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Found 3 results

  1. I'm confused (and a bit frustrated) as to why some 32 bit VST synths are accepted by CbB and others are excluded. First, has anyone reading this downloaded and used JBridge? Does it work with CbB and does it make additional plugins available? I found a post by one user, and from what he had to say about the product, it sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Any positive testimonies about its use? 1. Does anyone know why some VST plugins are accepted and others not? 2. Why, of all plugs that SHOULD work, are the ones that came with older versions of SONAR excluded. Is that specific? They are no longer available for purchase, so you can't buy 64 bit upgrades. It just seems silly. 3. Maybe this one is for those doing the programming. Could it not be setup so that ALL 32 bit synths are accepted (as all 32 bit effects are)? I know that some won't work, but if they don't then the user can exclude them instead of this choice being made by CbB in some -- seemingly -- mysterious and arbitrary manner. 4. Finally, is there a way to override what the program excludes? When I look at the list of available plugins, some -- like Philharmonik -- are not even listed as possibilities. Others are listed but can't be included when selected. Any help or enlightenment on this issue would be appreciated. Kind regards, Cam
  2. For some months now, I've found that every plugin is being loaded with jbridge. This wasn't always the case. jbridge used to do what was expected: wrap 32-bit plugs. I'm sorry I don't remember exactly when this started, but now every plug I install or update has jbridge active. I haven't touched jbridge since I first installed it, so I don't believe the problem is with jbridge; it seems more likely a CBB update bore this issue, at least for me. Anyone know anything about this?
  3. YIKES, a problem! I have someone waiting all day for me to complete work on project, so I have an urgent need for some assistance. My jBridged plugins no longer seem to be scanned, by Plugin Manager. They are not excluded, and not present, even though the path to them is unchanged. ( I have had jBridge for 10+ years, and even after reloading my "jBridged Plugins" folder, by having jBridge process a 'candidate' folder, I see none of them). Also, same paths in Sonar Platinum DO show my bridged plugins from the same "jBridged Plugins" folder, so jBridge seems to be working fine - in Platinum, just suddenly not in CbB. SOOOOOO, with no mention (seen by me): What changed? Why? What doI do? I have someone out of state expecting completed work from me, this morning, that I cannot deliver. Bob Bone
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