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  1. Hello guys, I connected the newly purchased interface to the computer. All apps see it and stream audio normally without any problem, but Cakewalk does not. Interestingly, it sees Focus as an input device and I can record without any problems, but not listen. Please help
  2. I've been struggling for months to figure out what's going on with my microphone. I bought it new, it's a Shure, and it works in any other program other than cakewalk, without a hitch. When using cakewalk, i choose my input and when I talk/sing into the mic, there are green bars showing that the mic is actually picking things up, the track is armed, but NOTHING gets recorded. I'm sure this is something stupid that I've yet missed but I've been through youtube tutorials, forums, and everything and I just want to record some quality audio. If anyone can help me, please do!
  3. Zooming in by "holding Z key + cursor drag" deselects selection. Is it a bug? It would be much more useful&logical to keep the selection. Practical case: in complicated arrangements I often need to select many clips in different tracks. I do a lasso selection, then I want to zoom in to finetune the selection (by CTRL+selecting/deselecting some of the clips). However for zooming in I can't use the Z key shortcut, because it deselects everything. I could zoom in by mousewheel or buttons by the scrollbar, but that does not allow me to quickly focus on specific tracks, as the Z key does...
  4. I'm on version 2022.11 - 21. When opening some projects, they crash sending messages of "FILE NOT FOUND". This process is only interrupted, opening the project, if I turn the interface OFF and ON. What could be the explanation for this problem and what could I do to solve it?
  5. Hi, so I been trying cakewalk for a while and all was good, but then I realized that all this time i've been doing things whithout watching the files like in a waveform, so, i also can't see when the midi notes start/end I saw that this problem would be fixed if I deleted the cache image project data. I did it but just do nothing. letting u an image of what do i see btw, there is also a weird thing about hw do clips amount together but i think it's just glueing clips and for last, track 2 & 3 are midi, the 1st one is a sampler reppited
  6. I am trying to adjust the input level (so it is in the green) for my guitar on TH3 and nothing is working. I have tried on my audio interface and that didn't work either. Any help is appreciated.
  7. comparto con ustedes un paquete de temas, no soy el creador original de estos archivos, este paquete tiene temas antiguos, es posible que uno o más no sean compatibles en la versión real, espero que disfrute esto, aquí está el paquete: http: //www.mediafire.com/f ile / 66dp53b9m53b2j2 / Cakewalk_Themes.zip / file example:
  8. Hi, i just got my UM2 the day before yesterday and i'm trying to do a livestreaming with OBS, but so far it seems impossible. I intalled the ASIO driver, but i got the behringer UM2 working with WASAPI with the following configuration (attached) I get monitor from my pc's speakers and also from the output of the UM2. I've seen may videos and read tutorial, all them say to use the ASIO driver but i only got this working with WASAPI, and i have no iudea how to connect this with OBS b ecause tutorial say i have to change my cakewalk imput and outpút but i just won't work. Please HELP
  9. Hi there, A friend of mine just bought this interface and I was curious if anyone out there is using this hardware? His OS is Windows 10 - I don't want to get too technical here. I want to hear some opinions about it (good or bad) He is experiencing what appears to be a driver conflict: With out warning while using CbB or youtube, The driver disconnects and has to be "jump started" by pulling the USB cable and reinserting. The dropout seems to be random and not triggered by any particular action. Doing some research, I found it might be conflict between Windows bit rate settings and his ASIO settings. Has any using this unit experienced this and if so, how did you "fix it" Any experienced suggestion is appreciated. I don't want to dive too deep. I don't know what his board specs are and don't think it matters in this case. Just fishing for ideas on the problem and possible solutions Thanks in advance . . . Syphus
  10. I have installed Bandlab/Cakewalk as well as the Mackie app for my Producer 2.2 interface. I cannot hear any audio output though the phones out on the 2.2 But Windows sounds are there in the phones so Windows likes the interface. I've followed the tutorials and opened a new project, insert instrument (drums) and can see the drum set and mouse hit the drums and it shows that it's triggering but no sound at all. I suspect it may be a bus assignment but I've tried everything I can think of (and I know MIDI) and no audio. Here's another thing. After installing Cakewalk I launched it without the interface attached and before I installed the Mackie application. On launching Cakewalk I got an error message that "the master bus is set to silent". So I tried to find the right setting and could not figure out the master bus problem. But now when I start Cakewalk without the interface connected (but with the app already installed) and now the error message is "the drivers installed are not compatible...." so I can't listen through the laptop headphone jack. I've looked everywhere and can't find a solution. Thanks in advance for your help. Mike in Nashville
  11. Hi all, I'm having an issue with sample rates when opening Cakewalk. My interface is a MOTU UltraLite Mk3. When I open Cakewalk, I can see the sample rates cycling from 44, 48, 88 and so on until it lands at 196 and does not work with Cakewalk. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Probably important to note that I recently did a lot of upgrades on my Alienware PC for gaming purposes and didn't have this issue before. I upgraded my hard drive from HDD to SSD, RAM, the video card and installed a liquid cooling system. I have occasionally been able to get it work after randomly messing with settings and reinstalling drivers. But the sound will only work for Cakewalk and no other audio on my computer. Any help would be much appreciated!!!
