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  1. I'm trying to use FL Studio inside of Cakewalk, and leverage the synths I've acquired there. However, I don't want to have a dozen FL Studio instances running if I can at all avoid it. There is an FL Studio Multi VST plugin that theoretically supports 16 inputs, but I can't figure out how to convince Cakewalk that it has that many. The end goal would be to have up to 16 unique MIDI tracks in CW that all point at the same VST, but assigned to different MIDI channels. Hope this is possible!
  2. Hi, I'm having a problem merging midi clips. I have two midi clips side by side in the same track, but when I select them both and click 'bounce to clip(s)', both tracks delete. Is there are way to merge the clips? The default track reverb (I'm assuming it's the reverb?) from the first track carries on while the second track plays, which is why I assumed merging the clips would fix this issue. (Aka the 1st track ends on a G chord which bleeds into the C chord of the next track.) I'm using the Default (TTS-1) sound, and my keyboard is a Casio CDP-S90. Thanks for any help!
  3. earlier today I had been using a Bluetooth MIDI device, unfortunately I could not get it to work correctly on Cakewalk and so I looked online and was advised to change the MIDI Driver to UWP, after applying this change the whole application froze and stopped responding. Now, whenever I open Cakewalk the starting screen freezes and stops responding too and no matter how long I wait it doesn't start responding again. As of now I have tried rebooting in safe mode and shift running Cakewalk which did not work, I've also tried renaming the aud file to aud.old but obviously this didn't work as it is a Midi driver problem, not an audio driver one. Is there any way to fix this? I would really like to be able to use my DAW again.. I am on windows 10, 64 bit.
  4. can someone steer me to a tutorial on humanizing midi tracks?
  5. Hi! I’m getting back into sequencing after many years away and have downloaded the demo of the Korg Triton VST. I’m pretty certain I’ll buy it, but I’m banging my head against the wall with one issue that almost definitely is user error. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to switch banks/patches on the Triton VST from within Cakewalk. I have imported the Triton.ins file and can select patches, but this has no effect on the sound that plays. Similarly, if I select the patch I want in the Triton UI and then record my track, it reverts to patch 1 when I reopen the project. I’ve also tried sending CC 0 and 32 messages followed by a patch change in the event editor and this has no effect either. I would much appreciate any help that this group can provide. Thanks!
  6. I must be missing something obvious but I can't figure out how to set a MIDI track to output on a particular channel, e.g. 10 for good old GM Drums. I'm expecting some kind of means of selection in the track but can't find anything. How's it done?
  7. The setting "Always Echo Current MIDI Track" is brilliant in its convenience and something I always want enabled. But for example, for the arp on the Moog Subsequent 37 hardware to work properly, it requires that MIDI input is turned off in Cakewalk. And the only option is to turn off "Always Echo Current MIDI Track" entirely. It would be much more convenient to be able to disable MIDI echo for individual tracks instead of having to turn it off entirely. Thanks for considering it!
