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  1. Hi, In Cakewalk we can select clips by Time Ruler. This selection allows us to select all tracks in a specific area. Also we can select tracks that have clips by Right Click selection. It works well when we want to select tracks in the view. But there is no way to select all tracks that have clips in a specific area. It would be great if we can select them by right click selection in Time Ruler. By this way we can easily select tracks have clips in a range and show them.
  2. The possibility of inserting a whole .cwp file as ONE "Active Clip" into another project. This would be useful to build mastering projects, in which every Active Clip could be an existing song project. Some details: Active Clips would be temporal files (supose .cap extension, for instance). They could be generated by drag and drop .cwp files into any other project. (for understanding reasons, I wil call it the "mastering project") Once the .cwp file dropped in the mastering project, Cakewalk would ask the user if he/she wants all tracks separated (what already exists) or one Active Clip. Active Clips would be something like "freezings" of the source project's entire mix. (or maybe give some possility of choosing busses) Active Clips should be able to insert clip effects, automation and every tool available for common audio clips. Even region fx. They should be able to crop and fade freely. They could have some kind of waveform preview, affected by the effects and processors applied in real time. They would show the source projects markers (not movable) in the clip header, as a reference. Every time the mastering project is opened, it should scan all .cap files involved. If some of them (or all) have been modified, the mastering project shoud detect it and do a new .cap file of that source cwp project. This allows going back to adjust the mix of a song in the source project, then comming back to the mastering project to keep working with the updated Active Clip/s. (that's the reason of the term "Active") Once we finish the mastering session, we could export every Active Clip to an audio file with one click, using Arranger Track sections to make some kind of "batch export", suposing the user makes one section for every Active Clip. I invite the users to give their opinion, and ofcourse the bakers (to send me to hell)🤘 Anyways, thanks for all you are doing with Cakewalk.
  3. Good evening I don't know if this is the right place for these requests but I try anyway. I wanted to propose some changes that could improve Cakewalk: 1) A move to the new WinUI library to have a modern interface, better performance and ready for new devices. Or a switch to the QT library to also have potential cross-platform support. 2) An interface with 60 fixed frames as in the other DAWs for a better user experience. 3) Use the GPU for processing the user interface and also the possibility of using it in rendering as in video editing programs. 4) Better MIDI and MIDI CC editing. 5) The possibility of being able to set all the settings to the factory settings. I apologize for my bad english but I used google translator. I hope some proposals are accepted. Good evening.
  4. Hello. Well with clips there's a trouble actually, because you can't see borders of clip - you cannot define proper start-end time / beats in clip for groove clip. Simple example - you can add any sample loop to audio and then press twice on it - nothing happens. Because it's not supposed to be. But in fact if you RMB you can find View-> Loop Construction and it will be opened in a kind of console/piano-roll window, but pretty ugly, because you cant do anything with it. (Well, sorry but i got ableton LE and there is a much better sample editor.) And the same way groove-clips should be edited - it's almost like the piano-roll view, but there is a need in borders and some easy to do buttons - quantitize, snap, move all, split, randomize, change tonality - change main chord-accordance - transpose, change speed (shrink), complicate - add notes (with arp), but the must-have is change amount of bars (beats in clip) and this amount must define overall of the "clip view", so the rest of notes in clip wasnt removed after that, but if user needs they can fit the clip or being surprizingly quantitized with snap to left or right border - whatever user needs. Talking in terms of piano roll at least i need to see borders of clip and set it up and sometimes it's not the same as "beats in clip". beats in clip is needed for regroove, but the clip in fact can be with manual errors, so this value - is just a snap function and actually the snap can be for middle, right\left or for all wide - you know fitting the size - check your text-editor there is similar function. For 1 melody you can have many revisions - need to save original and add forks to handle those when propagating clip in track and let user define their change sequence. Now for such clips i need some fast access, like with synth-rack or media browser, but only for clips in my project, it's better to see the content of clip as in pino-roll (since it was rendered already). For example if i export clips in another project - it's better for me also to see those clips and then select where to put them in tracks, not just copy-paste with the rest of other source tracks. This can be used in left window where 2 bars of track mixer can be seen, when pressing "Clip" in the bottom those clips can be arranged. Clip player should work for current selected instrument and i would render all midi clips with notes also in media browser, because when you see image you can recognize faster than by listening each clip, especially if you need some simple melody instead of long (for drum sessions for example instead of arp-midi), but don't forget about arpeggiator for instrument some clips can be used for it and this can have some behaviour. If you ask user to use it for arp-session - we will have more advantages to work with. Usually i need an accordance of midi-clips -> it would be nice to see some other clip to check that notes are in right place, maybe as hidden notes or as another clip-edit-window, so i can hear both and change too. Why Composer not editor here? because we compose music, compose is the same word. Note pattern is a melody - isn't it? i can't edit notes - i can compose a melody with notes and composition with melodies.
