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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, ive recently downloaded komplete kontrol. it worked totally fine for the first two days but now as soon as i open my project, cakewalk crashes. I can open other projects where i havent used komplete kontrol without any problems. Can someone help?
  2. Hi, I'm completely new here, I just started diving into music production & Cakewalk, and there's so much that I don't know yet (including a lot of/most terminology), so please keep that in mind, in case I don't provide enough information with my question. Anyways, I recently downloaded Komplete Kontrol (Native Instruments) and that is when I first noticed this issue: I drag Komplete Kontrol in a new track, create beat/melody/whatever and as soon as I start another track with Komplete Kontrol and chose another instrument there, that instrument automatically overwrites the instrument of my first track. How can I fix this issue/does anybody know why this happens? As I said I'm a complete noob and often I accidentally click things I have no idea about. Please let me know if you need more details to answer. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I just bought a midi keyboard Komplete Kontrol M32 by Native Instruments. Problem is that I can´t use Transport control, track control and edit control on this keyboard. So please, help me integrate this.
  4. Being that Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol hardware and software features an ability to allow for host DAW versions of only Ableton Live (version 9.2.3 or higher) Logic X (version 10.3.1 or higher) Garageband (version 10.2.0 or higher) Cubase Artist/Pro (version 8.5 or higher) Nuendo (version 7.1 or higher) Is it at all possible to get CWB as one of the recording DAWs as a new feature? That would be most excellent as I and many who use CWB do not at all want to switch DAWs just because it cannot be integrated into Komplete Kontrol at this time. Thank you.
  5. Howdy! So basically I have seen a couple of other forums about this issue but its worse now...I use cakewalk and komplete kontrol, and the issue here is specifically with the play series of komplete kontrol. The audio sounds fine as long as you load up the instrument from the play series and ONLY play on the midi keyboard without pressing play/stop (spacebar) but when you press play then stop it, it resets the cut off knob to zero and the sound becomes muffled and really low. it resets it every single time you press play and stop. The previous fix I found from another user was turning off the "zero controllers when play stops"...I went to check if I had it on but its not even there anymore . If anyone knows an alternative fix that would be awesome! Cheers and have a wonderful day!
  6. I recently updated my version of Komplete Kontrol using the NI updater. When I ran the new version it did it's usual scan of VSTi etc. I then noticed when I ran CbB some of the VSTs that I had installed a while back were re-scanned as new VSTs in CbB. I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this? I'm quite new to CbB so maybe this is just normal.
  7. Run Native Access to install. 2.1.1 — 2019-03-06 Maintenance release. ADDED Support for KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 Hardware FIXED Hardware Integration Agent losing contact to controllers when hosted in 3rd party DAWs FIXED An issue where a popup would report "invalid Plugin ID" when a Plugin was not found IMPROVED Stability improvements for using NKS sync via Sounds.com
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