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  1. hello, i'm trying to import a perfectly fine mp4 file to my project. it sounds perfect when i play it on my pc, but once i import it, it's completely corrupted. same happens if i convert to wav. and tips? i currently have no audio interface connected, i'm just playing around getting to know the program. the file was from my pixel phone.
  2. Got a situation I'm sure others have gone through, hoping you can please share any insights, advice, experiences, and opinions….please skip to questions in bold if you don't need the background. Was a loyal Cakewalk power user from DOS days through Sonar 8. Switched to Mac/Logic about 12 years ago and hadn’t used it since. In Sonar, I have two albums (about 19 songs) I planned to export for remix and adding new live overdubs. The song (CWP) files are on a fairly organized external Firewire drive, that were done on an old Xp Machine w/Sonar 8 producer. Plugins & program are on the internal XP system drive. The songs contain mainly mono audio tracks (Sax, Violin etc. no live drums ) stereo loops, Midi files controlling external hardware synths (which I still have), and virtual synths (Stylus, Kontakt etc.) There are probably 15-40 tracks per song I booted up Xp machine and it’s of course painfully slow. Surprisingly, some of my Sonar muscle memory and all my macro shortcuts came back to me. Was like visiting an old friend and seeing many of the features I used to love. Problem is, that machine would take ages to get anything done, and can’t support any current plugins. BTW Was a trip in time seeing Netscape on there too! LOL Bought a refurb I5 Windows 10 machine w 8mb. Was going to copy my old Firewire song & audio drive files onto SSD to import. The intention was to prepare the tracks to make audio and midi stems for export to Logic; since I’m really rusty on Cakewalk. But because there’s a lot going on in the songs, thinking now I might just stay in the native Windows environment and Cakewalk. I figured I’d be more comfortable using my old version of SONAR, but on a faster machine. Looks like Bandlab’s Cakewalk would be far more stable and allow me to use my current plug-ins and virtual instruments. Also, can’t find my original Sonar8 disk, nor my serial, so looks like my hand is forced anyway. I briefly tried Bandlab which looks very stable and polished. Questions: 1. With the exception of missing plugins, can (older) Sonar songs load accurately - Any tips for importing? 2. Are Bundle files the best way to get them into Bandlab/Cakewalk, or can I skip that long preparation step and just load the regular song (with it's nested files) off the corresponding SSD song folders and then re-save in Bandlab format? 3. Can Bandlab/Cake be set up in “classic” mode- I never used Platinum, and the loop/xray stuff is not needed. 4. That said, if I went with my original plan- Anyone have advice/tips or suggestions for preparing midi and audio stems for export for Logic/Abeton/PT etc.? Pleasantly surprised how good Win10 is, though I’ll really have to re-learn Windows and Cakewalk after 12 year absence. One great thing is all my current FX and Synth plug-ins can be installed on Win 10, so at least I’d still have that part of my workflow and tools in tact. Not sure how long it’ll take for me to get up to speed, but (someone please tell me if I’m wrong….) I think it will be faster for me to complete the projects in Cakewalk, rather than going through all the steps of exporting stems, and then having to import & massage them into Logic?. Many thanks in advance for reading and any advice and shared experiences. I’m sure much will be answered through trial & error, but hoping you can save me some of that. Cheers, Chris C
  3. So, I've been using cakewalk for awhile, but for some times now I can't import my audio file at all, it always say "RIFF FILE CREATED FAILED" when I try do it. Well, I manage to import some audio file into the playlist with some change in preferences. But it showing the status of "Busy" and didn't showing any waveform visual except if I'm zooming it in certain size, it is make a sound though, but of course I can't do something like exporting it. I've also been trying to search how to fix it, and see someone say in other forum this problem can be fix by deleting content on cache folder, but when I see my cache folder it is empty. There is nothing to delete at all. So, are anyone know how to fix this? This really force me to search other DAW, since I need importing audio in my workflow, but honestly speaking, I still want to use this as my main DAW.
