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  1. Anyone know how I could download/dump my user presets from my old (90's era) Peavey bassfex using midi and cakewalk. There are a couple of old posts in other forums which suggest it was possible using cakewalk. Thanks
  2. I record multiple MIDI tracks all set to channel 8, with various percussions sounds across the keyboard, when performed on the channel 8 track of my Montage. I then save the project as MIDI Format 0, then import it into the Montage, to which we perform live. Thus, the result is a single MIDI track on channel 8. The problem is, the resulting .mid file retains the initial volume of whichever track has the highest volume set. So when I start the song on the Montage, it always sets the volume on track 8 to that initial volume, regardless of how I try to set it directly in the Montage. (I can override once the song is started, but that is unacceptable) The Montage does not provide a way for me to directly edit the MIDI data. But there is some mechanism in Cakewalk whereby I can remove all volume data from the project. But it has been too many years, and I don't remember how to do that. So my question is, does anyone still know how to strip all MIDI volume data from the resulting midi file?
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  4. This is a huge problem, hopefully someone has figured out the solution. I'm setting my MIDI input on new tracks to just the controller (Oxygen 88, in my case) and when I start to record a new synth performance, MIDI data from *other MIDI tracks on other instruments* is being automatically printed into the new MIDI track. Obviously this is a terminal issue. I can't be laying down a drum pattern and have the nice atmospheric synths triggering different drums on playback unless I go in and meticulously erase every note that was somehow imported from the other tracks. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. Hi there, I'm trying to learn the new Cakewalk. I am using version 2021.12 Build 102, 64-bit on Windows 10 (winver reporting version 21H2 OS build 19044.1466) I have previous experience with a version from 1993, but the UI has changed too much. When I open an existing MIDI file, I can play it just fine, but I'm having trouble with getting audio when composing something new. I'm not sure if I'm using all the correct terminology, but here are steps I am doing: * Launch Cakewalk by Bandlab (Cakewalk Start Screen appears)' * Select New Project, Empty Project.cwt ("Project Successfully Opened" and "Keep up the momentum" appears in blue box) * Insert->MIDI Track (Track 1 appears) * Double click the Track 1 row below the timeline (piano roll view appears with "Double-click or drag to add articulation") * Audition the piano roll (I'm expecting audio here but hear nothing) * Draw notes on the piano roll timeline (blue rectangles appear) * Play Track 1 (bar graph VU meter lights up with green about 80% high when the timeline cursor passes each note, but still no audio)
  6. Hello all, I am using a Yamaha DTX kit to record MIDI drums in Cakewalk. I get the MIDI recorded in and have a coupled audio track that is producing the drum sounds. My only question is, does Cakewalk have alternate drum sound presets available, or is it just the single kit of sounds? Changing the drum map on the MIDI track amongst the 100+ Alesis/Roland/Yamaha/etc presets doesn't change the produced sound at all. Is this possible or would more kits need to be downloaded externally? Thanks in advance.
  7. I learnt how to use Sitala and outputting to different track for better mixing. I wonder if there's a way similar to that but with synthesizer made drum (like vital). So, I would have different drum sound made with vital. But as mapping the drum pattern individually isn't convenient, is there a way for a midi to trigger different instrument vst. Say C4 trigger Vital(kick), D4 trigger Vital(snare), etc. Alternative to this that I think of is to sample the sound I've already made with Vital to Sitala and use it that way. But, it would be hard to experiment with the synth. Or is there other method I'm not aware? p.s. Now as I'm writing this, I feel like a customizable drum synth must already exist somewhere. So, if there's any good recommendation (especially free because I'm still learning stuff) it would be great.
