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Found 12 results

  1. https://www.reasonstudios.com/new-in-13 Free to purchasers of v 12 after Jan 1, 2024
  2. https://www.presonus.com/en-US/studio-one-whats-new.html Version 6.6 Release Notes (April 2, 2024): New Features and Improvements: ● New publishing and Digital Release option “Upload to TuneCore” (TuneCore Client) for direct distribution on major social media and streaming platforms ● Support for Dolby Atmos composite beds (extending 5.1 and 7.1 beds with up to 6 top surround channels using objects) ● Mute/Solo function for Dolby Atmos bed channels in Dolby Atmos Renderer window ● [macOS] Apple Spatial Audio Binaural Monitoring Support ● [macOS] Support for Apple AirPods Pro/Max head-tracking and PHRTF (Personalized Head-Related Transfer Function) ● Macro Toolbar and Macro support on Project Page and Show Page ● Improved Lyrics Display on Song Page and Show Page ● New virtual instrument “Lead Architect” (included in Studio One+) ● Pause/Resume content downloads in Transfers window ● New recording template for Fender Tone Master Pro ● Improved VST compatibility - Please update your plug-ins to the latest version! ● Improved DAWproject compatibility ● [Linux] New API for 3rd party developers to implement plug-in GUIs under Wayland
  3. Log in at https://www.vps-avenger.com/ Changelog for Version 2.0.6 below. 2.0.6 Change Log - Added upwards/downwards OTT compressor FX. - FIXED: Crash in ProTools when loading Avenger. - MEMORY button -> SAVE: Disabled the quick save function when the preset name has changed, to avoid overwriting the previous saved preset. - Fixed issue in chord detection for 5th-multiloop samples with MIDI-note-on that are just a few samples apart. - Corrected the position of the "NUM WAVES" dial in the resampler editor. - Prev/next preset now works correctly when preset search is active. - OSC sound browser search is reset when the sound browser is closed (to avoid confusion when coming back later and seeing just a few sounds). - Preset preview with progress bar and stop button. Additionally, any note will stop the preview, and any new preview will stop the synth. This is to avoid simultaneous audio from the preview and the synth. - OSC quantizer: incoming MIDI option is now set correctly for the selected osc and not just for OSC1. - Quantizer preset browser context shows the correct selected preset. - Converting samples to any expansion content type will cause an update of the OSC-Soundbrowser to show new samples as intended. - Fixed: Rename preset in custom expansion not working. - Fixed issue in drumkit where "Copy Sample to Slot X" was not working correctly. - Fixed issue in granular/spectral with multisamples where the wrong root note was used. - Fixed a rare crash when accessing internal content lists while these lists are being updated. - Fixed an issue where the "SURPRISE ME" button at the preset-search yielded the same sequence of presets each time Avenger was opened.
  4. The free libraries are available on Pulse Audio and some of them also on Pianobook. Some more details on this video:
  5. https://www.sononym.net/blog/new-release-1.5.0/ Free update for owners of 1.x They usually do a BF sale, so keep an eye out if interested.
  6. Not a deal at €37, but if you bought Rhythmizer 2 (€15 a few months ago), the upgrade price is €6. Futurephonic does do occasional sales. https://www.futurephonic.co.uk/products/rhythmizer-ultra
  7. There were already several VST3 updates in the past, but I think NKS support is new. Maybe something in there for Apple-ers. Run the UJAM app to update. https://www.ujam.com/tutorials/how-to-run-select-ujam-plugins-in-nks-m1-au-and-vst3-formats/
  8. Version 1.4 released. Free to all owners. https://www.sononym.net/categories/releases/ Note: If you are considering new purchase, I think they have done a 50% off sale the past couple of Black Fridays. However- It looks like they have a 25% off code offer on the release page. A bird in the hand...
  9. Horror genre pack for the Ochestrator within EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus. Free for owners/subscribers. Use EastWest Installer to update and look for categories "Modern Horror", "Supernatural Thriller", "Classic Chills", and "Monster Movie. 26 presets
  10. From the sounds of it, this will also have some real world implications for the customers. We'll probably see once Komplete 13 drops later this year. https://www.musicradar.com/news/native-instruments-co-founder-and-president-step-down-to-make-way-for-a-new-generation-of-leadership
  11. Maybe new hardware, but my guess would be Studio One 5. Guess we'll find out 7-7.
  12. Hi, I'm curious: with Reason 11 as a VST, (haven't used it yet), what is your preferred/the most stable App in App integration. VST, ARA, ReWire? And what kind of apps would you like to see integrated in your DAW? I for one, am still waiting for some kind of integration of GuitarPro in a DAW. This is one point where I could see a real benefit to my workflow.
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