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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, So I would like to be able to load a specific synth preset that I saved aswell as a specific FX Chain I made for that preset in different project files for example. I am aware that once you created a track lane, then loaded a synth, then loaded a preset inside the synth, you can load an FX chain onto that lane. However these are quite a few steps, that could be pretty confusing when you saved multiple presets and FX chains and require you to load the synth first aswell. Is there a way to load everything at once and even before creating a specific track lane with the synth first? I watched tutorials on Logic Pro and Ableton and the guys were loading presets of their past made instruments in just 2 clicks with all their old EQ settings and reverbs and all the FX they spent time tweaking in the past in just 1 right click and 1 left click. I would like to know if this is something you can do in Cakewalk aswell or if you have first to load the specific synth you want, and then have to go in the synth to load the preset you saved, and then go in the FX chain to load the FX chain you made in the past instead. Thank you Aelleden
  2. Howdy, this is quite perplexing. I have Sonar Platinum installed, for years, and have the up to date Cakewalk by Bandlab installed, as well - CbB is my DAW, and Platinum only remains because it gives me access to the bundled plugins that came with it. This issue actually occurs on my system, in both Platinum and CbB, but from this point forward in the thread, I will only discuss it as I experience it in CbB. When I open ProChannel in the Track Inspector, for a bus, I should have the following appearance, at the top of it, where I can click on the little folder icon at the right side of where a loaded preset would have its name displayed, and navigate to where I have a bunch of ProChannel Presets to pick from: The above image is from the documentation, and in the image, 'B' is the folder icon I should be able to click on, to load a desired ProChannel Preset. On my desktop computer, I do not see either 'B', or 'C', which are the Load Preset icon, and the Save Preset icon. Per the documentation, all I have to do is to hover my mouse in preset name display window 'A', in the image above, and Cakewalk should then make the Load Preset and Save Preset icons/buttons visible, and functional. I can neither see or get the functionality of either Load Preset or Save Preset. Anyone have any ideas on what I need to tweak in order to get this functionality back? I would like to load ProChannel presets in my projects, and it works like a charm when I remote access my friend's laptop and open ProChannel on HIS system. A befuddled, but eternally hopeful, Bob Bone
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