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  1. Has anyone else had this problem?? I was having some problems with crashes after installing Windows Update 1903, but it seemed to be resolved after reinstalling my audio interface drivers (Apollo Thunderbolt). Today I was finishing up a painful mix and was having issues with computer resources. I had recently decided to try Studio One and, after closing out Cakewalk I installed SO. When I went back to Cakewalk almost every audio track in my current project was not sounding. After some investigation I noticed that, although nothing was solo'd or muted in the mix or edit windows, the track manager showed everything that wasn't archived as muted and there was no way to remove the mutes. I tried hiding and unhiding, and everything thing else I could think of to trick the tracks back into active states. And it wasn't just this one project. Several others had the same situation. I finally found one about a week old that was viable and I'll have to try and remember all the steps I took since then. I think I'm pretty much over Cakewalk and ready to try out Studio One or Logic. Not gonna pay a bunch more to Avid for their weird, costly and clunky "industry standard".
  2. Hi - a friend of mine is still running Windows 8.1, and wants to install and use Cakewalk by Bandlab. There is an issue with his doing this, as it seems to require the .NET Framework 3.5 in order to run. Using the Windows Enable Features fails, and I have thus far only managed to further gray my hair up, trying to get the NetFX3 Windows 8.1 Feature installed and enabled. He has a Windows 8.1 Pro Windows Installation Media ISO image, and going through the standard Mount and pulling the Features, the FeaturesList shows NetFx3 as: "Disable and Payload Removed", RATHER than the hoped for: "Disabled" status. What the above means, is that for some reason, NetFx3 is NOT present on the Windows 8.1 installation media, and thus, cannot be enabled. Can someone who is quite Windows internals knowledgable, provide a specific list of steps I can have my friend follow - to properly get NetFx3 installed and enabled on his Windows 8.1 image/system? I found a dotnetfx35.ext file, and tried to run that, and it too failed, as well did any of my attempts using DISM utility commands. It seems Microsoft had a couple of updates come along that nuked NetFx3, and then some time later, provided a fix, but I see that this fix is not supposed to be used anymore, but I do not know what to run INSTEAD of that. Thanks for even just reading the above, and thanks in advance to anyone who can give me a solution..... Bob Bone
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