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  1. Hi! In each project, every time you have to re-configure the options for displaying meters in three places - in the general window, in the mixing console and in the "inspector". This is rather long and inconvenient, is it possible to add a section to the "general settings" of the Cakewalk where you can select these options in advance for all future new projects? Thanks in advance!
  2. With projects getting larger and seemingly taking longer to load I would like to suggest being able to abort mid-loading for those times we have to sit there for a minute or two knowing we've already clicked the wrong project.
  3. 1. Fix what we have now In browser pane, when we type in something it quickly searches. When we search something with a long name, or when we mistype something & we wait a bit, it starts the search & CbB becomes unresponsive until the results come up. This can be annoying sometimes, when the collection of samples is huge. So, it would be better if Cakewalk looked for it after hitting the Return/Enter key. 2. Additional Feature It would be good to see the sample waveform somewhere in the browser, like in Ableton, Studio One, Reaper and all. It can quickly give the producer an idea about the sample.
  4. There is a new arranger, but it works to arrange some parts of a track, while i cannot define for example which pattern (clip) to assign with the arranger clip. i mean if i had few similar clips, i'd like to assign them with one arranger-clip and move it and copy or anything - i can't, so i drag a clip to arranger, but nothing happens. So the midi poll is about to store all my used midi clips for a project for a fast drag and drop. but also it would be nice to use it with arranger to activate it at any time or per instrument, it's quite different behaviour, more like a dj, when you have drums but plays your instrument-line with one click and if i had that clip associated with arranger and some instruments, then maybe it will activate those instruments and play that pattern for selected arrangement (or something) i'm not sure how many people performs live with soft-synths, but when you got some prepared track - well, why not using those clips? it's not that new or unique feature - ableton has lines of same (clips) patterns that can be activated all at once or separately and fruity loops had something like this too in drum-machine patterns section So if we got few arranger tracks on top, we also have A -section on the left and there are Sections and arrangements just put few midi clips from exact instrument to arrangement and those will be associated with section and define its boundaries, also find same clips and mark it. So basically all used clips should be duplicated in arranger and if it is "tied" clips (from copy paste) - they had to be there and also we should know which instruments are used there, for a fast mute or just info, and some runtime mode to use it interactively (save original scene and write a new one) . And in the right pane we got fx and notes, it would be nice to see all midi patterns used, just with one more button.
  5. Hello, well, i'm not so much good drummer, but i know some gamers who plays nice with buttons actually i got 3 gamepads, pretty much old, but still working, and i wanted to use it to control maybe just a transport but of course modern beat boxer should do it that way. i mean any pad table works too easy - it even doesn't control a pressure< i got midi board, so i can control the pressure, but you know those old sound cards had a midi/joystick plug - so it was builtin feature. Reaper got this support with very old version, but i cannot change the note range for it (needs some script programming maybe) there are those solutions with loopbe + some gamed to midi translators, but it's not that safe to install everything in mind and basically all that is needed to include those devices in a list of control-devices, maybe with some sort of setup. yes. maybe it is not so good for a hardware makers, but they should make something better than just a gamepad. one of a problem is a switching presets - my midi has some programming interface, that i just can't understand, but i want it to play and i need fast switch for banks/presets and also play/stop button , maybe switch instruments to play drums - just switch to loop mode and record, maybe use analog sticks as sustain and velocity, but as it is analog - this can be analog control too, switch octave i mean there's just few presets to use it. but for example if you use it as analog control for XY, then it needs some switch to save current state and switch to next XY. so 2 sticks can control 4 knobs, but you can switch and control others i can tell you - it's hard to control 4 knobs with real knobs, sliders can be better as you need just 1 finger to push it. But with 2 joysticks you can control 8 sliders in about the same way, so it's like split mode for few devices or controls united. this can be done in more like advanced way. it wont be alesis turbo or roland dmk, but i bet they got gamepad too For example you know what's the trigger and turbo switch, for drums there can be retriggers and combo to use as trigger or control note length for retrigger 1/4 1/32 with another note (instrument) - thats' the arp-combo this can be interesting music tool with programming interface. Most of the time we are using 3-6 major chords, so assigning chords to buttons and switching octaves can be equal, then just switch the manner of playing - finger/all at once = arp modes don't forget - UDLR is also 4 buttons + combo between and one more - bind mouse buttons, it's impossible to use mbtn/5/6/7
