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  1. Hi all, I recently purchased an Alesis V25 controller, so I don't have to fire up my entire system just to input some midi tracks, and to be able to do that while sitting in my living room watching tv. It was working fine, until I decided to set up the knobs and buttons to send cc messages. I thought I had done something wrong because Cakewalk stopped interpreting any input from the keyboard or pads, but it would show input from the controller knobs for my cc messages, and the midi indicator in the system tray stills shows that CbB recognizes that the V25 is sending data. I checked to make sure that channels are synced in each device and VST. When I assured myself that I had things set the way I intended, and nothing fixed it, I reinstalled the V25 editor setup and reset everything. The only change I've encountered since is that none of the knobs, switches, keys or pads are triggering a response in the DAW, while still showing input in the system tray. At this point I tried the controller with midiox, on the Bandlab mix editor (in the browser), and with Microsoft Wavetable. They all work, just as they're supposed to. Next, I opened Sonar Artist (yes I do still have it installed and work on some things), and pulled up couple of the songs I have been working on. Everything I play on the V25 triggers everything it's supposed to. No problem. Tried them again in Cakewalk by Bandlab, with all the same settings and again I am getting no notes or message input triggered. A clean, new project ends up with the same results. I use the USB hub on the Akai EIE when in the bedroom studio, but plug the controller directly into the laptop otherwise. This has no effect this issue. I would really appreciate a clue about what might be happening. Cakewalk by Bandlab, Sonar Artist, Lenovo Thinkpad E580, Windows 10 64 bit, 4 gb ram, Casio CTK 6200, Akai EIE interface, Peavy Vyper 1, Alesis V25 controller, Zoom R16(using audio recorder only)..
  2. I'd like to be able to manipulate midi CC data via nodes with options, like jump, linear, fast curve, slow curve. This would make adjustments quite a bit easier for me and the visual easier to understand as well. I'm doing a lot of orchestral style instruments lately and being able to click a couple nodes and set to slow curve, would simplify drawing in the curve manually. And it'd make fine tuning it a bit easier, as you could just drag nodes around instead of re-drawing the curve.
  3. I stole the screenshot from another post for Reaper. Shows exactly what I want. Instead of having the bottom row in PRV set for 1 view with changeable midi data, I'd like to see multiple CCs at the same time. Specifically I'd like them vertically stacked on top of each other like the track automation lanes. Not necessarily overlayed. I'm doing more orchestral arrangement work and need several CCs that I have to make many adjustments to for proper dynamics and what not. In this track I have 1,11, and 21 that are all important.
  4. Been having this problem for a while now, and it's a massive pain. I can send midi notes to external gear with no problem, but when I try to send midi CC (using the CC control lanes in a track) it's delayed but 1 - 2 seconds. This ONLY occurs while recording the synth, NOT when I hit play, so for example, I have a piano roll with a sequence, and with that MIDI CC controlling the filter, setting the audio track to record, and hitting record will record notes as programmed, but the MIDI CC is later than programmed. This does not happen with soft synths, and neither does it happen if I just hit play in cakewalk and have the audio live, it ONLY affects external gear MIDI CC, and ONLY recorded audio. It's impossible right now for me to record any audio in where I need to modify synth parameters in real-time while recording .
  5. it would be nice to record automation for existing midi-track with few lanes, but without erasing notes. there is a button to record automation, but there's no button to disable notes recording and in record mode i d'like to merge notes with automation, but it needs to record input through another midi-track and then no way to split things. Also when i record knob automation it doesn't recognizes the vst\synth knob it just records CC-event and puts it in CC-events-change list, but there are automation lanes for that, so it should record into those lanes and this way it will be possible to record just lanes, not whole midi-track. So it needs to properly read vst-knobs and put them in automation list, then associate those CC-events made by device with vst-events and make it work.
  6. MIDI СС automation is a pain that kills all desire to work in Cakewalk. Cakewalk has the best solution on the market in multi-instrumental MIDI editing mode. But it's completely impossible to work with automation inside MIDI clips. Studio One - has a line of automation. Reaper has excellent scripts for quickly drawing different envelopes - it is even sometimes more convenient than the lines in Studio One May have many times asked for something to do with it. Please, developers, let's think together how we can better change this. Happen again... Cakewalk has the best system on the market for working with multi-tools in a MIDI editor, but due to the inability to work properly with MIDI-CC automation, all this work is reduced to zero. 😞 The mandatory item that I would like to see is The reset of the MIDI CC after pressing "Stop" to the user-set values. This system is in the Reaper and it helps a lot in the work.
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