  8. HI Gang, I have looked all over the net and can't find an answer to this one, and was hoping someone could help ok here goes, on track #1 I went in and recorded a very simple midi piano line on the Virtual Electric Piano VSTI included with cakewalk I then thought to myself , hey I wonder how this piano line would sound as a bass.. and this is where I am stuck, all I want to do is keep the midi information I recorded on track 1 as is, but change from the Virtual Electric Piano VSTI to the Studio Instruments Bass so I can hear my piano part being played as a bass line. I'm sure its a super easy thing to do, and im just overlooking something, but I'll be dammed if I can figure out how anyone have a suggestion thanks in advance Derek
  9. I'm new to Cakewalk, but not to creating music or using apps. My challenge is setting up virtual instruments in Cakewalk. I know it's not set up right, because Cakewalk tells me every time I open it (screen shot below), and I'm getting no sound at all. For the last couple of weeks, I've been following instructions on various videos, and I've read the cakewalk documentation and followed those directions, and nothing is working. I've used FL Studio, Sibelius and Mulab, but I don't remember having to do the type of settings as in Cakewalk, and I don't understand how this works. How do I know what resources on my laptop are available to Cakewalk? What's a "driver model" (first screen shot below)? Apparently, Cakewalk isn't seeing any audio devices (screenshot below). Does it have to, since I'm using only virtual instruments? I'm using EastWest Composer Cloud. I'm able to select instruments and open the instrument and click on the piano keyboard, but the keys don't move and there's no sound. It's hard to know what to ask, but I have several screen shots below. I think I just need to know how to set this up. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can offer. I get this message every time I open Cakewalk Preferences/Audio/Devices Preferences/Audio/Driver Settings Preferences/Audio/Playback and Recording Preferences/Midi/Devices Preferences/Midi/Playback and Recording
  10. Hello community, As a newbie I use a USB midi (Casio CTK 6200) without any audio interface. While recording I get a lot of latency. On the track that I record, MIDI notes are off-grid. The first note is almost on the second note grid. So, I'm stuck. I've a few queries. I'm giving the details below. Please help me. MY DEVICE AND WINDOWS SPPECIFICATIONS A. I'm working on an Asus Tuf Dash F15 gaming laptop with Windows 11. B. Its Device Specifications are given below: Device name: LAPTOP-H6RQDLVH Processo: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-11300H @ 3.10GHz 3.11 GHz Installed RAM: 8.00 GB (7.68 GB usable) System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor C. My Windows Specifications are here: Edition: Windows 11 Home Single Language Version: 22H2 Installed on: 12/‎21/‎2022 OS build: 22621.1555 Experience: Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22640.1000.0 D. Let me now inform you about my laptop's Storage situation with the screenshot below: E. My laptop's Audio Input and Output Devices are shown in the screenshot below: F. Besides these devices, my laptop's Sound, Video and Game Controllers are shown in another screenshot below. MY QUERIES ABOUT CAKEWALK PREFERENCES: 1. The Audio -- Devices section in my Cakewalk's Preferences show my Realtek (r) Audio in a dimmed manner. It doesn't let me select them. On the other hand, it shows only the Asus Utility with check marks ON which are not dimmed. These are shown in the screenshot below. Are these settings okay for me? 2. Next thing is about Audio -- Driver Settings. It only shows Asus Utility, not the Realtek (R) Audio. Please see the screenshot below. I've done nothing here. All the setting are automatically selected. Are these settings okay for me? 3. The next big thing is about setting proper Driver Mode in my Cakewalk's Audio Playback and Recording Settings. I selected WASAPI Shared as the Driver Mode. Please see the attached screenshot below. Are all the settings okay here? 4. Now about MIDI Input and Output Devices settings. Please see the screenshot below. Here, Casio USB -MIDI is the midi I'm using. It's connected to my laptop while I use Cakewalk. I've checked them to ON status as my MIDI Input and Output Devices. I've also checked Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. Should have I done this or should I uncheck it? 5. The next question is about MIDI Playback and Recording settings. Please see the screenshot below. The Driver Mode is set up to MME automatically. Should I change it to UWP? What about the other settings here? Are they okay for me? Please help me regarding the settings, and suggest me how I could get rid of the Latency Issue while recording from my Casio USB-MIDI. Thank you.
  11. Dear BandLab, I've been using Cakewalk for ages on older Windows version, but now I'm using your Cakewalk on Win 11, on an HP laptop. The problem I'm having currently is that (as the attached screen shot shows) the Note names aren't showing, nor are many other data fields. As you can imagine, this makes the view quite limiting. I've tried changing the theme and the workspace, but in vain. I'd be eternally grateful if you would just point me in the right direction. Thanks a million in advance.
