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Found 7 results

  1. I have downloaded and installed HalionSonic SE can open it in CW, however no instruments show....which I have downloaded as well.... I downloaded updates, i reinstalled the whole package, licensing was checked and rechecked and still no joy. I'm about to give up....any any advise please?
  2. The guys from Sonic Atoms are at it again, this time with an amazing vocal texture library for HALion, HALionSonic, and the free HALionSonicSE player. Nebulace Vocal Textures Our first take on a human voice with creative and experimental twist. A beautiful female vocal textures, packed and prepared to be performed accompanied by organic pad sounds, which extend natural range of human voice. Zaria’s intimate voices will take you on an adventure to another galaxy. The most significant value of Zaria is it can add interest and motion to cinematic, ambient music or it can just sit on backseat and create harmonic ambience. $59 intro price. Look for a livestream soon 🤓 https://sonicatoms.com/zaria/
  3. The 4Knob PopD Piano was created in collaboration with Sampletekk, and brings a beautiful as well as powerful German Steinway D into the HALion family of virtual instruments. More info here:https://new.steinberg.net/4knob-popd
  4. Just posted this walkthrough of Steinberg's Electric Bass Expansion for HALion, HALionSonic and HALionSonic SE. It is a very well done electric bass sample library with lots of effects and play ability features. What stood out to me is the way that whatever you play on the keyboard is intelligently mapped to the frets and strings as it would be on a physical bass guitar. There are also different "player" models that approach fingering and string posistion based on the genre of music you might be working on at the time. Lots of fun as usual to be able to share these with all of you.
  5. It's amazing when I was doing this video I did not realize it would publish on today October 21 which is sort of a Back To The Future anniversary as that was the date Doc Brown set in the De Lorean. Vibrant is an expansion library for HALion and HALion Sonic 3 that features what I think are some of the best sounding Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet sounds I have heard. It really was like going back as I played and heard these wonderful sounds. Check out my play-through video here where we have some fun going back in time.
  6. Steinberg just released Vibrant which is an amazing collection of vintage electric pianos along with an absolutely killer Clavinet! 4 beautifully sampled electric pianos 40 sound presets for different genres 12 GB compressed samples Works with nearly every DAW (AU, VST, AAX) HALionSonic se included i have spent just a short time playing through some of the presets and my first thought was “this is vintage gold”. The instruments have a warmth, depth and just the right amount of dirt to take me back to my high school days playing that suitcase Rhodes in Jazz Band, which was amazing. Intro pricing is $99 (regular price $129). Check out Vibrant here!
  7. From Feb. 14 - 18 save 40% off on HALionSonic 3 (including updates from earlier versions) and a select group of other titles. It is a great time to upgrade to HALionSonc 3 if you re using an earlier version. link to the sale: https://www.steinberg.net/en/promotion/valentines_sale Here is a runthrough demo of HALionSonic 3 I did a little while back. https://youtu.be/NrixEtUO64c
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