  5. My first forum um, as title ,when warming ,say, guitar , into a shout drum loop ,sounds OK , so cliq record (in comp mode), and end up with usefull CLIPS ,then invariably want to re-splice all the CLIPS ,back to a single track keeping the CLIPS as well.,,,,then sort out arrangments as usually created by that 1st track To note ,this I dont think is lazzy,, the point for me is trying simply loop tracks,,I think of them as tech metronomes ,and if I get INTO it,,man u-no,,then just cliq rec. (with my modified mouse footswitch) or try other loops or drum patterns,, there is an option to drag (great function) the rythem loop out to my default 70-72 bars, tho if I do ,that loop invariably gets changed,, and changed ,so , feature request ,possible right cliq CLIP-LANES button to RE-SPLICE CLIPS , saves a lot of drag-in. Jon. I carry-on this request with a small example,that shows how many copy,paste, so as to then FLATTEN . I,m not sure ,I think your programming in for capturing the best takes, I haven,t got that far yet ,it is my 6 year attempt to CREATE a song arrangment from ONE LIVE TAKE (with errours) then construct to that,.I spend hours playing git to loops and have never had recording edit that can keep the git-track and then create drums, bass and so-on to that track .Sonar (bandlab) is right there for me except for the Re-splice of 20--140 CLIPS I considered this to be quite normalish way of writing and constructing ,the inspired initial track in clock sync so then anythings possible.. I must just say it,s great listening to the single CLIPS,, EVERY-ONES-A-LOOPY!!! Jon If this seems to get some response ,I want to try something like ,Does Bandlab have a overview objective as a recording software, mine is still to record Rok-en Roll, mostly from live instruments and edit either for live band rehearsals or finished songs, Jon
  6. it would be nice to record automation for existing midi-track with few lanes, but without erasing notes. there is a button to record automation, but there's no button to disable notes recording and in record mode i d'like to merge notes with automation, but it needs to record input through another midi-track and then no way to split things. Also when i record knob automation it doesn't recognizes the vst\synth knob it just records CC-event and puts it in CC-events-change list, but there are automation lanes for that, so it should record into those lanes and this way it will be possible to record just lanes, not whole midi-track. So it needs to properly read vst-knobs and put them in automation list, then associate those CC-events made by device with vst-events and make it work.
  7. Hiya, I've been using Cakewalk since version 3 (IIRC). Among my friends I'm somewhat of a Cakewalk Jehova. Always trying to pull people away from other DAWs by providing lots of 24/7 support on their attempts to switch to Cakewalk. But all those years i wish i would have taken the time sooner to request some of the features described below. In piano roll edit screen: * ability to invert selection of notes/events * Time stretch (selected) midi data (Ctrl+Shift mouse drag, just like clips) * key combo to move a selection of notes one semitone up or down * key combo to move a selection of notes an octave up or down In the main screen: the ability to in/de-crease the volume of an audio clip by dragging the mouse In the control bar: In 'loop' and 'selection' module, after entering the start time the [tab] key should make the cursor jump to end time input field Pro channel effects: * Customizable presets (storing EQ settings etc) Preferences: Option to by default start projects with 'zero controllers when play stops' disabled. A lot of particular KONTAKT instruments use the mod wheel to set the volume of the sound. Currently each time the song stops the mod wheel jumps to value 0, effectively muting the instrument. If just one of these 'features' would make it into Cakewalk, I'll be the happiest man alive. I look forward to your comments and feedback on these suggestions. Thank you in advance! Joost Kuin
  8. hi, maybe i did ask about it before, but i'd like to know the CPU cost of instruments. We got overall on top, but to freeze proper fx or synth it would be useful to have such meter for each track in console view on top of gain knob maybe
  9. I would like to choice REX or ACIDIZE when I convert audio clip to groove clip. Because, They have different sound feel.