  4. Hello all, I'm a newbie at cakewalk, and i'm experiencing the issue that when I use the "split tool" on an audio file, (like a sample from my computer I recorded through audacity) it creates a loud clip sound whenever that part of the sample ends. like, if I split an audio sample in two, and don't even more or change anything else, there will be this noise in the split version, but not when I play the version I didn't split. I'm prevented from moving snippets of the sample around, because every time a snippet ends, my mix is met with a short click noise, and it doesn't go away with any EQs or Compressors. Help? is this a certain Cakewalk problem? Am I using the wrong kind of file for the audio sample?
  5. AlexanderMF

    bad wav playback

    I am new to all of this, as my precursor to anything going on. Thus far I have been able to get my Scarlett 2i2 loaded up, recognized, and able to communicate with the Cakewalk DAW. There are some latency issues I am attempting to troubleshoot with this. To be able to record my vocals with no drag, while doing so. Any input there would be helpful. Thus far I have learned something about adjusting the PLAYBACK AND RECORD BUFFER SIZE. Not sure what else to do. And or how or why that adjustment may change the latency. Second to that, I have attempted to upload music instrumentals ones I have made and ones I have found elsewhere. When I press play they sound horrible, distorted, unclear, almost as if not all the frequencies are registering on playback. They have all been WAV files too. Not sure what to do here... I am only using headphones too. Don't yet have speakers.
  6. Hello guys. Attempted for the very first time yesterday to use my Bandlab account and Bandlab's web app to collaborate with a friend on a little project. I'll right down my reactions and questions in the hopes to here about how people is using this workflow to collaborate with people using other DAWS. I would like to know also if we have any info about Bandlab's development roadmap regarding this use case. (Heck, I am even wondering if it would be a good idea that a section of this forum should be dedicated to this topic...) CONTEXT 2 people using BANDLAB web project to collaborate I'm using CWBBL Collaborator is using ABLETON For me, the essential data that should be ported between CWBBL and Bandlab's web app could be something like: Connect the comments tab (Web App) and the PROJECT INFO TAB in CWBBL(Not connected at the moment, it seems) GENERAL TEMPO DATA (not a complete tempo map) That works fine... problem is, Ableton can have decimals in its tempo... like 80.15 BPMs... not possible in the Web App I think... so sync issues might be incoming down the road... will have to sync "manually" to the reference wav file) Is the KEY data connected? Forgot to test that yesterday (Global project key) Track comments would be great (Have not yet found them if they are implemented) Markers / comments on the project's timeline are important IMO (I could not even find a way to add a marker in the web App...) I understand that they are developing a live session feature... I, for one, would like to see that happening BUT only when the "basics" I'm talking about above are implemented. Am I getting something wrong? Missing something about the global concept? Overlooking features altogether? I'm a bit puzzled actually. Would you like to share thoughts / experiences ? Regards.
  7. Hi all just installed it and created an empty recording Project. When I try to Import Audio files (wav) Cakewalk crahses/freezes. Tried it several times and multiple ways (by Import, drag & drop), also rebootet PC between attempts. Cakewalk remains open but freezes (grayed out window), waiting some minutes does'nt help. As you can see, the track to Import is already shown in the working area. Update: Is there an issue with specific wav Formats? When I imported the files into Audacity and re-exported them it works! Best regards Dirk Windows 10, Cakewalk Version 2020.04 (Build 179, 64bit)
  8. Is anyone else getting the following when importing a Bandlab project into Cakewalk?: This was working a short while ago. I get it after selecting File/Import/Bandlab Project. It pops up for each track in the project. No sound is transfered.
  9. Hi, when I import a stock bass sample (2 bars) to Cakewalk, it raises it 3 semitones. Couldn't find how to deactivate this function. Can anyone help me? How can I keep the original tone when importing?
  10. I was working on a project over the weekend, and try as I might, I was unable to import .wav files into my project. I tried 1) drag the file to an audio track - no good; 2) Open media browser to direct and drag from there - no good; 3) File > Import > Audio - no good. Any thoughts?
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