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Found 2 results

  1. The loading of saved projects is serendipitous. Upon re-opening a project in Sonar the aria player MAY not load the save presets w/ the project - nor will it load them as a saved fxp file. The entire GPO 5 UI will be greyed out. The channel selection areas are all blank (ie previous selections do not appear). The original sounds will play, but there is no way make any changes in the mix, fx UI. Once this happens there is no solution but to reload manually ALL the initial presets (if I remember them). BUT it will play the instruments originally saved. HOWEVER, I can not tell what they are nor can I discover whether they are KS or not since the keyboard is greyed out and the mod wheel does not work. see example in file Aria player v1.872 Aria Engine v1.933 (WIN x64) I have contacted Garritan thru makemusic. They've been stymied. I tried to contact Plogue, but no response from them. I did have the computer crash about a month ago and it hasn't acted quite right since. I've reloaded CbB, and GPO 5. Has anyone experienced something like this after an update? I'm thinking specifically WIN 10, but maybe it is is a CbB problem. Willard
  2. I am still confused about the GPO 5 use of mod wheel. I tried both ways - setting vol at 64 and going the mod wheel route. The other way is setting vol differences between section or areas of loud - soft etc. I feel that the 2nd option appears better, but I'm not sure I'm objective enough. I also believe that I'm missing out on potential variants of the velocity parameters. I've read so many articles and forum ideas. Perhaps I'm just dense. This ? is in conjunction w/ a request to see a midi orchestral sc (or portion thereof) to study what you guys do. Any help appreciated.
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