  8. Hello to me fellow producers! So I don't know how many of you will know this genre but my problem today is that I can't hear a melody for my song. The genre for today is Electroswing. Electroswing is a genre that is derived from the olden days Swing music which was an evolved form of Jazz music from the 20's. Today, Electroswing has evolved from you typical live bands (think about the Cantina Band from Star Wars), into an electronic iteration of Swing which now features synth basses, leads, and many many more digital stuff. Now that you just finished your history class, it's time to get into my problem. So I never knew what Electroswing was until my brother showed it to me and asked me to make him a song. I accepted the challenge and got to work on it. For about a week I attempted to use the foundation as the Cantina Band but I quickly found that that was going to make it difficult to structure a song around. I tried again and this time with an acapella but I only got to the kick pattern and called it quits because the acapella was wrong. So I spent the better half of about a week and a half studying the genre for real and learning how to make and learning by ear. This was a better approach as I was finally able to get somewhere and I had laid down the basic "puh doo puh doo puh doo" rhythm. From there the song took off and I find myself nearing the end and all I need now is a melody. "This is no problem. I've made plenty of melodies before, what's one more?" My own thoughts lied to me. While the rest of the song was somewhat easier, the melody posed to be the hardest because of how I made the chords. What am I asking? Well, I came here to ask for help or advice with my melody problem. I wanted to know if anyone is able to either make a melody for me since I'm not an Electroswing expert or to help me figure out a way to make an Electroswing melody meaning giving me tips or ideas or something that will help me to spark an idea that will fit within my song. And lastly, I've never worked with brass before so I don't know how to make that cool ensemble so if you know how to make that, then please by all means do. If you're making the melody, I ask that it would sound good on piano (duh), saxophone, and a synth lead as those are the key elements in Electroswing melodies. Below is my song demo so you can take a listen. Key of D major BPM 130 P.S. it sounds phasey because I had to lower the bit rate in order to shrink the file size so if anyone has a way to shrink file sizes as well, please let me know. Electro Swing demo.mp3
  9. Cannot manage to record a track from a digital piano connected to Cakewalk. I created a TTS instrument track that’s working normally: i.e. I can input notes to it manually (e.g. in Piano Roll), and these notes are heard if I play back the track. A digital piano is connected as the input for the track, and it also seems to work: if I press any keys on the physical piano keyboard, these keys become highlighted in Piano Roll, and the meters it the track’s header display the level (see the attached screenshot). The track is aimed for recording, and I double-checked all relevant settings. After I press Record and start playing, however, the metronome is clicking, and the playhead is moving forward, but no music is being actually recorded. In addition, the Record button in the toolbar doesn’t turn red. What am I doing wrong?
  10. The articles will be available on the following page... https://musictech.com/author/scott-garrigus The first installment is up and covers the Arranger. Additional articles will be published after the holidays.
  11. Get 10% off ALL Groove Monkee Drum Loops --- discount code: DFQ10 https://www.groovemonkee.com/ This discount also works when Groove Monkee is having a sale. Min purchase: $19.95
  12. The articles will be available on the following page... https://musictech.com/author/scott-garrigus The first installment is up and covers the Arranger. Additional articles will be published after the holidays.
  13. Hello, please tell me how to make MIDI and AUDIO clips transparent in Cakewalk
  14. I had a MIDI file created by another application and opened it with Cakewalk. The notes in the MIDI were played live on a digital piano, so they all have different velocities. Then I saved the file as cwp and edited it in Cakewalk, taking care of the dynamics. After saving the file back to MIDI, all velocities became reset to 127, which is completely no good. How to convert my cwp file to MIDI without losing velocities?
  15. This is a problem that I am having on several machines with different MIDI keyboards so I am not sure what the problem is, but every so often I get no MIDI Input (this icon in the system tray doesn't light up): I have to always unplug the USB cable from the MIDI controller, sometimes that works and will prompt: Other times I still won't get this prompt and it won't work until I toggle these inputs: I have no clue what keeps causing this, if anyone has anything I can try, that would be so much appreciated as this is interrupting my creative workflow. THANK YOU!!!! B7EBC4D6-84F8-4583-9EDA-E908B9F8C80D.SNAG
  16. So I want to draw in some 8th notes so I have my options set as follows: As you see the first notes I draw are exact 8th notes, but then it changes on me for a reason I do not understand: And if I look up, it shows the setting is now on "1158 ticks" Any help is much appreciated!