  6. Cakewalk already remembers per-track information about recently used VST parameters (to show a shortened list of parameters in the automation sub-submenu for plugins), and this could probably be re-used for the following: instead of just pressing the automation "+" button, the user would be able to hold it (similar to how picking a Snap note works), which displays a dropdown menu with 5-10 most recently used plugin parameters for this track releasing the mouse click above a parameter would add it as an automation lane (optional) right-clicking the "+" button would display a dropdown menu with the same 5-10 most recently used parameters, but each one would be selectable (e.g. checkbox), and at the bottom you can click "Add Selected" to add all of them at once as automation lanes (optional) user can select in 'Editing' settings how many "most recently used" automation parameters to show in the dropdown menu As an alternative, it would also be great if there was a new button in the VST host window (next to the trio of 'S', 'R', 'W') called e.g. "A+", which adds the last touched parameter to the automation lanes of the track the plugin is in, and hovering over the A+ button would show which parameter would be added if it was pressed right now (in case the plugin doesn't clearly show which knob/fader was touched last). Maybe this is a smaller issue for people using automation Write and automating using Midi controllers, but I think for those mostly using a mouse and drawing automations in, the workflow of adding a VST parameter as automation could be made much more "frictionless" by adding these functions into Cakewalk.
  7. Hi, First time posting a feature request. I just thought of an idea where in a button "eg: Draw Nodes" with a dropdown to select options like "Volume" or "Pan" is required in a Track view Once the "Draw Nodes" is clicked or armed, now when you click play, Nodes are drawn in Automation Lane as per the existing audio data available. Once you get the nodes of existing audio data, unarm the "Draw Nodes" and now tweak the nodes in Automation Lane Benefit of this :- You'll get the nodes drawn as per the existing Audio data. It'll be very much handy to tweak basic information of Pan and Volume. Speedy process. I don't know how much is this feasible to incorporate it, I just thought of sharing it. When play is clicked we have meter information of both pan and volume.
  9. Please add the feature of adding audio effects as it will make workflow faster. Using busses can be often a really confusing and tedious task. Adding effects to folders will help applying an effect on multiple tracks without having to use it on every track which will also save some CPU.
  10. I can not see the woods for so many trees anymore. 1. It's an enormous pain to have Cakewalk successfully analyze an audio source for its Tempo, and apply this Tempo to the (it may be said.. awesomely improved Tempo Map view!) Tempo Map, by ways of dragging the audio clip into the tempo/measure bar (what is the right term to use here?). Ableton Live among others can do this almost without failure. 2. Audiosnap offers a feature to check the timing values of a clip (fourths or eights for example) and place those resolutions over audio transients (Edit Clip Map). It's EXTREMELY headstrong, however; when I try to move the first beat on top of the first real musical audio transient, it often refuses. When it does snap, the other values often do not follow. I then move the second, third, fourth, or even the 1 of a next measure.. expecting the algorithm to then have enough hand-holding to figure the rest of the audio transients out and place them within the tempo parameters of the audio. But nope. Why can't I input the average tempo myself, to give the struggling algorithm a hand? Why doesn't it change dynamically based on me dragging the temporal anchors (is that the name...? Clip Map Flags? I don't know) on the top of the edit clip map UI? 3. Audiosnap menu is rather wizardy in general. So many buttons.. while Live, or even Logic does it so enormously simply. I think we can do better and clearer in 2021. Although I am one of those customers that asks better and yet does not know how... sorry. 4. What is Groove clip? I can make an audio clip follow the tempo of the project by checking a box in the track/clip inspector view. Does it use the same system as Audiosnap? I've used them both, however these features seem to bite one another... and I have not gotten it to work well once. I probably need to read more documentation/watch tutorials.. but I also really think everything can and should be under the same feature set.. clearly named, with the same iconography, the same or similar UI elements, under the same overarching name, such as AudioSnap. 5. Graphical & UI/UX issues with Audio Clips that span over more than 1 tempo and/or time signature. I've had them display over more or less time than they should be displayed, and when I drag them around, it shows double or half the drag than actually executed when I release the mouse. There's some shady stuff going on there.. Of course you've inherited SONAR and Roland's code.. along with some of their talented programmers, and I'm really hoping that all that code shows promise and can be improved upon, with all these tempo detection/warp/follow features consolidating under one more modern, better functioning algorithm, and more intuitive to use UI. All in all I love Bandlab for rescuing this wonderful DAW. I'd pay a subscription if it were available Keep on rocking and improving this community and software please! ❤️