  10. When I overlap two clips with crossfade on, the overlapped region gets fade in/fade out set automatically. When I adjust the positions, the crossfade adjusts itself too. But if I change my mind and pull the clips apart, the ends retain the last fade in/fade out and I always have to remove them manually which is time consuming. Could we have a setting whereby the fades are removed automatically upon separation (and with Xfade on)?
  11. Seems obvious. Always surprises me it is not possible. Double clicking EQ thumbnail does nothing in Console View and in Inspector now, unless you go deeper into Pro Channel view. I think back when Pro Channel used Sonitus EQ instead of QuadCurveEQ it was possible.
  12. I often need to make a note (or remember) the settings of outboard equipment used to record a track, most of all guitar amp knobs positions, mic positions, mic and pedal used etc. Life would be so much easier if I could, for example, make a photo of an amp front panel and miked cabinet to capture the settings. And then put it into Track description panel. Same applies for clips .
  13. Having an option for a visual metronome rather than just an audio one would make on the go contributions/quick recordings via phone more effective. (In situations where headphones are unavailable or not a good option.
  14. Piano Roll - Auto Focus & Auto Lock = Link this options. Hey, guys. 🙂 It will be convenient when editing multiple tracks. Then the instrument (track) can be selected through the selection of notes and at the same time other notes (instruments) will be automatically "locked" (it will be impossible to edit them).
  15. There is a general clutterness with the time bar. See the screenshot below. General issues are: The marker gets cluttered up by both the aim assist line, as well as the now time "stop" sign. If the now time stop symbol were above on its own track, this could remedy this. The aim assist is overriding the standard measures / beat markers. This may not seem like a big deal, since the aim assist has its own MBT label, it's harder to quickly understand. I have to "read" the aim assist MBT as opposed just "seeing" where it is. If the aim assist MBT were under the standard measure / beat labels, this would fix the issue. When zoomed in far enough (second screen shot), the beat is added into the labels (M:B). This also makes it much harder for me to see which is the first beat of the measure. If there was a way to toggle showing the beat when zoomed in, I'd love to be able to turn it off. Another possibility would be to color the first beat differently, or bold it, so I can still easily "see" where beat one is without having to "read" where beat one is. I realize that these are pretty nit picky changes, but they've bothered me for a while. If it's low hanging fruit, it's be great to have some of these changed, or at least have the option to change. I understand that not everyone's workflow or preferences are the same. Thanks Bandlab! Been doing a great job lately!
  16. Just not too long ago Deezer open sourced this interesting A.I. software called Spleeter. Its a A.I. tool trained and designed to separate audio based on vocals or instruments. Its not by any means perfect but a facinating tool that could be potentially implemented into cakewalk: https://github.com/deezer/spleeter Spleeter, a Deezer source seperation library is written in python and uses Tensorflow to separate (According to their Github Readme): Vocals (singing voice) / accompaniment separation (2 stems) Vocals / drums / bass / other separation (4 stems) Vocals / drums / bass / piano / other separation (5 stems) Pretty cool A.I. software to be honest. Would anybody here agree that this should be implemented into Cakewalk?
  17. MIDI СС automation is a pain that kills all desire to work in Cakewalk. Cakewalk has the best solution on the market in multi-instrumental MIDI editing mode. But it's completely impossible to work with automation inside MIDI clips. Studio One - has a line of automation. Reaper has excellent scripts for quickly drawing different envelopes - it is even sometimes more convenient than the lines in Studio One May have many times asked for something to do with it. Please, developers, let's think together how we can better change this. Happen again... Cakewalk has the best system on the market for working with multi-tools in a MIDI editor, but due to the inability to work properly with MIDI-CC automation, all this work is reduced to zero. 😞 The mandatory item that I would like to see is The reset of the MIDI CC after pressing "Stop" to the user-set values. This system is in the Reaper and it helps a lot in the work.