  17. Get 10% off Groove Monkee Drum Loops --- discount code: DFQ10 https://www.groovemonkee.com/ This discount also works when Groove Monkee is having a sale. Min purchase: $19.95
  18. Hi, everyone! Hope all is well! My SI instruments are missing the sounds and Program Browser data. They are all like this: strings, bass and drums. How do I get them back? Here's what I've tried so far Bandlab Assistant: The Studio Instruments Suite check mark is greyed out and does not have an option to uninstall or reinstall or repair. I know the latter 2 have not been a part of CW, but just mentioning because I went to look for it. Apps and Features I attempted to use Windows 10 Apps and Features to uninstall with the plan to go back to Bandlab Assistant to re-install. However, I get the following when I try: Thanks, in advance! Kevin
  19. Pedro Newberry

    Imported MIDI

    I originally was using LMMS until I realized I cannot record live into LMMS. So I wanted to switch to CakeWalk. I can import my midi and assign to the correct VST I want, but I find that the notes do not correspond to the same locations in the keypad editor as in LMMS. So, my base is a few notes higher, but maintains the same progressions. The drums are as if I played them on different keys when I first put them into LMMS, about a full octave off. I tried to copy and move, but then the timing of the notes is off. Is there a way to correct this so that if I originally started my pattern from a E2, the midi gets loaded at the same note. For example, where my kick drum should be it's hitting a cymbal. If I drag it down to where a kick is a kick, a snare is a snare, etc, I lost the timing and placement of the notes. I set them up in LMMS as 1/24 so I could break each 4/4 measure into 6 counts and play program a more swing groove. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello. I must say that the Pentagram MIDI edition it was easier in Sonar, as it was an interface where you were ablo to select the length of the notes. For example, if you want to write a note with the length of 8:00 you need to edit one by one every semibrave(4:00) and edit the length of it. Also in Sonar if you clicked over one note it took the length and velocity of that note. Why is not doing that now? Also, the edition it was faster because you were able to change the length of a note just clicking the numbers. Now with the numbers arechange the interface configuration. Is this going to change in the future? And whi the smart tool doesnt work for the pentagram edition if you want to increase the velocity? Regards.
  21. Hello. I'm wondering if it is possible to configure pentagrams with microtonal tunning, or just keeping the different tunning of another tunnings like well tempered or Pythagoric scale. I have some synthetizers which allow you to do this kind of things. It sometimes help to get different colors in music, and also helps for contemporary music composition. Regards.
  22. Howdy, I'm pretty new to using DAWs anyway, and I picked up Cakewalk since it seemed like a good free option. I keep running into the following issue: there are multiple MIDI tracks in the project, and at apparently random times, the instrument assigned to one track can be heard playing the MIDI from another track as well as it's own assigned MIDI. Upon some research of this issue, I found a forum post that suggested changing the inputs on the tracks. Most of the time, if I have the inputs to all the MIDI tracks set differently, the problem won't occur, but sometimes it still will, so this doesn't seem like a satisfactory solution. Beyond that, the most recent variation of this issue was when I tried File>Export>Audio... and exported as an MP3. I had all three MIDI tracks set to different inputs so that the different sounds wouldn't play the wrong MIDI during playback as I described above, but upon export as an MP3, the exported file very clearly has one instrument still playing MIDI from two different tracks. I don't know why the instrument assigned to one track would be affected by anything in another track anyway, and I definitely don't know why the DAW wouldn't export exactly what you hear in playback within the DAW, so I'm quite befuddled. Any help would be much appreciated!
  23. Hello. This process is working weird, if you select the notes in the Pentagram mode, or in the Piano Roll and click on listen/test button (I'm sorry, I don't know how is this written in English) it plays both the original notes and the quantized at the same time. Does anyone is having the same issue? Also I would like to ask. Is there anywhere explained what each groove pattern is doing? I'm not able to understand what it is doing. Regards
  24. Orchestral - Jazz - Classical - MIDI - Composition Useful information on more advanced utilization of templates are documented on the Notes tab within the Browser window.
  25. Groove Monkee Drum Loops 10% off --- discount code: DFQ10 https://www.groovemonkee.com/ And find more discounts at: http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp
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