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  1. I have an M-AUDIO KEYSTATION 49es midi controller and I would like to know if anyone has a tutorial or even a Configuration File that I can use directly in Cakewalk to configure it as a control surface.
  2. i have plugged in my alesis midi keyboard. Midi out to midi in on my komplete audio interface. opening a new project i choose "edit' "preferences" "devices"..........my keyboard is not listed
  3. My Digital Piano is selected as the midi input in Cakewalk, but it's not working. I tried every solution I could find online (including deleting duplicate midi devices in device manager, restarting/reinstalling literally everything related, and trying different audio drivers like AISO). For some reason it still works if I open a VST on it's own outside of Cakewalk, but there is horrible lag that makes it impossible to play fast without getting really messed up. The lag is probably a separate issue, since it's present in all other DAW software I've tried (including Protools), along with all computers/cables I've tried. I don't even know, I'm a musician not a tech wizard. Just want to record song unga bunga. Every single time I've ever tried to use recording software it never works like it should lol, about to throw my computer out the window... Any ideas?
  4. Howdy. I have a Roland A-800 Pro, which has a quarter-inch port for an expression pedal. I also have a Behringer FC600 volume/expression pedal, that I would like to be able to use to control MIDI data, such as volume, for a soft synth that is triggered by the A-800 Pro MIDI controller. I cannot seem to get this to work, even though I am using a stereo (TRS) cable to connect the Behringer pedal to the expression pedal port of the Roland MIDI controller, which is per the scant documentation for the Behringer pedal. Anyone have any ideas? Bob Bone
  5. Hi Guys, Using an old Technics piano - the original pedal board broke and can't find a replacement (and the cable used has an usual fitting). I am now trying to run a generic Stagg sustain pedal through my td3 drum module which is working, but registering as CC4 rather than CC64 within Cakewalk (going through the foot controller/hi hat input) Is there a way for me to fix this - I want to have the sustain working in real time while I play (just copying over the data once recorded onto the CC64 channel for playback wont do)? Unfortunately I can't see a way of assigning anything to the sustain function within Keyscape (can Midi learn/assign the pedal to everything bar sustain as there is not a sustain knob/button, or specific settings option as in Pianoteq). Many thanks, Alex
  6. I have made the tour of the MIDI controllers likely to be used with CAKEWALK: compatibilities, functionalities, malfunctions, user comments, etc ... My conclusion is that finally, few controllers work correctly with CAKEWALK! And clearly no manufacturer is interested in the many users of this DAW, preferring the compatibility to ABLETON and other competing products. Those that could work do not evolve (ROLAND A-300 / A-500 / A-800). Those which are advertised as being able to operate with a very reasonable price (KORG nano for example) have multiple imperfections making the tool impractical. As well as those which are sold much more expensive. Finally, if the effort to improve compatibility with CAKEWALK does not come from the manufacturers of controllers, and it is little to say that it is really slow to materialize, is it not up to BANDLAB to react and '' improve the software's compatibility with equipment already on the market? Personally, the confusion that has reigned for several years between hardware and software, despite the existence of a standard called MIDI, revolts me: improving the compatibility of materials between them ultimately means making their use more affordable. for everyone. So why do the opposite? ... The USB interface is a good example of widespread and rather successful compatibility: you buy hardware with a USB plug and you know how much you can get to work with it. Unfortunately, this is far from the case with MIDI sockets ... Why so many hassles? !! Cordially. A passionate french user who publicly expresses his exaperation. (thanks to Google Translator...)
  7. Hello, I am a new CbB user learning to compose on a DAW! I used to compose with a real piano and a pencil - yeap, this kind of humans still exist in 2021! But I adapted. 🤓So I am with CbB as a new starter. I am using a Korg microkey 37 and I watched loads of youtube tutorials but still cannot figure out how to map the MOD wheel to CC11 for writing automation whilst I play the tiny keyboards. I tried ACT lean function, but nothing suggested CC 1 or 11 or 21 on the ACT control panel. I also tried to select MIDI from the dropdown menu of the automation track (aka A1) to enter the "MIDI envelope" and select Control (type) --- 11-Expression (value) --- channel11 (channel), but nothing happened when I use the MOD wheel on my Korg microkey37. One thing strange happened tho - I could see midi signal input on the VST track but I heard no changes in the expression of the sound. So, I must be missing something. Could any one help me to solve this so I don't need to return to composing with a piano and a pencil😅? Thank you!
  8. I have been using the iRig Keys 49 for a few months and just now published a quick review. It is a great keyboard and the 49 keys just puts it right in a sweet spot for me. Also the built in audio interface is a great plus for portability. Right now (until November 30th) IK Multimedia is including SampleTank 4 MAX with the purchase of the iRig Keys I|O 25 or 49 which is a fantastic deal if you do not already own SampleTank 4. I hope you enjoy watching?
  9. I want to use KORG nanoKONTROL 2 in CC mode instead of Sonar/Cakewalk mode. I wanted to assign MIDI CC #1, #3, #11, etc. like modulation, expression to sliders. I had set them in KORG KONTROL Editor and wrote the data. However, nanoKONTROL 2 doesn't work at all in Cakewalk by Bandlab. I also can't use MIDI learning features in plugins. I tried that in Native Instruments' Kontakt, Spitfire Audio's BBCSO, Orchestral Tools' SINE Player, etc. Would you help me solve this problem?