  11. Feature Request 1. Quantize Toolbar Module always shows setting 2. "Q" hotkey executes quantize without opening dialogue box window 3. Ctrl+Q Hotkey Opens quantize dialogue box
  12. I've been thinking about this for awhile now, haven't seen it on any DAW yet. I would like my projects to start at measure 0 instead of the usual measure 1. The reason is that I always like to have a bit of silence between hitting the Record button and starting to play. Sometimes there's a grace note or pickup note before the bar, other times it's just an eager note that hits a little early. I don't like cleaning those up because it can add to the organic feel of songs. If all notes hit at exactly the same time it can sound too mechanical imho. Normally, I wait until measure 2 to start recording. That means all the measures in the song are advanced by 1 (eg. a 16 bar phrase starts at measure 2 and ends at bar 17). I can't imagine this would be difficult to implement; it probably should be an "opt-in" feature since many people will want to stick with the way it's always been. Just a check box in Preferences to start the Time Ruler at Measure 0 instead of 1. I realize this is a minor issue, I could live without it (have for a long time now) but it would help me stay organized a bit.
  13. My PT owning friend is thinking of coming back to Cake. He originally used Sonar but went to the Darkside during his music degree years as it was used at his Uni Now he's thinking of coming back because gigs dried up and PT is just another subscription he doesn't really need if he can get his head back into CBB....and free is a real incentive. We had a chat because in PT he said clip gain editing is real easy you don't have change the track edit "mode " ..you can just do it right on the clip if I understand him correctly whereas we have to do the below and then swap back again. He says this is a massive pain/workflow killer when you are used to PT. I told him you can use the shortcut of shift with += to toggle modes much more quickly and he said this is a big help but his other bugbear was that whilst in clip automation the usual " s " to split a clip doesn't work ! I tried it and he's correct. You have to Right Ciick and choose Split from the menu Again he finds this a massive pain coming from a PT background and I can't seem to find any way around this one. I tried assigning it in the key bindings but it doesn't work. it doesn't really make sense to me why you should lose the " split " shortcut command when in Clip Automation mode when a similar function albeit more detailed version is there on a right click menu. So can we keep the quick shortcut of "S" to split clips regardless of the mode we set the Edit Filter to ?
  14. Simple. I'm selecting multiple clips and want to rename them all at the same time, to the same name. Can't do it today. The reason? I'm working with an AAF for film and the editor provided a bunch of FX split up into multiple clips and I want to name them all at once instead of one by one. Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone, I've put together a few suggestions here in the hope that they might be useful for future updates of this great DAW. Since I still haven't made the switch from my bought SONAR Version it is possible that some of my suggestions have already been implemented by now, so please treat this list rather as a kind of checklist. 1. when importing midi files you can optionally migrate all of it's tempo changes into the current project. 2. audio files can be easily inverted on the track. 3. the score editor allows to insert system breaks (similar to a marker) which are then taken into account in the print layout. 4. I still remember Cakewalk Homestudio 2002. At that time the snap to grid function only worked in the score editor, whereas in my last SONAR version somehow only the piano roll reacts correctly to the grid. This definitely needs to work for both. 5. it has happened to me a few times that I have dragged an audio file that I actually wanted to drag to another audio track onto a midi Track by mistake. Cakewalk then tries to analyze the audio file and create midi notes from it. Depending on the audio file, this can either take a long time or even lead to a crash. I would like to see a way to prevent this problem by first confirming that you really want to convert the file to Midi. (6). I know that this is very unlikely but I would also love to see the old Cakewalk plugins get a new version and be made available to the world again. If I didn't still own Rapture Pro or Adaptive Limiter, for example, I would miss them very much today and that even though there are more powerful plugins available on the market now. Have a great day everyone!
