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Found 4 results

  1. Everything I export is ruined. I'm exporting with "follow source", and if I export a single mono track this happens: the quiet (left) track is like -10db. But it's not just mono tracks that are 'biased' to the right track. Everything I export has panning that's wrong. However in Audacity I can export mono tracks fine. A mono track stays mono. And if I duplicate the mono track and set one to 100% left and one to 100% right then it's still fine. (Each is the same volume.) I tried reinstalling my DAW driver (and rebooting) but that did nothing. Edit: this happens in live playback too. The moment I pan a track left that track's volume meter shows a big drop.
  2. I have a kick drum coming from a softsynth recording only from the left input as the sound is mono. I notice toggling the interleave button increases volume by about 1.5db, but not sure what it is doing. Should we be switching the interleave button to mono for mono tracks or does it not matter?
  3. Good day Bakers, CbB staff and CbB members. How ya'll doing? Busy times with project requests as we slowly coming out of this world-wide pandemic. So, I was busy working on some drums and inserted the free SSD5 drums - tweaked it to taste, to create the "Motown Room" feel. So, now as I'm busy inserting my reverb - an idea came up. I then went to the vocals and guitars and tried this idea on them, but with no luck. There's a few work arounds, but they're useless and not that great. So here it is . . . Step 1: Insert a virtual instrument of your choice and lay down some chords or notes. Set all it's verb and delay FX to dry. (Or leave it as is, as this is only to demonstrate the request.) STEP 2: Next to your instrument track, create an "Audio Track" and route it's (audio track) "input" to your instrument track as "Stereo." Insert a reverb or delay set it to wet and Voila - now you have an independent "sidechain or Dry/Wet effect track. Great for EDM, Future Bass, House and similar genres. Now what I have noticed is . . . This can't be done with Normal Audio and Aux tracks to work on guitars or vocals this way. Would it be possible to add this feature for both Audio and Aux Tracks too? For Aux tracks, it will simply be for effects on group tracks - and for audio track, it will be to create your own Wet/Dry "effect " with some compressors that dont have the wet/dry feature build in. This will also be another independent way for sidechaining your 808Kick sample or bass guitar or other audio bassline files. It will be extremely beneficial, especially when doing "Mastering." Thanks.
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