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  1. I recently built a new PC - Giga-Byte Aorus Elite board, Intel I-9 10850K, 32GB RAM, Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 580 8Gb, RME Fireface UCX via USB. Seemed to be working but today using Cakewalk all keyboard input is delayed to audio by around 500ms (hit key, wait for sound), and when I click on a midi note on screen (PRV) the sound is delayed 500ms or more. RME Firmware update done, current USB Driver installed ( dated Jun 2019) Tried PreSonus Studio One 5 to see if problem existed there too. No delay between note trigger and audible response. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I recorded three (3) audio tracks and two (2) midi tracks and saved them with no issue. Next day I opened the project and found during playback all tracks have a muddy doubling effect both individually and when inserted in the overall mix. Is this a latency issue? How can I remedy? Thanks
  3. A few weeks ago I noticed an issue with latency when trying to use TH3 with my guitar. There was about 100-150 ms of latency when echoing the tracks. This issue also occurs with MIDI Instrument tracks. I've tried it with XLN Addictive Keys and the SI Suite. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Hi all, I collaborate long distance with a college buddy/bandmate. We've both been busy with life, so haven't worked on a project in a while (Which is possibly why I'm having this issue)...he sent me his files today. I open the project and everything seems to be there, and plays ok.... I set up a mic to do some vocals, and for some reason, when the input monitoring is delaying the sound (iow, if I sing a note, there's a split second and then I hear it...so...high latency).... I've had this issue in the past....and it was usually either buffer settings, or the drivers weren't set to ASIO.....in this case, everything APPEARS to be ok...but still having the issue. I closed the project and opened one of my own, and everything is fine.....so it's just that one project, that I didn't create. I use a Roland Octa-Capture....he has a quad capture....so similar interfaces. And we both use Cakewalk. I'm sure it's just a setting, and I'll feel ridiculous as soon as I figure it out....but, I'm not having any luck at the moment....can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!
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