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Found 3 results

  1. To get my hammers/slides to work the way that makes sense to me, I have to change the fret position on the fly as the fingering moves around the fretboard. AmpleSound does this thru key switches. OrangeTree requires Kontakt's CC MIDI learn functionality. So, to do this with OT's Gypsy Jazz guitar, I had to map out CC values and fret positions. I've listed this mapping below in case it saves anyone some time, or helps make more realistic programming for you. As you may know, the same note can be played in several places on the fretboard, and they all sound different. This will help you to program the way a guitarist thinks. Since different Evolution guitars may have different max # frets, this mapping may not be applicable to other OT products. Evolution Django Jazz Fret CC Position Values 0: 0-3 1: 4-11 2: 12-18 3: 19-26 4: 27-33 5: 34-41 6: 42-48 7: 49-56 8: 57-63 9: 64-70 10: 71-78 11: 79-85 12: 86-93 13: 94-100 14: 101-108 15: 109-115 16: 116-123 17: 124-127
  2. I am looking forward to sharing some of my latest adventures with @gregjazz Orange Tree Samples, along with @AudioBrewers latest library Tangent Drum. I will also catch up on the latest update to Pianoteq 7. 4:00 PM EST
  3. OTS Evolution Update (not a deal) Today we've released a much-needed update to all our Evolution guitar libraries. What's new: The update fixes a bug that was causing the strumming patterns to occasionally play an 8th or 16th note late in certain DAWs. While we were at it, we added a new guitar cabinet model to the collection: a vintage '60s Danelectro DM10, complete with the original 8" Jensen speaker. You can find it on the list of cabinet options as "1x8 60s Danny 10". Our recently released Evolution Bluegrass Banjo sample library already features the improvements in this update. How to download the update: Option 1: The latest versions are available in the downloads section of your account. You can redownload the ZIP files for each entire library and swap out the existing libraries' folders with the new ones. As long as the locations of the libraries are the same, Kontakt should still be able to find the libraries. Option 2: If you would prefer to download just the updated resource files, you can download this* ZIP file containing the NKR files for all the libraries. With Kontakt closed, replace the NKR files with the corresponding new ones. *Note: zip file is 2.8GB Of course, if you have any questions, please contact our support. Enjoy!
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