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Found 13 results

  1. I have not used the majority of them (perhaps in another life), but I do hope they bring you much joy and utility for your musical endeavors. Instrument Definitions Collection
  2. Anybody have any luck creating an instrument definition for the new Roland JD-08?
  3. i am having a hard time figuring out how to select different banks in my Axe FX III from Cakewalk. I can get it to switch PC 0-127 but i cant figure out how to go in higher banks. I have the instrument definition set to "normal" in Bank Select Methods (although i tried the other ones with no success) and i set this both in the event viewer in the actual commands and in the instrument definitions but it doesnt work. the settings in the pics still give me preset 060 any help?
  4. Hi Does anyone have an instrument definition file for a Korg pa4x? I found a text file written by a Swedish distributor with all the data, but am fairly new to this and don’t know the process for making the .ini General on either topic would be very welcome
  5. Hi, good afternoon, all great with you, I come to ask for a new feature on cakewalk by bandlab, I would like that in addition to the .ins file, I would also like you to open the .reabank format, I already have the list of sounds, but in reabank, I'm waiting the return of the message Yours sincerely Pedro
  6. Hi, good afternoon, I would like to know who would have the ins file for me from the psr s670, is not pulling the msb lsb from the expansion user, that is, the user definition part, I would like to synchronize via msb lsb, or someone who makes a list of sounds, I'm not able to create the list, I'm waiting for the message to be answered.Pedro
  7. Hi, good afternoon, all great with you, I would like to know how I can create a list of sounds from my psr s670 from the user expansion and from the keyboard itself, thanks to those who help me, best regards Pedro
  8. Oi,boa tarde,tudo bem galerinha do forum,gostaria de saber no arquivo de instrument definition ins,do psr s670,como faço pra abrir a parte de expansion user,pois tá abrindo só os sons do próprio teclado,agradeço a quem me ajudar,aguardo retorno
  9. I'm putting my gear together again now that Bandlab has picked up Cakewalk. It's all sort of coming back to me. In a previous life I had .ins files for my h/w synths but when I archived my stuff all those years ago I failed to capture the .ins files. So. Looking around I didn't find any for my gear so I decided to cobble together something. I transcribed from some PDF manuals and stole from some other .ins file (apologies to creators). These are not 100% but I think the patch names are good. As a bonus I'm attaching a file for the Juno (accidently pulled the wrong patch names at first -- don't have a Juno so can't confirm but it might be a nice start for someone). Welcome any feedback or modifications. Two areas I feel these may be incomplete 1- Controllers in all 2- SC-55 Variant banks... seems to work but hard to discern from the manual what's right. RolandAlphaJuno.ins RolandAlphaJuno-2.ins RolandSoundCanvasSC55.ins RolandSoundCanvasSC55-Drumsets.ins
  10. Hi. I have created an Instrument Definition file for the Yamaha Reface DX. This INS file shows factory patch names and CC controllers. Bye 😉 Yamaha Reface DX.zip
  11. A forced computer upgrade caused me to have to start building my DAW up from scratch again. Unfortunately, I cannot find a copy of Roland VR-760 definitions file (ins file). Anyone out there have a copy? Thanks in advance, Tom
  12. I have the instrument definitions for the Roland JV1080 expansion boards that used to work on my pre-Band Lab Cakewalk Sonar program. But, when I load them into the most recent version, even though the instruments show up in my Track View 's Outputs, Banks & Instruments windows, Cakewalk isn't selecting the correct MSB & LSB values so, I'm only hearing the voices inside the JV1080 and not accessing the board voices. Am I missing something here? These boards are included in the Rolans.ins that comes with Cakewalk, so I can't figure out what's changed. Of course, all assistance and direction will be greatly appreciated! Michael Andreas
  13. Midi assignment problem. I have two different .cwp songs using Band Lab’s Cakewalk (BLC-latest update as of 12/3/2019), but I am achieving different results with each song when trying to use an external midi sampler (EMU-Virtuoso 2000.) Both songs are on the same computer using the same BLC software. The Midi Preference settings for both songs are shown in the attached photos, where the 2495 Audiophile card (Delta AP Midi) is included and routed to Emu's Virtuoso sampler, which is assigned to Channel 1. See midiTrack27.png, midiTrack28.png and midiTrack5.png. The settings are identical for both songs. I can’t remember how I configured the first .cwp song, the one that works perfectly and created with an earlier version of Sonar -- what small, obscure button I pushed, what small menu I unchecked/checked. In the first song, the one created in an earlier version of Sonar, the midi output from BLC to my 2496 Audiophile card (Delta AP MIDI) in Win 10 (using the 24-bit version of the Win 7 driver), assigns Channel 1 to the legacy sampler (EMU’s Virtuoso 2000). The Virtuoso hardware is assigned to Channel 1 via the Preferences menu shown in MidiTrack5.png. The Virtuoso hardware comes with an instrument definition file, which BLC uses to categorize the hundreds of different samples in the Virtuoso hardware via a series of dropdown menus in the Track View, i.e. patches and banks, as shown in midiTrack21.png thru midiTrack22, 23 and 24.png Everything in this first song works just as anticipated, and operates just as it did in an earlier version of Sonar on Win 7. This first song continues to perform flawlessly in BLC. But that second song, the one I just recently created in BLC... The second song (.cwp file), with all the same parameters and menu settings as above, does not show the same series of drop-down menus in the Track View. See the comparison of the drop-down tracks for the first song in midiTrack8a.png and the second song in midiTrack2a.png. What magic button did I fail to push to make the Midi Track output menus of this second song stop proliferating as in the first song, so that Channel 1 becomes assigned to the Virtuoso hardware? The Input drop-down menus of both songs are identical: None (checked). The first midi Output menus for both songs are identical and read: Delta AP Midi (checked). But that’s where the similarity ends. In the second song, there is no further proliferation of the Output menus which would allow me to designate Channel 1 as going to the Virtuoso sampler. In the second song, the one not working correctly, I can see that the BLC midi output reaches the Virtuoso hardware. There’s a midi input light on the hardware that blinks with each midi note that arrives, and it’s blinking correctly. And for some reason it is locked onto a piano sample by default, and I’m unable to change that assignment. In the second song, under the Insert menu, a selection of the Bank/Patch Change menu shows Output 1 and Channel 1, Bank Select Method set to "Normal," nothing in the Bank slot, and an Acoustic Grand Piano selected in the Patch slot. I can change the Bank slot to one of the Virtuoso Banks, click Okay, but it won’t hold this new setting. If you come back to the same menu, it has reset itself. The Virtuoso hardware uses the “Normal” bank selection method, and this selection appears in all the subsequent menus and settings in BLC. The Add Instrument menu under the Insert Menu only shows the Cakewalk TTS-1 software and does not allow me to alter that selection. There are a series of detailed instructions on midi assignments at BLC’s Cakewalk Documentation website starting at www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x200B8, which I’ve read and re-read. No luck. Other than cloning the first song, eliminating everything but the midi track each time I want to assign midi to this Virtuoso sampler, what are my options? What am I missing? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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