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  1. In a live performance, with piano hosted by Cakewalk, I play a rubato (indefinite timing) song intro on piano which ends with a sustained chord. At the right moment I start my backing track. That momentarily interrupts the sound of the sustaining notes (they come back), which sounds TERRIBLE. How do I keep those notes uninterrupted while the track starts? On a Facebook group I got lots of suggestions to try, none of which worked. One moderator replicated the behavior. I'll tell you here what I told whoever was listening on FB... "I absolutely positively guarantee you this has been plaguing other users for years who've never reported or complained- such is the nature of unwanted software behavior and a large user community (I'm a long time Ansys developer). Probably more in the studio with a bunch of musicians around and the blips are an embarrassment among pro colleagues than a big live performance snafu, but enough to draw unwanted attention or snickers. I'd also bet $$$ the fix is easy for the right developer." Thank You!
  2. Hello together, I am fairly new to audio processing using a DAW. First my scenario: I have a band playing live in front of a small audience (due to corona). For the sound in the room/hall I use a common mixer. I then route the inserts via USB into my PC running Cakewalk. There I get the audio input for all channels using an ASIO driver for the mixer. This is working fine and I can do recordings of the live audio. My problem is, that I do not want to do a recording. I rather want to just process the live signals with some EQ, compression and effects and then route the master output to e. g. OBS. So my question is: Is it possible with Cakewalk to process and output live inputs instead of recordings in the way I described? What I achieved so far is, that I used the Input Echo to output live sound. But it sounds very different from what I get from a recording. Channel gain for example does not impact input echo. I would really like to be able to do a recording, set up all the channel pipelines based on the recording in a quiet room and then just use the same pipelines for live signal processing when the band performs their songs. I would be very grateful for any help. Kind regards, Matthias
  3. So I got myself a MIDI Controller Keyboard. After fiddling around with the knobs and knob settings (unrelated) I've decided to try and set up loop recording. I somehow managed to edit the "Record" section to make it work, however, 90% of the time, it doesn't work. I have 2 MIDI inputs bound to VST tracks (Synth1 and Sketching Orchs, but it didn't matter which plugin I used). I record the first section, wait out one or two loops, record the second section on the second instrument and after the loop starts again the second melody starts playing using the first instrument. After I stop the recording everything is fine again. Video Demonstration: I've tried: - Changing everything in the "Record" tab - 2 different keyboards - Sending MIDI data using different MIDI Channels for each track rather than Omni - Switching drivers from ASIO4ALLv2 to Fl Studio ASIO - Changing the order of the tracks - Recording directly into the tracks (Skipping the MIDI Inputs entirely). - Finding references reading the manual So... Any thoughts? I'm using the latest version of Cakewalk. Edit: Before posting this I decided to take another look. Turns out that this bug only happens if I start to play at the end of the loop (holding a key while the loop is going to it's beginning). If that happens (and that happens a lot to me), the whole recording that you are currently taking will inevitably play sound from the first instrument (after you're done recording, during the recording everything sounds fine). Also found a bug (Is this a good place to put out bugs?): The keybind for "Arm Recording" doesn't work if you start recording and then try to change it (it works in playback mode though). "Allow Arm Changes During Playback/Record" is ticked and I can change the Track Arm using the mouse whether I am recording or simply playing back.
  4. Hi there. I have some thoughts about live mode and OSC support. First of all, of course Ableton Live, Mainstage are the leaders in live performance mode. In Cakewalk we have matrix mode which is like a Clip Mode in Live, also we have performace playlist to load projects for gig. What I would like to see is to have full support of OSC to control my Cakewalk in gig. There's a thing called AZSLOW which was added to support some OSC stuff. But it's not built in, so if i was a noob, I couldn't start perform with OSC in classic terms. So, please add full OSC support to use things like LEMUR, TouchOSC. Then, I would like to see improvements in playlist. I would like to see it in separate docker to organize things well. Of course in mobile era there's a thing called Ableton link to sync which would be cool to use with Cakewalk.
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