  10. When in ACT and using an x-touch mini to open & close previous and next plugins in a track strip..... this display pops up on "Tube Saturation"..... it isn't a problem and doesn't cause problems... but is this supposed to be the way it looks or no? Or is it what the Roland / Cakewalk midi controller would show on it's display?
  11. I have come across users that dont have midi keyboards and still want to be able to play out on there keyboard like in FL Studio. So I made this video to help with using the computer keyboard as a midi controller. Hope this helps
  12. Hi - I thought this was solved, but it turns out while it briefly was, it is broken again. I do NOT understand why this began doing this sometime yesterday. I have an URGENT need to complete some work and deliver it to someone - I was supposed to have sent the completed work last night, as it will be needed for use tomorrow, so this is a HUGELY urgent thing for me to fix. I have had an unchanged configuration with CbB and SPLAT, for more than a year, where my midi controller has been plugged into the same ports, everything worked great, etc., when all of a sudden, yesterday afternoon I discovered my midi controller's activity was no longer being detected within CbB OR in SPLAT. Meaning, pressing keys on the midi controller, should have produced midi data in CbB or in SPLAT, and it was not, though it all worked fine the night before, and I had made no changes. I THOUGHT I had this fixed, by doing an uninstall/delete/install of the USB drivers for the midi controller, and it began to work in a new project, after doing the above, but when I loaded up an existing project, it quit working again, and now setting up a VSTi instance, midi track, audio track, and routing assignments, it only works when I press notes on the FM8 virtual keyboard, but NOT when I press notes on the midi controller. (It does also work outside of CbB, if I run FM8 (or any synth) in stand-alone mode - notes pressed on the midi controller trigger sounds in the synth, as is supposed to be the case. Additionally, midi activity is detected by the Windows System Tray's MIDI Input/Output Activity monitor, and by MIDI Ox, if I run that - while in the CbB project. MY APPARENT solution - I uninstalled and deleted the midi drivers for my class-compliant Roland A-800 Pro midi controller, unplugged the USB cable, restarted my computer, logged in, and plugged the USB cable back into the same port I had it in prior to uninstalling. Windows went through the device setup process, and it began working again after that. Nothing else I had tried (including Windows corruption detection/repair or ripping out CbB and doing a clean install) had fixed anything, but for whatever reason, uninstalling the Roland device drivers and letting Windows install the same drivers again did the trick). This WORKED, and I saved the new project I had set up, but now is again no longer working. 01) The midi controller was properly declared/selected in Preferences>MIDI>Devices under Inputs, and available to CbB 02) The A-Pro USB drivers were properly loaded and working properly when viewed in Device Manager 03) The routing assignments in the CbB project are properly made, between audio/midi/VSTi, including specifying Omni for Input on the midi track 04) Playing notes using the VSTi virtual keyboard for FM8 properly produces midi data and sound (same for other synths) 05) Existing midi track data properly plays back for all midi tracks and VSTi instances/instruments, so even the Midi Output Channel specified for the midi tracks are correct and unchanged. 06) MIDI Ox shows proper midi data for keys pressed on the midi controller, as does the indicator light in the Windows System Tray MIDI Input/Output Activity app 07) No related errors seen in Windows Event Viewer 08) Antivirus software is temporarily disabled, (though I already had anything needed already listed as exclusions to being scanned) 09) There is no detected corruption in Windows, after running diagnostics 10) I performed a complete uninstall, including removing any vestigial Registry entries or Windows folders, and a clean install of CbB 11) SAME issues when trying to work in SPLAT, and same conditions as above, except I did not also do a clean reinstall of SPLAT. 12) I also do not have a spare midi controller at this location, to try swapping it out, but by all indications, my Roland A-800 Pro seems to be working properly, and both Windows and MIDI Ox ARE detecting the appropriate midi note event data when I press keys on the midi controller - it is just not being recognized/'seen' by either CbB or Splat. I am ALL EARS for any ideas - I really really really need to get this resolved as soon as possible, because I have commitments I cannot currently deliver on time, and that is a problem. I hope I am just a paranoid idiot, and there is something I am overlooking. The pain meds don't exactly help me properly reason through things, either, but I just cannot figure out why this is happening. THANKS to anyone who even read all of the above, and for anybody's assistance in my quickly getting past this. Bob Bone
  13. Guido the developer of the VB3 II and other wonderful VSTs has been working on a new project and I am holding in my hands the result. I am so honored to be able to test the new D9X Drawbar MIDI controller. This project is based on the open source Arduino platform and can be customized in many ways if the end user wishes. Here is the official project on Github: https://github.com/ZioGuido/GMLAB_D9X As many of you are using different virtual tonewheel organs I can tell you this makes playing them a very satisfying experience. There is nothing that can replace reaching out and adjusting physical drawbars and controls in my opinion. Not only can it be used to control organs you can use it in virtually any situation where you need a hands on control and your virtual instrument supports MIDI controller mapping. It is available now from the My Rig Shop here http://www.myrigshop.com/ as a kit ($239) or pre-assembled ($329). Here is a hands on first look demo:
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