  12. Hey Cakewalk forum. I've just gotten started using Cakewalk, but there is one big problem. I'm using a RODE AI-1 Interface with a RODE NT-1 Microphone. It works with every other software that is not DAW's. like voicecalling apps just as Discord or Skype. But when i'm begind to startup Cakewalk and press P to select my RODE AI-1 Interface as the default audio source. It won't show up as an option. I've tried everything I can come to think about. I tried plugin RODE AI-1 Interface into another USB-port on my USB-Hub. I've tried to update the drivers for the RODE AI-1 Interface. I've tried to unselect RODE AI-1 Interface as both default playback, and recording device , and select it again. Nothing is working. I hope you can help me with my issue
  13. Hi, I use Cakewalk with Windows 10 and previously had a Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 interface. This, from memory, had driver settings of 24bit 44100Hz. This worked fine for recording and playback and I was also able to use Spotify and YouTube etc on my computer. The Focusrite however recently died and I bought a M-Audio Air 192/8. I loaded the drivers and the manual said to set the Windows sound settings to 2 channel 24 bit 48000Hz which I did. I had some problems getting Spotify and YouTube to work and messed around with the settings (I can't say exactly what they were set to, but all seemed to work fine. I thought I had them set to 48000Hz 24 bit but cannot be sure) I could play my old songs recorded using the Focusrite as well as play Spotify and YouTube etc on the computer. However when I downloaded a song to practice mixing with things started to go awry. I'm not sure exactly what happened but Spotify and YouTube stopped working. Also I could only play the new song I was working on whilst older songs received a "Playback error" message. What seems to happen after messing around with the settings is that if I set the sound settings in Windows to 24bit 48000Hz I can only play the new song, whilst old songs which seem to be at 44100Hz do not play. Also Spotify and YouTube do not play. If I change the settings in Windows to 24bit 44100Hz I can play all my old songs and Spotify and YouTube come back to life, leaving only the new song unplayable. I'm assuming this is all to do with conflicts between sample rates, so, assuming that is correct: Is there anyway to adjust my new song down from 48000Hz to 44100Hz so that I don't have to keep adjusting the sound settings? Does Spotify and YouTube not work at 48000Hz or is there another issue going on there? Ideally I'd like to have all my work at the 24 bit 48000Hz but I'm presuming this is not possible. Any info greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  14. Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me with this: I have cakewalk connected to an audio interface (alesis multimix), and also two synthesizers that work as an audio interface, so in practice I have 3 interfaces plus ASIO4ALL... Is there a way to start cakewalk with an audio interface/ASIO driver preselected? For example have a shortcut to start normally, and another shortcut to start with one of my synth's audio interface selected? Thanks!
  15. I downloaded Cakewalk earlier today, and I've run into two problems I don't know how to fix: When I open Cakewalk, the Start Screen's "New Project" tab is void of templates -- I can't really start a project. Is it an improper install or something? Everything looks fuzzy, like it's running at a lower resolution for some reason. Anyone know what's going on/have some suggestions/fixes? This is kind of frustrating.
  16. Hello! After installing the latest update (V4) for Tascam's US20x20, i'm noticing strange behaviours here: - On tascam's mixer panel, the analog strip meters are not functioning except for a specific set of channels. - All of my ADAT channels seems silent at the moment. No signal at all seems to go through. Anyone else experienced problems?
  17. This is the old 1X2 interface, the silver box with the name on the front exactly as I called it in the title to this thread. I had it working with Cakewalk on a Windows 7 machine. I now have a new Windows 10 PC, and just installed Cakewalk on it. The interface itself seems to work fine with Windows 10 (all the usual sounds come out of it, audio from videos, applications, etc.) However, the trouble starts when I open Cakewalk. I used the driver for that interface, and later ASIO4ALL, and cannot get it to cooperate with Cakewalk. I've changed every possible setting under "preferences" related to the interface and the drivers - no luck. What I get is the meter on the master Cakewalk channel is slammed to the red, all the time, and no audio is produced when I playback a project. The meters on the individual tracks show activity, but again, no sound. However, if I unplug the interface, I can get Cakewalk to operate as normal through the onboard PC sound card. So, what's up? Does anyone know if this particular interface has known Windows 10 issues? Thanks!
  18. Just purchased a MOTU M2 Audio Interface. It shows up in the list of devices, but it appears to be disabled. That said, I am unable to select it as an input device. Is the MOTU M2 supported by Cakewalk?