  12. Emanu3le85

    Problems with MIDI

    hello all, several problems with cake, it seems to have bugs or it just doesn't run well with my pc, I describe the problems, i use a beringher umx610 master keyboard: 1 at project start play plugin one octave up, on second play return to normal, but may change over time 2 when I set a midi parameter envelope it continues to read it even if I disable R when i move midi controller knob 3 the arpeggiator duration envelope of the midi track is sometimes read and sometimes not when a change is set 4 at each bar start play of a certain synth, an increasingly louder noise increases exponentially the more times the play is repeated on the same bar. 5 sometimes kbd is removed automatically I hope to solve these problems because I like Cakewalk , Thanks
  13. I'm a new user, and I just imported a MIDI file, and I wan't to change the instrument, yet I don't know how. What can I do?
  14. Hello everybody, yesterday I was trying Studio One and I noted that when i switch from one plugin to anoter , the controller set itself on a new set parameter of new vst. in cakewalk it need to "match" then knob til the value if you want change the parameter. is it possible to improve teh ACT engine in the way that when Skip to another plugin the controller set itself on new parameter? cheers elix
  15. Hi: I'm a long time Cakewalk user. In the past I used to have a multi port MIDI interface (now obsolete) and connect all my synths there. Now I don't have that MIDI interface anymore and, as most modern synths have USB MIDI, I connect all my synths directly to the computer. The problem is that not always want to use all my synth, sometimes I just turn on a single one and Cakewalk just mess all MIDI port selection on the MIDI tracks. The MIDI data (notes, etc) is sent to the wrong synths. I have to set the MIDI port for every MIDI track every time. Even if I turn on all my synths, sometimes Cakewalk change the order of MIDI ports and again I have to set the MIDI port for every MIDI track. Same happens when sending MIDI clock to my drum machine, after opening a saved project the MIDI ports are in a different order and the MIDI clock is sent to a different port so my drum machine doesn't start. Also if I have set an instrument definition for a MIDI port, I lost that assignment... So, please make Cakewalk remember the MIDI port settings. If I have a MIDI track and the MIDI port output is set to a MIDI port named SynthX (all my MIDI ports have the name of the synth), next time I open the project that track should be assigned to the MIDI port SynthX, and if that MIDI port is not available (not connected), should be routed to a dummy MIDI port, not to other MIDI port, if I want to route that MIDI data to another MIDI port I will do it myself manually (letting Cakewalk choose a random MIDI port doesn't help). Thank you!
  16. I'm using the cakewalk reference guide version 27.04.00 and in page 72 under ARA/Melodyne algorithm picker says by draggin an audio clip to a MIDI track you can convert an audio clip to midi I have dragguedd It but nothing happens also says you can do tempo extraction by dragging an audio clip to the time ruler also I have done it but nothing happens
  17. I can’t seem to figure out how to rout multiple MIDI channels to one VST instrument. I assume there must be something I simply don’t understand, because this not being possible seems like a bit of a terrible oversight. For instance, TX16Wx can have up to 12 different patches loaded, but Cakewalk seem to only be able to send MIDI to Channel 1 exclusively. Any other channel receives no data regardless of how I attempt to rout MIDI to the instrument. HALion has 16 different channels that all can load patches, but again Cakewalk only communicates with MIDI Channel 1. Seems like such a silly waste to load an entire instrument like this, only to use one single channel. VSTs that transmit MIDI like EON Arp seems to meet a brick wall in Cakewalk too. In pretty much any other DAW it’s simply a matter of selecting to receive MIDI from EON Arp on the instrument track you want arpeggiated, but no such option in Cakewalk? This can’t be right. Or is it?
  18. Old WRK file with 8 basic MIDI tracks and no plugins 1. Open old .wrk file in CbB 2. Edit tracks and save as new .cwp file 3. Shutdown computer and call it a day 4. Wake up next day and turn on computer 5. Open saved project 6. Play song but no sound 7. Taskbar MIDI activity lights both permanently lit 8. Close CbB but it hangs in background processes preventing it from reopening 9. Reboot system and open original WRK file - same outcome Only this project affected, tho it worked fine yesterday 32 bit Sonar Platinum behaves the same way. Why would basic MIDI tracks cause this issue?
