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  1. Hey all! After being ITB for 10+ years I'm back to using some hardware again, with the classic monitoring and latency issues. 😂 Is there any way I can compensate for the latency that is introduced when monitoring external hardware synths with VST effects? Can I use the Cakewalk external hardware insert plugin (if yes, I didn't understand how) or something else to get it synced? Or is it just asking for trouble, and I should get an external effect pedal for my synth? Thanks! UPDATE: The solution, as I figured out further down, is to enable control bar button "Override automatic plug-in delay compensation on live inputs"! (a k a "Live Input PDC Override"). This eliminates the latency caused by PDC on audio input channels where you are monitoring with VST effects. It makes it possible to sequence MIDI hardware in Cakewalk while monitoring the results via external effects and to have that in sync with existing tracks! 😃 🎵
  2. Hello, when I’m either listening to tracks, or recording a new track, prior to the mastering process, does it make a difference if I use Speakers or Master as the output? It doesn’t seem to matter, but is either one better for monitoring, via headphones by the way. Thanks.
  3. I am learning to edit in 7.1 but am finding it hard to set up. I have strix 7.1 headphones [proper 7.1 not emulated] and wish to monitor my work in full 7.1 through my headset. However I seem to only be able to select strix 1 or 2 channels - not the other 6 How do I assign outputs so that I can listen to my work in full 7.1 Once this is solved and I have created my 7.1 mix I assume exporting my work will automatically render it to a full 7.1 audio file I can play back in whatever 7.1 capable player I have Is that the case - if not - how do I do this. Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me the step by steps to sort my 7.1 monitoring issue & export cheers Zakk
  4. Hi I've purchased some plugins from dearVR and unfortunately Cakewalk is a bit behind other DAWs in this category and isn't fully compatible. I'd really love to see Cakewalk's functionality be current with the newer audio plugins. There are a few other DAWs that currently do this but buying another DAW, the learning curve might just kill me at this point as I've been heavily invested with Cakewalk since Pro Audio 9. Perhaps a smart way to do this is to be able to drag and drop a speaker preset from Cakewalk's preferences or while a track is selected and a preset chosen just hit apply but allow the option for a custom preset in preferences. You already have most of the infrastructure ie; multichannels & speaker assignment options, they just need the option to be merged as a track and the speaker settings in preferences is no longer the speaker output but a preset selection to apply to different tracks. I work mostly with multichannel and makes a big difference even listening with a stereo headset but the new plugins can now downmix multichannel audio into binaural to monitor multichannel audio on your headphones with greater sophistication/outputs than your hardware would normally allow and provide reference listening environments to get an idea what your multichannel mix might sound like like in a car, Van, kitchen, Venu etc! Please make this happen! Thank you
  5. This maybe ideal if dearVR Monitor cannot be integrated and so far it can't unless someone can correct me, perhaps show how they have it working. This would be amazing because you may not own a surround sound speaker system, multichannel audio card or you are mobile but you need to work on your surround mixes and perhaps you need to do it while others are sleeping or you just want to save some money on your electric bill, skip blasting you speakers -for a few hours lol I've made the suggestion to dearVR that maybe they can Sponsor some Cakewalk development if they want customers from Bandlabs user base to create the compatibility.. if not I really hope Bandlab will accept this request to build their own solution.
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