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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I have a project with 8 tracks and about 16 different clips spread between them. During the recording around 30 takes were done in total, resulting in many audio files in the "audio" folder, with the name of project and track number. Obviously I have not decided to use all of those, therefore deleting them from the project (but remaining in folder). In the project I have renamed all of the clips to more suitable names for myself, however, these names are not changed in the audio folder. So, I now have many audio files with very similar names, that I can't easily distinguish between. I need to know what audio files I actually am using in my project. Is there a way I can change audio files names through the project? thanks
  2. This is the scenario... I create a new project and drag the audio files (multi-tracks) into the project for mixing. When I save the project for the first time, this is where I get the 'save' dialog with the option to uncheck the "Copy all audio with project" box. Now the second time I save the project (i.e. save the changes I've made to the project since that first save), Cakewalk goes ahead and creates a copy of those audio files in the project folder anyway. This is annoying. The I don't like this.
  3. Hi and first I want to say thanks to anyone who tries to help. It's very much appreciated. I am brand new to Cake Walk. During the installation process I chose D drive for everything I could. I wanted everything installed on my D drive. Some of Cakewalk is on my C drive anyway. My C drive is my SSD drive but is only 220GB storage, whereas my D drive is not SSD but is 1Tb. I need everything possible on my D drive. Could someone please explain to me how to set up Cakewalk so all my recordings go in D drive? In preferences I did see a long list of folders I can move to my D drive but am not sure which ones are safe to do so. I don't want to move something I shouldn't and cause Cakewalk to have problems due to my ignorance. I am simply trying to ensure when I start a project, it's all on my D drive. I am very much a newbie at this and until this is resolved, I can't start any projects to learn the software. I am using Windows 10. If Cakewalk works as I hope, I intend on upgrading to the paid version. I did look in FAQ and I looked around in case someone else had asked the same question. I apologize if it has been answered and I missed it. Thanks again in advance for any help.
  4. Hi folks, I have already filed this with support, but I'm yet to hear back, so I thought I'd check if anyone here has encountered this issue. I have been working off a new template, and have noticed 5 mixes into a new album, that no audio is saving to the respective audio folder, after saving a standard CWP. I have replicated the issue on both my laptop and desktop PC. I have also tried saving the original template as CWP, saving to a new location, and saving as a CWP before importing audio. The problem still persists. Furthermore, any time I open the template, the 'Find missing audio' box appears, even though there is no missing audio to be found. I can't get rid of this box. I'm thinking this might be something to do with the issue? The clean audio folder option is greyed out in utilities. Any help would be great, as I don't fancy starting these 5 mixes from scratch unless I can help it. Cheers
  5. ^What the title says... Seems like a pretty simple feature that got overlooked when track folders were initially implemented. Being able to place track folders inside of other track folders would help immensely with keeping projects clean.
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