  19. I think the program might be quicker to learn if the naming conventions were more consistent. For instance, you have lenses for screen layouts and track control layouts, but a track manager and an event list manager for those module's layouts. Perhaps go with the lens thing with "Manage Tracks Lens" and "Manage the Events Lens" and lens anywhere else a layout is being defined. Then you have the views menu. Views by itself would be fine as a naming convention, but now it seems to run up against the "lenses" concept. I first looked for these "views" under the Windows menu. Perhaps put them there, or rename it from "views" to "modules" or "panes"(etc.) which is what most of them first appear as. Also, you have the Staff, Console, and Piano Roll, etc. which have "view" tacked onto the name, while the Event List, Markers, etc. which default to the same pane, don't. Adding the word "view" is redundant when you've already categorized them with the menu heading. If you want to save some space, you might rename the Help Module simply Help. I think everyone knows it's a module. Also Track Control Manager would be more accurate as Track Controls Manager. None of this is a huge deal as you figure out what everything is readily enough, but they are things I found momentarily confusing upon first glance. Maybe I'm missing something as I haven't used Cakewalk/Sonar in a very long time. Great job on the updates!
  20. The ProChannel takes over the entire inspector on an audio track, so why not do the same with a MIDI track with all those MIDI FX. It would certainly make them easier to read and use.
  21. Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me here. Just bought myself a Steinberg UR22 Mkii interface and I'm having an issue with Cakewalk only showing 1 channel available, which doesn't even let me record in stereo. Its meant to be a 2x2 USB channel interface. So far its only allowing me to record one channel in mono. Both inputs work BUT only in mono. It plays back in stereo so as far as I can tell its working fine. I'm assuming it has something to do with cakewalk not recognising the channel as stereo?? It gives me the options to choose left, right and stereo but again, only recording the left channel regardless. All new drivers installed and had a firmware update also. I'm running windows 7 (will upgrade to 10 this weekend most likely) Has anybody encountered this before? Thanks guys.
  22. Hello, I'm trying to connect cakewalk with Nektar impact lx88+, did all the necessary configurations(inatalled - Impact_GX_LX+_SE49_Cakewalk_Support_Win_1.1.3 and from cakewalk selected LX88+ from this path -----> Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Devices: input = impactlx88+ & MIDIIN2, output = Impactlx88+ ) and if i create a instrument track by selecting input as impactlx88+=omni and output as - Electric piano by enabling MIDI SOURCE, Synth property, synth audio(tried both stero/mono), and MIDI output. But still i cannot hear any sound please suggest me the best option to begin with my musical journey ...thanks :)
  23. Running Win 10 Pro (v1803 with latest updates) on HP PC/Desktop HP ENVY 750xt, CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 quad core Memory: 8GB, Graphics Card(s): Nvidia GeForce GTX 745, Sound Card: Integrated - Realtek High Definition Audio. I have used 3 apps for music recording and midi over the years: Cakewalk by Bandlab v25.01.0.27 latest update 2/2/19, Sonar X3 Studio (x64) v20.0 (and previous versions going back to Pro Audio 9), and Cool Edit 2000 no version - very old. I haven't done any audio recordings for about a year and now Cakewalk, Sonar and Cool Edit will/can't deal with the recording side on my audio interface (but audio playback is fine). For example, Cakewalk and Sonar put up an error box when trying to enable recording which says: "Unable to open audio record device. Device may not support the current project's audio format or may be in use." Cool Edit just throws up an "External Error" message. I have done audio recordings on this PC with Sonar and Cool Edit but likely not Cakewalk. The Realtek interface is the only recording device that the 3 apps show for audio recording. The Windows system information shows 3 audio devices (besides the midi interface): Realtek High Definition Audio - on-board - This has been my sound input device; NVIDIA High Definition Audio - don't know what this is; NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM) - don't know what this is. I've tried lots of settings changes without success. Don't know where to look next. I figure that some Win10 update over the last year or so created the issue with the driver. -- Larry
  24. Has anyone here started or are using the Steinberg UR 44 interface ? I have invested in this and replaced my ESI1010 And Roland Quad although I have recently moved back to the old set up ( Lash-up ) due to the fact it does not seem possible to get out rigged gear in and out of this without feedback! Blurb says that this interface has a 6 x4 connectivity but having moved Heaven and Earth and for the life of me I can't get a send without it feeding back!😩 I have been messing around with studio gear since Cakewalk was just that and the 688 midi studio was cutting edge ... but I have to say this problem has me scratching (no it's not hives ...although I am old) All & any input would help BUT if you are not using / have experience of this piece of hardware don't respond with the 'have you tried' stuff ... I have sent an Email to SB but as yet their keeping their head low ... my thinking is they know their holding ten ton weight that's only going down! In the meantime if you were thinking of investing in one of these .....Hmmmmm
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