tube EQ renowned for the ability to both boost and cut the low-end frequencies at the same time and to add an unmistakable analog flavor to your mix. This emulation is derived from a rare and vintage 2U single channel program EQ designed as a compact version of our Purple P1 with a more transparent character. Purple2 H-2 differs from its bigger sibling however, in that it has different peak boost curves but the same Class-A output stage as the M5 (mid-band EQ). Perhaps the most noticeable difference is the fixed bandwidth for the HF Boost and fixed high-cut at 12kHz. Early Access- Intro 99.00€ (REG. 199.00€) Free upgrade for previous Purple customers http://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/purple
  2. NoiseAsh RULE TEC COLLECTION passive EQ With tons of research and hard work; we are proud to present extremely accurate models of legendary passive equalizer units, Rule Tec Collection. We’ve modeled lot’s of unique complex interactive analog behaviour in order to present all signature characteristics of the original units’ “a must have tone”. All in one solution for legendary famous equalizer tone that you’ve heard in thousands of records for almost 70 years. Well known Top 3 models: Rule Tec EQ1A for classic mixing and mastering, Rule Tec EQ5M famous multi purpose mid range equalizer, Rule Tec F3C completes the collection with unique sharp high pass - low pass filters. RULE TEC ALL COLLECTION (Intro Price : $99.9 / Regular : $199.9): Rule Tec Heritage Pro | NoiseAsh RULE TEC HERITAGE PRO (Intro Price : $49.9 / Regular : $130): Rule Tec Heritage Pro | NoiseAsh RULE TEC EQ1A (Intro Price : $29.9 / Regular : $90):Rule Tec EQ1A | NoiseAsh RULE TEC EQ5M (Intro Price : $29.9 / Regular : $90):Rule Tec EQ5M | NoiseAsh https://www.noiseash.com/rule-tec-all-collection/
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