  16. Hi there, may I kindly ask for a way to disable the "override what the user intended" feature during MIDI export ("save as *.mid") ? In the ancient 😉 Cakewalk versions, the *.mid file was an accurate representation of the project file (*.wrk back then). Currently the *.mid file differs from the *.cwp file: shifted program change and controller commands, deleted commands where cakewalk decides "this is an unneccesary duplicate" ... maybe more artificial smartness ... That does not work out for every one. In some situations it turns out to corrupt a user's deliberate, well-thought choices. What is considered "wrong" by the software might be very "right" for a given setup ... A switch to preserve the original information at its original/intended place in time during midi export would solve the issue. Thanks a lot in advance and thanks a lot for your excellent work in general! Elaborated in more detail in this post:
  17. hi! it would be cool to see a feature like this: double-clicking on an audio clip opens that clip in a separate window. it will be more convenient to work with audio in large projects or the ability to open in a third-party editor by double-clicking. it is strange that at least one of these functions has not yet been implemented
  18. hi, Fellows! I had to roll back to Cawewalk 2021.1 because of these reasons: - was suffering with the tempo change window. I feel the pre-selected option sould be "most recent tempo", because sometimes I need to up-tempo or down-tempo as my composition progresses, IE when I need to compose a difficul phrase. If the previous selected option is "new tempo", my composition gets lots and lots of tempo changes and I cannot notice it!!! Please, get back to "most recent tempo" if you can. - arrangement inspector strangely blocked! in the new version (2021.4) the arranger inspector sessions gets suddenly and misteriously blocked with no aparent reason. I make my arrangement set, but if some time later I notice anything is wrong, I cannot correct it! Please, get back with this also! Thanks in advance! NelsonMidis (nelsonmidi@gmail.com)
  19. Please add a gain control to the ProChannel EQ to allow level matching. This makes A/B comparisons easier and allows bypassing the EQ without changing volume.
  20. Hi, thank you for such great tool which Cakewalk is!!!! Would it be possible to implement bus grouping in the concole view? Now the console view is divided into three sections: tracks, buses, HW outputs. Would it be possible to user-define more sections in buses area to be able to group buses? Thank you ps: I am not sure if this is the right forum section for such post, please if there is a better thread or section, could be a moderator so kind and move my post to the right place? Thank you.
  21. There are some amazing new features rolling out soon in Cakewalk by BandLab! Check them out! Which one is your favorite?
  22. Hi, It would be a really great feature if Cakewalk could filter MIDI notes as they appear live on the inputs. I often use Cakewalk to play VST synths live, by turning 'Input Echo' on for a synth track. I can enable the synths of 2 tracks at the same time, but all the notes of the keyboard are sent to both. It would be really handy if I could have all the notes of the lower half of my keyboard going to one synth track and the upper notes going to a different synth track. That way I could play chords in the left hand (e.g. with string-type sounds) and melody in the right (e.g. with piano-type sounds). Thanks. Martin
  23. Hai, im cakewalk user for long time since sonar 4... but recently i try a studio one 5.2 and, i find out S1 have a some feature that very2 good and usefull where cakewalk bandlab dont have it.... so this is a video that i hope can make it clear, and im very2 hope that cakewalk bandlab can have this feature too, or maybe better than.... 1. Parallel Routing and Processing on Track 2. Drag and Drop instrument on track or FX on FX bin and send that can create bus track automaticly, and copy all fx chain to other track at once so dont have to copied one by one. here's the examples video: 3. sidecahain directly button into the fx window that can routing more fast (as i remember cubase and studio one have it ) 4 not laggy GUI Movement (this is so annoying) make the app "feel" slow and heavy So i hope we can considering this advice.. because this can make a huge deal i believe.. thx.... cheers
  24. Ctrl-N and File->New do two totally different things. File->New opens the old Sonar new menu which requires a project name and save location before proceeding. Since neither of the other two modern ways of making a new project require these steps, this is frustrating and useless behavior. I frequently do File-New, then remember, hit escape, and hit Ctrl-N. It gets tiring after a while. It would be great if they both did the same thing.
  25. Hey guys! I would realy like to use this feature: It's a easy and fast way of of creating a costum plugins browser layout. Which can also be saved and imported for future Cakewlak installs. I would like to see the changes that I make reflect in the plugins browser Any chance this works in BandLab's CakeWalk version?
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