  19. As a keyboard player I record all of my keyboard tracks to Midi Tracks... I use to record them to Audio Tracks back in the day of tape recorders... Then I bought a Yamaha SY85 (93), A computer (95) and a DAW, Cakewalk Pro Audio 7 (98) and I have recorded my Keyboards to Midi ever since... I have some projects that have 30 or more Midi Tracks and not a single Audio Clip, go to the Audio Folder and it is empty... Also have some that have all Audio Tracks and no Midi Tracks (Guitar songs...)... On my computer I have more Midi Outputs than I have Audio Outputs... I can send an Audio Track to "any" Output, to 5 or 6 Outputs or more, to a Stereo Bus, to even more Buses, to an Aux Track, to a side chain of a plug-in, I can create a "New" Bus... But I can only send a Midi Track to "One" single Output or Soft Synth... If I want to send the same track to another source, be it a Midi Effect, a Soft Synth, another Keyboard (I have more than one...) I have to duplicate the track... And then maybe even duplicate it again and again if I an doing a large string arrangement... It would be so nice to be able to send a Midi Track to a Midi FX on an Aux Track, or just an Aux Track or to another Midi Output or two with a little "Send" knob... Apparently Cubase has this feature, I don't know, I don't use Cubase... I have Cubase, it came with my Yamaha Motif XF ten years ago... I installed it, use it for about half of a song project and then uninstalled it... Did not like it... I love Cakewalk, been using it for about 25 years, Pro Audio 7, about the time Noel joined the Cakewalk team... It would be great if the Bakers could add Midi Sends and Midi Aux Tracks to CflatB... Midi Tracks deserve the same respect that Audio Tracks get...
  20. Hi! I have a controller, and I usually use several MIDI channels to move from one VST to another through my Behringer UMX610 controller. What I can't do is that when I pass from one vst to another, the one that I no longer use stops sounding so that only the one I am using at that time is. How do I stop sounding a channel when I turn on another? In the Ableton Live it does it automatically. The only thing that occurs so far is to assign to each KNOB of the controller the volume of each VST, but it is quite tedious to have to go down and up volumes all the time. I hope it has been clear, I don't get along too well with English.
  21. I created a midi track using a vst synth. I can hear the track when played in cakewalk. I do a "Select All", File > Export > Audio, the time range is correct. When exporting as a WAV the result is an empty file of silence (4K in size). What am I doing wrong?
  22. When using many MIDI CC envelopes it can sometimes be difficult to tell them apart. It would be nice if custom names could be assigned to MIDI CC envelopes, see suggested screenshot #2. Thanks for a great product!
  23. This one is kind of hard to explain. I have two instances of Komplete Kontrol opened on two different MIDI tracks. When I put some notes on the piano roll of one of them and then select the other MIDI track that has nothing on it and hit play, the notes on the piano roll triggers both tracks. So I get two conflictive sounds playing the same notes. If I don't select the other track, it doesn't happen. I've tried using two different plugins (Komplete Kontrol and LABS) and that also happens. What's the problem here? Is it something about the MIDI input and output?
  24. I'm trying to make a MIDI track output either to the master or my Scarlet 4i4 headphone output, but I can't. I'm using ASIO as it's the only one that works for me with low enough latency on Cakewalk. The only outputs are "Digital Piano", which just outputs to the keyboard I'm using, "Microsoft GS Wavetable synth", which only outputs to my Realtek speakers (which would be fine, but those only work on non-ASIO, which makes the latency too high to record audio along to a MIDI track), and "Focusrite USB MIDI" which doesn't seem to output anywhere I can find. No problems at all on audio tracks, they output to the master which outputs into my Scarlet headphone output. I'm a total idiot with this stuff so any help is appreciated!
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