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Found 4 results

  1. Hi ! I'm really sorry to ask this silly question, but I've been trying to solve this problem for hours and nothing has worked. When I import a midi file (from my Roland FP30 with USB stick), the software speeds up the whole song for no reason. Is this a settings error? Thank you very much for your valuable answers! Anikz
  2. I didn't know this feedback loop thingy existed. Or else I wouldn't have made a video pointing out the most obvious problems I have been facing in Cakewalk. I was waiting for the comments to accumulate to see the opinion (and other suggestions) of others before reaching out to the social handles of Bandlab. And it is from the comments I came across this feedback loop. These are the points I stated in that video. These are the issues that were mentioned in it. No MIDI Clip isolation Automation Issues Exporting issue with track outs MIDI Clip isolation Cakewalk must be the only DAW that I have used, that doesn't let us isolate or MIDI data inside a MIDI clip. From the comments, I figured many users actually prefer having to see the entire MIDI data in a track, even though it might be even above 10 minutes. So, I hope it can be brought in like an option that can be turned ON and OFF like the Clip outlines I showed in the video. Automation Issues There are too many automation issues that it can be a post of its own. I strongly suggest watching the video to see the obvious issues like unresponsive automation, delay in automation timing, and weird sound output. Apart from it is hard to carry out simple copy and paste with automation data. Exporting issue with track outs When we export track outs, the bus effects does not get applied to the tracks. I talked to someone who had used Cakewalk from 1998 and he said it wasn't like that. Back when Cakewalk was Sonar, the bus FX did get applied to individual track outs. This is necessary when we are working with other people. Hope you look into these as soon as possible, at least the second and third issues. -AdK
  3. I'm using some SMF midi clips from Motifator (JazzPianoBassDrums collection) and if I drop a bass clip onto my SI Bass Guitar 1 track, when I play across that clip, the sound gets "deselected". By that I mean I have to re-load the Bass Guitar preset (even though it doesn't change) to hear a sound again. After re-loading a preset, I can play a clip from another area of the track (a clip from BandLab for example), but as soon as the cursor crosses into the Motifator clip (or even if I start in the middle of that clip), the bass goes permanently silent until I load a bass preset again. If I try and run the clip using the General MIDI synth, it will play. In addition, on occasion, if I drop a clip and play over it using the general midi synth, the program crashes and closes when the cursor reaches the clip. It will also do this on occasion if I select the bass guitar synth for preview and preview the clip from the media panel. I'm not having any issues with the Cakewalk supplied MIDI clips (so far). Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. When recording midi in an instrument track - the clip is not displayed with "dots and lines" but show up as a audio waveform (see image below). I probably have done something wrong with the settings. Please, can anyone help???
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