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  1. HI:) Important for not to reset Controller when playback stop. In the preferences-->Midi-->Instruments-->Port/All Channels of the Controller-->Define--> Import LaunchControlXL.ins (Download from OneDrive Link) Now this Controller is not resetted on Settings--> Project-->More Midi-->"Reset Controller when playback stop" enabled. http://www.azslow.com/index.php?topic=521.msg3018#msg3018 Always the newest Files: Latest Version 10-05-2021 (Tested all Normal Actions on Track/Bus. Everything works as expected! Tested all Modes, all is fine! https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2mKojzOW0Mp6cltmQ69wjk2fKl0A?e=HzcDaw I use Userpresets 1-4 from LaunchControl XL MK II (Novation-2.0-LC_Preset 1-4.syx) and Preset „AZC - Nov-2.0-LC 01-27-2021.spp“ for AZControl 0.5r9 (newest release) SHIFT, CTRL, DOUBLE_PRESS and LONG_PRESS Buttons for additional possibilities GainAccess Mode: All "Normal" Parameter, Gain, Pan, Volume, Send 1-6, Send 1-6 Pan, Solo, Mute, Inp. Echo, Phase, Auto.Write, Rec Arm. Normal Mode: Moving to Bars, Markers, Sections, Next/Previous 8/1 Track(s), Zoom (Hor/Ver), Snap Settings on Rotor , Note Length on Rotor, Prev/Next TAB, Loop On/Off. Goto From, Select Active Track, Select None, Exit Cakewalk, Do Nothing (for some Rotors and Sliders), Open Control Bar/Multidock, Fit Project Ver/Hor, Select Clips Left/Right, Move Data Cursor Left/Right, with Shift Up/Down, Select in Timeline (snap), Narrow/Widen Selection, Move Selection, Zoom In on Selection, Audio Selection +- 2 dB(more to come) Record Mode: Same as in Normal Mode plus some Record specific commands and functions. Level Mode: Shows Level of selected Clip or Track on the Buttons (Green, Yellow, Red over -2 dB, Gain, Pan, Volume WAI Track 1-8, Move to Next/Previous Bar/Marker/Section, Select Clip Left/Right/Up/down, Zoom Ver/Hor, goto From/Thru, Select From/To Now Time, Reset WAI to Track 1/57, Loop On/Off, Set Loop to Selection, Show Arranger, Play Selection, Select Clip Left/Right/Up/Down on Buttons, Solo Selected Track, Select None, Selection +- 2 dB, CTRL+Z (Undo), Do nothing, Open Control Bar, Open Multidock, Fit Tracks Vertical, Fit Project, more to come…… Pro Channel 1 Track Mode: All Pro Channel Standard Parameter on Rotors, Sliders and Buttons! (See 1-TrPCMode.docx) Pro Channel 8 Track Mode: All Pro Channel Standard Parameter of 8 Tracks simultaniously, Bank 1 Bass, Bank 2 LoMid Parameter, Bank 3 HiMid Parameter and Bank 4 Hi Parameter for 8 Tracks, for sure not to forget Compressor, Tube and Console Emulation 8 Tracks. ACT Mode (Synth and Plugins): 96 Rotors, 32 Sliders and 64 Buttons for ACT, more with Shift on 4 Banks. 24 Track Mode: 24 Tracks Volume on Rotors, 24 Tracks Pan on Rotors with Shift, 8 Tracks WAI Bus Volume on Sliders and 8 Track Pan on Sliders, Mute and Solo for 8 WAI Buses. Piano Roll View Mode (Inline): Snap Settings on Rotor, Note Length on Rotor, Zoom Hor at Now Time, Zoom Ver at Now Time, Zoom Ver/Hor at Data Cursor, Next/Prev Marker/Bar, Select Left/right, Move Data Cursor Left/Right/Up/down, Open PRV, Length of selected Note(s) +- 10 Ticks (Repeat of Key will come), Nudge Left/Right/Up/Down selected Note(s), Nudge Octave Up/down of selected Note(s), Next/Prev Note select,Note Velocity +- 1/5, Toggle Edit View, Do nothing, Snap to/By….more to come… Extended Keyboard Edit: Snap Settings on Rotor, Note Length on Rotor, Buttons „1“ Scroll/Zoom Mode, „3“ Select Mode, „9“ Edit Mode, Select None, „-„, „+“, „8“ Up, „Alt+8“, „Ctrl+8“, „4“ Left, „6“ Right, „2“ Down, „Alt+4“, „Alt+6“, „Alt+2“, „Ctrl+2“, „Ctrl+4“, „Ctrl+6“, „Ctrl+8“, Enable/disable Extended Edit Mode. Up/Down/Left/right on Rotor 23 and 24 for faster working…. Midi Mode: C1, C#1, D1, E1, F1, F#1, G1,G#1, A1, A#1, B1 and C2 on the Buttons for to record Midi…..(LEDs with different Colors) Have fun and please give feedback;) Bassman
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