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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I am experiencing audio issues. When playing, during playback, and in the EXPORTED file, every 20 to 60 seconds, there is and audio dip. The audio dips out and back in (lowers in volume). No issues on previous laptop. Thanks
  2. Howdy - I happened to see that Korg has gotten around to recently releasing a soft-synth recreation of their Triton keyboard, and I am trying to understand its included sounds. I see from the doc, that it comes with a bunch of expansion packs, but what is not clear to me (never having owned the actual original keyboard), if the collection of sounds that comes with the new soft-synth version have all of the sounds from their Triton Extreme keyboard. I am asking for a friend of mine, a fellow keyboard player, who happens to own and still use an original Triton Extreme keyboard, and he is potentially interest in buying this new software recreation, to use live, because the original keyboard weighs about a billion pounds, but he is concerned about whether or not the software version has all of the "Combi" sounds that came with the Triton Extreme keyboard. He is a bit leery of dropping $249 on the software version, if it doesn't have the Combi sounds from the Extreme included, because those are the sounds he would be interested in. I looked at a couple of his combi sounds (he sent me phone pics of the various parts of 2 of his combi sounds from his keyboard's display window, which show all of the effects and internal routing that give those sounds the rich depth that they have, and I had thought perhaps I could create equivalent sounds using Kontakt instruments and applying similar effects, etc.... to save him from spending the $249, but it seems like a bunch of work for me to do that, SO I thought I would ask here - if anyone knows if the current sounds included with the new Korg software recreation of its original Triton (with its included expansion packs), would then also have the various combi sounds from the Triton Extreme - and if so, that then might justify my recommending he spend the $249 and pick it up, for live use. Sorry for the long post - trickier to explain than perhaps necessary, I need some coffee and am pretty sleepy. THANKS to anyone who might know the answer to the above. Bob Bone
  3. Midi keyboard-controller (KORG microKEY-61) does not work I'm currently making decision for my new DAW; I have installed Cakewalk and would like to buy Sonar Professional. when I load a softwaresynthesizer, it can not be played by keyboard. Voreinstellungen - MIDI - Geräte: microKEY-61 1 KEYBOARD and microKEY-61 1 CTRL are shown both as active (see uploaded image) curious: KORG microKEY-61 works without problems using the following DAWs: - MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2010 - Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio (demo) - Reaper (demo) so it should not be a MIDI-config problem of Windows 7 any help is highly appreciated best regards Peter
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