  18. Hi. Will be great to have Mouse wheel scrolling for plugins added to the track.
  19. Some useful feature suggestion 1. Tempo adjustment enhancement In current version CbB, you cannot select a serious of tempo change, and just drag them up/down, left/right. A flexible tempo adjustment function is pretty essential for a film music composer.it will be useful if cakewalk able to adjust tempo like this. 2. Logical Editor In percussion editing, it’s very common to do something like “select every other 3rd notes and subtract velocity by 12”, although it can be done by write a cal script, but cal script is not very friendly to use. So a logical editor may be a good solution for this situation. Users can create the function they need by themselves. 3. Capability of creating multiple Marker tracks. -------------------------Navigation enhancement and track visibility management------------- 4. Track visibility configurations Maybe a visibility manager instead of show/hide track dialogue is better. Visibility manager also should able to dock to the bottom, able to save different Track visibility configurations and able to assign a keyboard shortcut to each configuration. 5. New commands (1) Show tracks with data (2)show tracks with data at the now cursor position (3) show tracks with data between the locators Usually a scoring template contains hundreds even thousands of track. These functions will significantly help composers to reduce the time to navigate the tracks.
  20. Track Filter for Arrange View (tags for tracks and groups of tracks). Will be great to have this option for Arrange View. But it must be done... 1. 10 shorcuts for presets for the first ten presets... (The user himself can choose the right.) 2. Toggle switch version (One shortcut for select a filter preset and return to the previous view). 3. To complement the options of this wish - paragraph 5 4. New DOCK "Tags View" or "Filter View" - between the Inspector and the Arrangement or behind the Inspector or to the Right behind the browser Or in front of the Browser. Need to think and discuss. Perhaps to make a special panel in Contol bar like Screenset View? 4. Shortcut for "Add new Filter".
  21. Synchronous selection of channels (tracks): Numbers & Name. Auto Focus. Problem... 1. I have Instrument track (VSTi) 2. I have other track (AUDIO). 3. I select Audio track. 4. I have midi clip in Arrange. 5. I select this midi clip. 6. Press midi-keyboard. - Don`t have sound... I`m sad... I need manual click by track name! 7. Press midi-keyboard - have sound I am happy. Now I can play & record. This is like in Piano Roll - Multitrack edit - Auto Focus. This otions you can add to Option Menu. 😉 > " Auto Focus"or "Synchronous selection of channels (tracks)" or "The full selection of track" or "Select MIDI for the selected track"...
  22. Mackie Control - Automatic switching (rewind) to the selected track (channel). I have iCON Platform M+ and Cakewalk (Roland) VS-100. In CbB we have some options for Mackie Control but will be great to have more... Add some options to Controller/Surface Properties 1. Automatic switching (rewind) to the selected track (channel). If I select Clip or Select Track Number. - Now I need to open menu and select "Move Mackie Control - 1 here". 2. Show Volume/Pan - Now I see only Pan parametr 3. Full Name Track/Short name - Now I see "Short name" - PdFlcn. Full name - Pad - Falcon. If I select "Full Name: I will see "Pad - Fa" (8 symbols). 4. Group selection of tracks. If I select 2 or more track Mackie Control select this track too... not olny one. If I select folder - All tracks in the folder will be selected in Mackie Control. - Now olny one channel selected. Special for iCON Platfrom M+ https://iconproaudio.com/product/platform-m-plus/ In iCON Platform M+ not working: 1. Loop Button (will be great to have Loop ON/OFF) 2. Mixer (will be grat to have Console View). 3. Read/Write buttons 4. Emulation Mackie Control buttons "Shift" > PC keyboard Shift, Alt > Alt, Control > Ctrl, Options > Win or Ctrl+Shift,
  23. Hi. Midi note: to change the duration without changing the start and end of notes New Smart instrument... In Studio One I press Alt and move mouse.... Studio One 4.5 https://i.imgur.com/Fa7cz3q.gif Reaper 5.9 https://i.imgur.com/1iGN7bX.gif In the Reaper, this is done automatically without pressing the function keys. It would be nice to have that in Sonar
  24. An option to disarm all other tracks when you arm the current track. This makes it quicker to pursue an idea because you don’t have to constantly check to see if other tracks might inadvertently be written to. Shift or Ctrl could used to arm multiple tracks when this option is selected. Just as an aside, I have overwritten tracks that weren’t in view because I had forgotten to disarm them. Generally because inspiration trumped careful methodology. Yes, a personal issue... 😉
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